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When Should You Hire an Event Planner?

An event planner or coordinator is a person who is in charge of coordinating all aspects of an event. He or she handles event locations, arranges transportation, and communicates with different suppliers such as caterers and photographers. If you have an event coming up, you might be wondering whether you need to hire an event coordinator for it. Here are five common events that call for an event planner.

Company conventions

If your business has a lot of employees, arranging a company conference can be a nightmare. Whether you are looking at two thousand employees, or two hundred, or even just twenty people, it can be just as stressful to look after a program while accommodating everyone. In company conventions where vital business updates and plans are cascaded to employees, it is crucial to have a smooth flow of events to keep everyone focused on the important matters. It can be hard to do this if you have the same employees scrambling to fix the LCD screens and troubleshoot the program’s sound system on the spot.


Exhibits, exhibitions, expos, trade shows—basically anything that aims to show off products are quite a challenge to manage by yourself. Event planners, especially those that specialize in exhibitions, know the twists and turns of planning and organizing a display so that you get to feature whatever it is that you want to publicize effectively. It could be art, cars, real estate, or even scientific inventions. The main agenda is to have everything arranged so that the exhibition becomes memorable for those who came to see.

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Marketing events

Much like exhibits, marketing events are a big deal too. It’s because not only are you bringing your entire company to the event, but you are also inviting potential customers and investors to entice them with your business or your product. You need an event coordinator for such an affair because you need to focus on your guests rather than on the small aspects of the event like the food and the decor.

Significant life event-related celebrations

Event planners are big-ticket items in almost any couple’s wedding list. That is because significant life events such as weddings can be stressful if handled solely by the attending party. The same thing goes for pretty much any other activity that expects a lot of guests. Things such as arranging the transportation of guests, the venue, and the food should be the least of the celebrants’ concern.

When you’d rather pay for some peace of mind

Sometimes, people don’t want to stress out about an event. Regardless of the size of the gathering, sometimes you would rather just pay someone to take care of things so that you can enjoy the moment. Worrying about an event, no matter how small, can take up a lot of energy. Party hosts usually find themselves exhausted and unable to eat and enjoy the company. Hiring someone to take care of the nitty-gritty can take a lot off of your back. When you hire an event planner, you are buying yourself some peace of mind. 

If you want to learn the ins-and-outs of event planning, or if you think you have a talent at coordinating events and want to learn more about it check out How to Become a Successful Event Planner by Skill Success.

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