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Why Market Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest is widely known for its wide array of images that people can easily “pin” when they find it interesting. It’s a social media platform that has a robust image-sharing base. It’s a wonder why not too many businesses have hopped on the opportunity that Pinterest marketing presents.

If your business is not yet on Pinterest, and you need some convincing that it should, here are a couple of reasons why you should be.

Take advantage of its huge traffic.

Pinterest is one of the youngest social media sites right now. It is still far off from its older siblings Facebook and YouTube. However, despite its youth, it has already amassed about 320 million active monthly users. That’s no petty number for a site that is about six years younger than the giants mentioned above. 

It makes buyers out of browsers faster than other platforms.

In Pinterest, there is less red tape that complicates the path between customer and business. Visitors convert more easily into purchasing customers compared to other social media sites. Once browsers see something they like, they are usually only a few clicks away from buying it. Nothing is as direct as Pinterest marketing.

You learn what’s hot among your target audience.

Pinterest is a rich resource for market research. Pins and pinboards make marketing information readily accessible. Since market activity is more direct, you get a clearer picture of what items are trending, which ones attract more attention, and which ones sell like hotcakes. About 80% of Pinterest users are women, which might turn some businesses off, but if you take out 20% of 320 million, it’s still a significant number of men. On top of that, many women do search items on Pinterest for the men in their lives, too—boyfriends, husbands, fathers, or friends.

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It is a breeding ground for influencer and fan marketing.

The way Pinterest marketing works is almost like word-of-mouth marketing. The more people pin your product or image, the more popular it becomes. In these cases, you don’t even need to create a separate social media marketing campaign for your product. An interesting and “pinnable” image and a good description are sometimes all it takes to win.

Exposure is infinite.

The average lifespan of a Pinterest pin is three and a half months. Facebook posts live an average of an hour and a half, and Tweets peak then wane at less than thirty minutes. 

This fact makes Pinterest pins almost immortal in social media exposure standards. Pins can show up for weeks, making items a lot easier to search for if a person is interested in it. And if it’s easier to find, it’s also easier to share, making its exposure almost endless. 

The cherry on top is that it links with ease to other social media sites. So if your business has a Facebook page or an Instagram account, you can easily fit it right in. It makes your business not only more visible but comes across as more trustworthy too.

Learn more about Pinterest marketing with Pinterest Marketing For Business Basics—an online course on the basics of building, optimizing, strategizing, and analyzing Pinterest boards for any business. Or if you have an e-commerce store, check out Promote Your eCommerce Store Through Pinterest.

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