Efficiency at Scale: Why HR Automation Is a Must-Have for Modern Businesses

The phrase “Citius, altius, fortius!”, which literally means “Faster, higher, stronger!”, refers to the Olympics, though it also seems to be very relevant to the current business environment. As businesses in most industries currently find themselves in a highly competitive environment called the “red ocean”, being better and faster than others matters. Implementing HR solutions is a great advancement that would allow your business to stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we will talk about HR automation solutions and explain how they would streamline your business processes based on the recent airSlate report. We will also explain why to automate HR workflows and HR operations for your small or medium-sized business.

HR Processes to Automate

The daily workflow of any HR manager or HR director combines manual and creative tasks. The first type of HR task falls under the category of assignment that could be automated with dedicated HR software. This would allow HR managers to spend more time on the creative part of their jobs and find new creative solutions to the challenges they face.

According to the recent HR report by airSlate, the respondents admitted the necessity to automate manual tasks. Around 95% of HR professionals stated that this would allow them to focus on revenue generation and new HR approaches evolvement.

On average, three-fourths of HR professionals spend 20% of their work time on manual tasks. Those require much attention to detail, and lots of concentration efforts, which could sometimes be really very exhausting. That is why implementing HR automation solutions would be really helpful to keep their productivity levels higher.

Talent Acquisition

According to the airSlate report, such HR operations as talent acquisition processes are already widely automated. At the time, around 50% of all automated HR workflows were somehow related to recruiting and talent acquisition.

In fact, recruiters usually deal with large amounts of documents and records – CV collection, CV screening, candidate steps with the company, etc. Most of these procedures could easily be automated or delegated to the AI-based core within an HR automation software.

One of the effective HR software functions is the possibility to publish vacancies in one click on different job placements. This helps to broaden the spectrum of platforms to reach more candidates. Also, such automation approaches enable consistency across various job posting platforms on the web.

Another popular solution for HR workflow automation is the implementation of the applicant tracking system. The system collects CVs sent by the applicants, scans them using artificial intelligence, and shortlists the most suitable candidacies for future steps in the selection processes. Also, the applicant tracking system allows recruiters to outline the candidate’s journey in a company by documenting all the steps.

Future of HR Automation

Even though HR automation solutions are mostly used for hiring procedures management, that does not mean that the latter make up the only HR process to streamline. According to the airSlate report, around half of all HR professionals would want to use HR automation software for workforce management. Around 40% of HR managers reported that they also see HR automation solutions as helpful in internal communications and employee performance reviews.

Workforce Management

Managing current employees is as important as managing applicants for a job position during the selection process. And the HR automation software in workforce management would allow HR managers to perform such tasks effectively.

For example, HR automation solutions could keep everything necessary related to an employee – personal data, professional path in the company, performance reviews, etc. Thus, an HR manager would be able to find everything associated with an employee in one click.

Internal Communications

Modern HR automation software products employ a set of functions that establish cross-department communications in middle-sized companies. You will build an organizational structure of a company, for instance, so that internal employees would find a person they need to address in seconds for discussing work-related issues.

Internal communications could also be enhanced owing to the in-built functions for survey and reporting. Thus, an HR manager can create a survey related to any occasion and then generate a report in one click based on employees’ answers.

Employee Performance

There are various types of HR software and one of those is related to time tracking. Such tools become widely popular and many companies decide to integrate them into their HR workflows. Time-tracking tools help to monitor employee performance, which might be extremely useful, especially for remote-based teams.

Benefits of HR Automation

While some advantages of HR software tools are already obvious, there are also many other benefits to explore. Therefore, around 75% of all HR respondents emphasized they are ready to double their budgets by 2024 for the investment in HR automation software. This tendency is obvious in the financial industry, construction, retail, marketing, manufacturing, education, and some others.

So, let’s get back to the point and focus on the current and potential benefits that HR software tools conceal.

Data Integrity

HR software tools help to keep all HR-related information in one place. This refers to internal employee data, costs and spending, information about contractors, etc.

Turnover Analysis

In an ideal world, employees do not leave companies but remain loyal to the company they like. In fact, there are still many people that work in the same company for dozens of years. However, there are sectors, such as the IT industry, where employees change companies frequently. Thus, HR software helps to analyze all that and decide what are the roots of employee turnover to decide how to address it effectively.


The first steps of an employee in a company are usually tough for both parties because of multiple factors. HR software greatly helps to smoothen the onboarding process by introducing everything necessary in one place – the company’s values, policies, instructions, etc. Also, it helps to guide an employee through onboarding processes and have a clear adaptation plan at hand.


The use of HR automation software is definitely a must-have for small and medium-sized companies nowadays. It helps to automate manual tasks and concentrate on those that require a creative approach. Also, HR software benefits HR managers in better employee onboarding, employee performance, turnover analysis, and HR data management.

Currently, around 50% of HR automation solutions are used in recruitment. Such spheres as employee management and internal communications are largely planned to be automated across the companies.

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