Where to Learn Bookeeping

There are different avenues where you can learn bookkeeping. You can formally learn by enrolling in a school or university and completing your college education in accounting, auditing or any related field; taking up vocational courses; or by simply enrolling in online courses and honing your bookkeeping skills. 

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), although most employers require bookkeepers to have some associate or bachelor’s degree, there are still some positions that can be filled up by candidates who only have a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED), as long as you have a certification demonstrating you have knowledge and skills in bookkeeping.

Here are some ways where you can learn bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping Online Courses

One of the easiest, fastest, and most convenient ways to learn bookkeeping is through online courses. This is a perfect alternative for students as some traditional schools are experiencing challenges in tuition fee increase and shortage in courses. 

Most online bookkeeping courses include lessons about the fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting, the essential skills, and tutorials on how to use bookkeeping/accounting software programs such as QuickBooks, Xero, etc.

Skill Success is an online course community for people who want to learn new skills based on their interests and passions. You will find different courses on their website that would help you in your journey of becoming a bookkeeper. Some beginner courses you can try are:

Bookkeeping Made Simple 

In this online course, you will learn how to do bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, VAT returns using a spreadsheet, and accounting terminologies.

Understanding The Basics Of Bookkeeping

With over 50 video lessons, you will learn the fundamentals of bookkeeping, assets, liabilities and equities, financial equation and charts of accounts, trade discounts, and additional tips in bookkeeping. You will also learn how to track cash flows, read financial reports, and more.

Bookkeeping: Understanding The Mechanics

You will learn the debits and credits financial tools and how these tools relate to income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equity. Furthermore, you will discover how T-account is used in bookkeeping.

You also have the option to learn the common bookkeeping/accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, and more with their training courses:

Associate Degree Programs

If you are interested in completing an associate degree and pursuing an entry-level accounting position, then you can enroll in a 2-year accounting program where you can acquire practical knowledge in accounting principles, application and software programs used in financial recordings like spreadsheets and QuickBooks, and other core subjects in bookkeeping and accounting like mathematics, taxation, accounting, and finance. The curriculum may vary from school to school, but most of the courses include:

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Integrated Accounting Applications
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Basic Accounting Principles
  • Business Law
  • Business Income Taxes
  • Introduction to Business Ethics
  • Principles of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics

This program is usually offered by technical colleges, universities, community colleges, and even programs online. It requires a high school diploma or GED and you can pursue a higher degree program such as bachelor’s and master’s if you plan to continue your study. 

Here is a list of 50 schools known for having an online coursework where you can earn an associate degree in bookkeeping or accounting according to Accounting Degree Review.

  1. Indiana Wesleyan University
  2. Florida Institute of Technology
  3. Saint Leo University
  4. Alaska Pacific University
  5. Penn Foster College
  6. Ashworth College 
  7. Barton County Community College 
  8. New England College
  9. Southern New Hampshire University
  10. Some call Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)
  11. Purdue University Global 
  12. The University of Phoenix
  13. Champlain College
  14. The Lone Star College System
  15. Liberty University 
  16. Rasmussen College
  17. Shoreline Community College
  18. Foothill College 
  19. Northwest Iowa Community College
  20. Northeast Community College
  21. Colorado Technical University 
  22. Franklin University 
  23. Saint Mary of the Woods College
  24. Coastline Community College 
  25. Hutchinson Community College
  26. Mesa Community College
  27. Fox Valley Technical College
  28. The Northern Virginia Community College
  29. Portland Community College 
  30. The University of Potomac 
  31. The Ozarks Technical Community College
  32. The University of Northwestern Ohio 
  33. Macomb Community College
  34. Atlanta Technical College
  35. Blue Ridge Community College
  36. Herzing University
  37. The Tulsa Community College
  38. North Arkansas College
  39. Crowder College
  40. Western Wyoming Community College
  41. Post University
  42. Albany Technical College
  43. Herkimer County Community College
  44. The Finger Lakes Community College
  45. Minnesota West Community and Technical College
  46. Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
  47. Haywood Community College
  48. The University of Toledo
  49. Lenoir Community College
  50. Pamlico Community College

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

As you may have known, bookkeeping is an in-demand career, with an average growth rate of 6% and job outlook of 1,424,000 in 2018-2028. This increase of employment means there is more competition. To set you apart from others and increase your chances of earning more, you might consider pursuing a 4-year degree in accounting.

Below is a list of the Top 50 Accounting Universities in The USA according to The Big 4 Accounting Firms.

  1. University of Texas – Austin
  2. Brigham Young University
  3. University of Illinois
  4. University of Notre Dame
  5. University of Pennsylvania
  6. University of Southern California
  7. University of Michigan
  8. University of Mississippi
  9. Indiana University
  10. University of Chicago
  11. Ohio State University
  12. New York University
  13. Texas A&M University
  14. UC Berkeley
  15. Cornell University
  16. Wake Forest University
  17. University of Tulsa
  18. Stanford University
  19. University of North Carolina
  20. University of Missouri
  21. University of Florida
  22. University of Richmond
  23. Southern Methodist University
  24. University of Wisconsin
  25. University of Virginia
  26. University of Washington
  27. University of Georgia
  28. Michigan State University
  29. Tulane University
  30. City University of New York
  31. Northern Illinois University
  32. Miami University
  33. University of Santa Clara
  34. Boston College
  35. Penn State University
  36. University of Utah
  37. University of Tennessee
  38. University of Alabama
  39. Arizona State University
  40. University of Iowa
  41. Oklahoma State University
  42. College of William & Mary
  43. University of Connecticut
  44. Bentley University
  45. American University
  46. Washington University in St. Louis
  47. Ball State University
  48. Belmont University
  49. University of Arkansas
  50. Bryant University

The secret to success is preparation and hard work. There are different roads you can take if you want to pursue a career in the bookkeeping field. With dedication, concentration, and proper course training you will surely reach your goal. Are you ready?

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