Which Metrics Are Especially Important to Clients Running a Branding Campaign?

Marketing metrics are used to prove how effective your branding campaign is. When you add them to your KPIs and goals you will more easily determine your campaign goals.

You can put in a lot of effort but when you don’t monitor and analyze the appropriate metrics your marketing campaign will run blind. To keep things on point, you can follow a website design checklist that helps you launch the best branding campaign.

Keep reading because in this article we’ll tell you about 5 key metrics that will change the game for your branding campaign.

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Why are metrics important for your branding campaign?

Brand awareness can come with its own challenges and tricky situations. You have to consider how you communicate your brand identity, how you track your campaign success and impact and so on. Therefore, it’s important to measure your brand awareness and implement the right strategies to make your digital marketing campaign count.

Certain metrics can be helpful in assessing and determining how well your branding campaign is going. If you feel you’re not up to it, social media marketing companies can help you gain your footing. You’ll find out what works and what needs to change. Without tracking your efforts, you can’t properly analyze which factors are contributing to your campaign.

Metrics to focus on when running a branding campaign

There are many metrics to use when running a branding campaign for clients. Tracking them helps you understand how your campaign is performing. Here are the most important metrics to look out for.

1. Landing page conversion rates

Good landing pages generate leads. When your landing page is live and it has a great design, you’re that much closer to converting. When your landing page gets traffic, but it doesn’t convert enough, it’s a sign you have to make some changes.

Monitor your conversion rate and make changes, if needed. You can easily test some small changes with great effects on your conversion rates. Here are a few pertinent examples:

  • Change your CTA (call-to-action) color
  • Make your CTA text more valuable for your visitors
  • Cut back on the info requested in your forms
  • Add reviews, awards, socials, etc.
  • Focus on persuasive written content

2. Website traffic

The quintessential goal of any branding campaign is to improve brand awareness and increase traffic to an intended website. Traffic is what you want to look at when you’re analyzing site performance.

The face of your business is the website you own or promote. So your marketing efforts will be directed towards driving traffic to your website. Traffic leads to higher conversion rates, more prospective clients, increased ROI and better sales. They all lead to an increase in revenue, which is what you ultimately want.

Measuring your website traffic at regular intervals gives you valuable info, including which branding campaign or strategy works better. And where you can make improvements, of course.

3. Digital marketing ROI

Digital marketing ROI (return on investment) is essential in determining your performance. It determines how effective a campaign is by tracking its efficiency and profitability.

That’s the main reason you should calculate it for. Just as important is the planning of an appropriate marketing strategy and upcoming budget for digital marketing projects.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to increase your budget when a campaign isn’t effective enough because it would just mean extra costs at no value. Your return on investment is what determines how you act in the future.

You can do the calculations yourself by using this formula: (sales growth – marketing investment)/ marketing investment = digital marketing ROI.

4. Email marketing rates

Although it may not seem so important anymore, research shows that the best email campaigns are highly profitable. They generate $36 in revenue per dollar spent. By extension, email becomes a great channel to use when you want to increase sales.

But getting a great email campaign can be tricky, if you don’t follow these metrics:

  • Open rate for emails – it shows you how many recipients opened your email. It helps you understand how compelling your subject line is.
  • Click through rate (CTR) – monitor it to see the number of people who clicked on links in your email message after opening said email. It shows you how compelling the body of your email is.
  • Hard and soft bounces – they happen when your email wasn’t delivered due to it reaching an invalid or otherwise valid address. To protect your reputation and deliverability they should be removed from your email list.
  • Unsubscribe rates – you understand how many users don’t want to receive communications from your brand anymore. Larger spikes in unsubscribes can be indicative of issues with your strategy.
  • Email ROI – it allows you to determine if your email strategy is effective, similar to digital marketing ROI.

5. Social media rates

Social media presence is paramount for any brand nowadays. It’s almost necessary to have an online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. Social media is a great way to make your brand known.

Of course, you can build an entire branding campaign around social media and its impact. By using social media channels you promote yourself to a larger audience, you connect with existing and future customers and you build a reputation.

The metrics to look out for when talking about social media are:

  • Reach – you check how many people looked at your ads.
  • Impressions – you see how often your content comes up to users.
  • Engagement – it shows you how many people interacted with your social media content. It’s especially important for brand tracking, because it allows you to see how connected customers are with your brand.
  • Follower growth rate – it shows the number of customers with a favorable opinion of the brand you’re promoting. You calculate it by dividing the number of followers you gained within a period of time with the follower count you had at the beginning of that time segment.
  • Brand mentions – by tracking mentions you can see how popular the brand is at any given time and what people are saying about it.


There are a lot of metrics to look at and track to enjoy the best results. So it can be difficult to measure marketing performance at all times. Plus, the impact each metric has depends on what your branding campaign’s priorities and goals are.

A well-built branding campaign encourages building your brand identity, is spreads awareness and it improves your online presence. When you’re not tracking your marketing plans, you’re running a blind campaign. Use the metrics mentioned in this article to analyze the performance of your campaign. Then, make the necessary improvements to increase its effectiveness.


  • Improve your landing page with attractive content and CTAs.
  • Measure your website traffic to analyze your website performance.
  • Calculate your digital marketing ROI to see how effective your branding campaign is.
  • Monitor your email marketing metrics to know your campaign reach.
  • Improve brand awareness by using social media channels.

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