Why Social Media is Booming This 2020

As per data on social media, there has been a steady rise in the number of platforms, the number of usages, as well as the frequency and length of its usage. It’s safe to say that social media has seen a great boom throughout the years, especially for 2020. 

A general increase in time spent online.

With people becoming more oriented to social distancing and home quarantine early on in the year, options for social activities have dramatically narrowed. Since people have been discouraged from physical social gatherings, social media became a ready regimen. The situation resulted in more and more people spending significantly more time online than they normally would without the social restrictions.

This is especially true for users who live in smaller spaces like rentals with little or no other available activity. People with larger estates might have the opportunity for activities like yard work, gardening, cooking, and exercise; the same is not always the case for individuals who occupy flats with limited space and equipment. Social media is one of the most entertaining activities that does not require any space or special equipment other than a phone.

People now are more aware of the benefits of social media.

Entertainment, meetings, connectivity, socialization, news, even recipe sharing, and concerts are some of the things that people have been maximizing social media for in 2020. And because more people have stayed at home this year with more of us spending more time online, the benefits of social media have become more apparent.

Social media is not only a past-time for the younger generation. It has solidified its importance to society with its ability to keep friends and family connected no matter the distance. It has also been a valuable source of information for real-time updates, so people won’t have to wait for the evening news since news outlets themselves already have their own social media outlets.

Despite the general perception of social media as a bane for the younger generation, some would argue that social media allows younger users to actively participate in social concerns by giving them an avenue to voice out their opinions. It also exposes them to the broader society and gives them a bigger world view without straying them from their communities.

Early social media orientation

Another probable reason as to the boom of social media this 2020 is the younger generation’s early orientation to it. For those born in the 2000s, when social media was invented, the generation pretty much grew up with the presence of social media. Younger ones know early on what social media is, what it is for, and how people use it despite the age restrictions that social media platforms have imposed.

Even for the older generation who are notorious for their resistance to social media, it seems that this population has become well-immersed as well. With seniors becoming more isolated due to restrictions and physical difficulty, social media paved the way for them to connect to kin. 

More platforms to choose from

It seems that as the years progress, more social media platforms emerge. Myspace began in 2004, followed by YouTube and Reddit in the next two years. In 2008, the most widely-used social media platform of today, Facebook, was born. The emergence of social media platforms did not stop there though, franchises such as Twitter, WeChat, Whatsapp, Tumbler, and Instagram followed in the next couple of years, with Pinterest, Snapchat, and Tik Tok being the newest additions in the past few years. 

More activities shifting online

Noticeably, more and more company meetings happen online. The same is true for social activities that make good use of social media. A good example is group workout sessions like yoga, dance, and circuit training. As previously mentioned, large-crowd assemblies like concerts and plays have also had live online streaming. Other live activities include parties, hangouts, happy hours, team building, games, and movie viewing parties. Meanwhile, social discussions like book clubs, debates, and support groups have moved into social media channels, groups, or pages.

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Social media has drastically improved.

The social media we know today is a significantly improved version of what it was a decade ago. Online chat was augmented and improved with voice and video call options. Artificial intelligence played a significant part in improving the search and type of information we see in our individual accounts. Security features have also seen some huge improvements.

Overall, the user experience in social media platforms has moved nowhere but forward over the years. This leads to more and more people having greater satisfaction in the use of social media. The better the user experience, the more users tend to enjoy their time using the applications. That results in more people spending more time on their social media accounts.

Businesses have become more active in social media.

Since more and more people use social media, businesses moved their marketing efforts to take advantage of the ready market. Did you ever find yourself browsing social media for a business page to avail of a product or service? It has become the norm for businesses to have an online presence in social media. Billions of people take part in it, so business presence there is a great opportunity for exposure.

Companies are more aware of the many benefits of social media for their business. Not only does it expose them to a bigger audience, but it also provides them with valuable services such as paid advertisements. If you happen to have a business and would want to know how to promote it on social media, the Social Media Marketing Masterclass or Social Media Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs from Skill Success could help you map out an effective social media campaign. The online learning site has published thousands of carefully curated videosmany of which with positive reviews from users who have experienced learning from it.

The implications

It is inevitable. It is easy to foresee that social media platforms are to become more and more valuable in the coming years. The year 2020 gave it the brightest spotlight yet with more people staying at home and partaking in social activities online. While it does have its many advantages, it cannot be denied that it has its drawbacks as well. Perhaps the best way people can adapt to its strengthened presence moving forward is to develop better safety features and protocols that will enable all to maximize its benefits while setting healthy boundaries.

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