Why Email Marketing Platforms Are Worth the Price

Using email marketing platforms to gear up your marketing campaigns is a must. Any average email service provider like Google, Outlook or Yahoo won’t do the trick. You need to shell out some cash to enjoy exclusive perks you will only get through email marketing platforms. Regardless of the business needs you have, you will find the right one that’s worth the price.

Most email marketing platforms offer similar features and price ranges. They offer you free trials, readily available email templates, various integrations, and email scheduling. Finding the platform that suits your business provides a high impact on achieving your marketing objectives.

With 4300% return of investment (ROI) for email marketing as stated by the Direct Marketing Association, you are not gambling your hard-earned money for something unstable. Many businesses utilize email marketing to grow their sales and so should you. 

What to look for when choosing your platform

Email marketing platforms usually don’t come for free so you want to make sure that you get what you pay for once you have decided which is best for you. You can maximize the limited free trials to know if they can provide your needs. But as a beginner looking into which service deserves your shot, you need a guide to find your match.

Here are some of the things you have to consider upon choosing:

    • A friendly user interface that will let you just drag and drop items
    • Ability to send bulk emails—targeted or personalized—easily
    • Easy management of email database
    • Tracking feature for email marketing campaign statistics
    • The capacity to send to your given number of subscribers
    • A price range that fits your budget

The platforms and their costs

Each email marketing platform in the market offers a wide array of bundles that will surely match your needs. Remember, you are searching for the right platform that you can use for the time being you are utilizing email marketing. Luckily, you can easily opt out when you encounter a wrong match as most plans are paid on a monthly basis.

To give you an overview of the features, prices, and other benefits a specific platform can give you, here’s a breakdown of the most popularly used email marketing platforms in the business. Observe how the price increments provide you a better set of features you can absolutely enjoy.

1. Constant Contact

Branded as the easiest and most beginner-friendly platform, this costs rather cheap for only $20 or $45 a month. They offer a two-month free trial which you can use to maximize its full features.

The cheaper plan lets you enjoy the following benefits:

    • Unlimited emails
    • Customized email templates
    • Manageable email database
    • List-building tools
    • Pop-up forms
    • Email list segmentation
    • Facebook & Instagram Ads & Insights
    • Google ads
    • Website landing pages
    • Marketing calendar
    • Image library
    • Apps & integrations
    • Tracking of data
    • Mobile app
    • Support  service
    • Learning resources
    • Automate email resend to non-openers

The upgraded bundle called “Email Plus” priced at $45 offers more powerful features that are worth the additional costs. In addition to the features of the regular plan, here are the exclusive perks you can get:

    • Advanced e-commerce features that let you add products directly from your Shopify or WooCommerce store into your emails.
    • Customizable pop-up forms
    • Automated email welcome series
    • Automated email behavioral series
    • RSVP option for customers
    • Testing of two subject lines to find out which is better for more open rates
    • Personalized content
    • Multi-user functionality
    • Eventbrite Integration
    • Surveys, polls, coupons, and online donations

2. MailChimp

One of the most popular email marketing platforms you have probably encountered is MailChimp. Widely used by the majority of businesses, this is a good starting point for first-timers as they have a free plan that gets the basics done. However, you will want to upgrade to a more expensive option for more advanced features.

MailChimp has four existing plans which include the Free, Essentials, Standard, and Premium. Whatever your budget limit is, you will find a bundle that will suffice your needs. Here are the perks you can get from each kind of plan they have.

The Free plan lets you enjoy the basic features to help you get started on email marketing. Here’s what you will get with this plan:

    • 1 audience
    • 1 seat, with Owner permissions
    • 7 marketing channels
    • 1-click automation
    • Basic email templates
    • Marketing CRM
    • Behavioral targeting
    • Custom domains
    • Basic reporting
    • 2,000-contact limit

The Essentials plan starts at $9.99  and lets you enjoy a broader set of must-have features for additional support. In addition to some of the Free plan’s features, you can get these upgrades on top of them:

    • 3 audiences
    • 3 seats, with Owner and Admin permissions
    • All email templates
    • A/B testing
    • Scheduled email campaign
    • Custom branding
    • 24/7 support service
    • Base price includes 500 contacts and can be up to 50,000 contacts with the price increment
    • Send limit of 10 times your maximum contact count

Next is the Standard plan that starts at $14.99 a month. This upgraded plan offers insight features for customer growth. Its perks consist of the following:

    • 5 audiences
    • 5 seats, with Owner, Admin, Author or Viewer permissions
    • Retargeting ads
    • Series Automations
    • Custom-coded email templates
    • Customer lifetime value
    • Send time optimization
    • Base price includes 500 contacts and can increase up to 100,000 with additional charges
    • Send limit of 12 times your maximum contact count

Lastly, the Premium plan starts at $299 a month and pretty much offers the most powerful marketing tools for MailChimp. It is the best plan for advanced users who have a broader audience. It includes the features of the Standard plan plus the following upgrades:

    • Unlimited Audiences
    • Unlimited seats, with Owner, Admin, Author, Manager, or Viewer permissions
    • Advanced segmentation
    • Multivariate testing
    • Phone support
    • Base price includes 10,000 contacts but can be up to 200,000 contacts for additional charges
    • Monthly send limit of 15 times the maximum contact account
    • If you need more than 200,000, you have an option for a customized plan

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3. AWeber

One of the oldest email marketing platforms in the world, you could bet that it is also one of the most popular and widely used. It has established itself as a reliable service provider that offers a wide range of helpful marketing tools to most small and medium-sized businesses.

AWeber offers a 30-day free trial which you can decide to continue for at least $19 a month. It also lets you sign up for quarterly or annual plans so you get to save even more.

This offers business owners five kinds of plans with the same features but varying limits in the number of subscribers.

    • $19/month for 0 – 500 subscribers
    • $29/month for 501 – 2,500 subscribers
    • $49/month for 2,501 – 5,000 subscribers
    • $69/month for 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers
    • $149/month for 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers
    • For above 25,000 subscribers, you can get a quote on their website.

Each plan provides the following features to its customers:

    • Unlimited emails
    • Automation
    • Segmentation
    • Analytics
    • Integrations
    • Customer Solutions
    • Signup forms
    • Image hosting
    • 6,000+ stock photos
    • 700+ email templates

With these three popular email marketing platforms laid out to you, you can see the difference of what you can get with every additional penny you shell out. You can expect more optimization options, a wider reach of recipients, more customizable tools, and many other advanced features you can benefit from.

Although it is reasonable to choose the one that offers you tons of perks, you should always get the plan and platform that fit your current business status and needs. You won’t need a hundred-dollar plan that is meant to reach 20,000 subscribers if you only got 10,000–you can settle for a cheaper plan that offers the same features. Maximize what you can get without breaking your own bank.

An email marketing platform is a good investment for your marketing campaigns. If you aren’t convinced enough for its power to grow your sales, you can learn more through online courses that teach you the ropes of email marketing. 

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