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When Should You Hire a Life Coach?

When do you need a life coach? How would you even know if you need one? Below are a few general situations that call for some sound advice from a good old life coach.

When dealing with unfortunate events

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Got fired? Your business went bankrupt? Going through a health crisis? Negative events are a normal part of life. Getting through all of them while maintaining a good outlook on life and keeping a good mental state is one of the things that a life coach can help you with.

When experiencing positive change

Life coaches don’t exclusively help with negative experiences. Even positive life events can turn south if not handled effectively. That’s because even joyous experiences carry their challenges with them. A solid example is when a couple or family is expecting a new member. While a baby may seem like the best news ever, it also means having to learn new skills to care for an infant or adjusting to a new family dynamic with the new addition. A life coach can help with positive changes so that you are ready and more able to appreciate them.

Feeling stagnant

Whether it’s your job, studies, or just life in general, people could easily feel stuck. It usually happens when you see your peers or colleagues all moving forward with their lives. It could be in the form of promotions, milestones, or big life events like marriage or buying a new house. If you feel like you’ve not seen progress in your life for quite some time now, a life coach can help you by nudging you in the right direction so that you can find your way forward in life.

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For self-improvement

This goes hand in hand with dealing with stagnation. However, not all stagnation happens externally. You could be dealing with internal struggles or flaws that you would want to improve to move on with life. Maybe you need to learn mindfulness and meditation, improve your social skills, become more confident, or have more patience in dealing with issues and people. It could be anything within you that you think would make life better if you tackled it.

When figuring out what to do next

This can be useful for new graduates, those pondering on switching careers, or even divorcees who feel lost in life beyond marriage. While a life coach is not a therapist, they can easily spot the need for counseling, if that’s what a client requires to become better. They are also adept at figuring out the things you need to do for yourself to move forward in life. If you require some solid advice to figure out the next step in any endeavor, a life coach is a good choice of person to approach. 

If you would like to take the wheel yourself and seize control of your life, the Life Coach Yourself: Make This Your Best Year Yet course from Skill Success is a good start. It is designed for people who are interested in coaching their own life and take responsibility for their own success.

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