What To Get Someone Who Is A Workaholic?

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Since the epidemic, there have been several changes in workplace dynamics. People who follow the “Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat” routine is one constant that has not altered since the advent of the labor force. Since their jobs are crucial to their survival, these individuals will not risk missing work due to illness. To make the life of a workaholic even more enjoyable, it would be quite kind if people gave them presents like these.

We know it’s frustrating to find a Christmas present for someone who refuses to take time off work, no matter how much pressure you put on them. Giving them a gift certificate for a spa day at home or a cocktail kit would backfire. If you’re stuck for inspiration, look online. Numerous online resources provide Christmas present ideas for almost everybody. You can even find Christmas gifts for students at Toynk and other unique websites. 

But they may not use them at all, or even worse (in our case), they may criticize the donor for forcing them to take time away from work. These five gift suggestions are perfect for your hardworking pals.

1. Seat cushion

Everyone in the office has seen a coworker getting up from their seat to stretch their back while making an otter face. Workaholics may not even value such ergonomic assistance because of the prevalence of remote and hybrid work. Gifting workaholics with a memory foam seat cushion and back cushion will be much appreciated by their tailbones.

2. Portable coffee maker

Hot or cold, caffeine is the lifeblood of many hardworking professionals. Some people like green tea, while others prefer juice, protein shakes, or hot water. Regardless, while we’re focused on our jobs, we prefer disregarding them. Therefore, vacuum-insulated travel mugs help transport beverages and preserve their temperature when sitting neglected on a desk.

3. Humidifier

Moisturizer is a need in the harsh winters. Similarly, we wish we had a portable mist dispenser nearby during the warmer months. This 280ml, USB-powered humidifiers are designed like cute little cacti. These could be the ideal year-round presents for the person always at the office.

4. Indoor plants for the office

Giving a present of succulents or other plants for the desk might help individuals who lack a strong smell. They allow you to relax while also inspiring original thinking. One of the finest presents for a lady who is always on the go is a desk plant, which also happens to be wonderful at cleaning the air. 

So, if you can help your hardworking buddy or colleague get some fresh air and rest while sparking their imagination, they will be eternally grateful to you.

woman working remotely talking on phone

5. Anti-fatigue floor mat

Being constantly on our feet is a major turnoff for most workplace employees. Take care of your back and posture if standing desks help you work more efficiently, but if they don’t, keep that from stopping you from working more efficiently. 

This anti-fatigue mat is a must-have if you know a workaholic who swears by their standing desk. It induces massaging and stretching unconsciously without taking your attention away from your task.

6. Anti-glare glasses

People who work in information technology will dread hearing those two words: dry eyes. Your eyes don’t generate enough tears to keep them properly covered or lubricated, as the internet and some medical professionals suggested. 

Now, this illness may or may not be prevented, and research suggests that staring at displays, whether on a computer or a mobile device, has surpassed factors such as age and metabolism as the leading culprit. The strain produced by very bright displays may be alleviated, in part, by wearing anti-glare glasses that also filter blue light.

7. Toys

Fidget spinners’ meteoric rise to fame may be attributed to their practicality. The nerves and muscles in your body are stimulated, your general strength is improved, essential hormones are brought back into balance, and your stress level is controlled when you play with stress toys. (It would have been helpful to have known beforehand that playing with a toy may set off a big chain reaction of positive processes in the body.)

There is a wide selection available, including fidget toys such as stress balls, bubble burst fidget toys, infinity cubes, and mesh sensory toys, among other possibilities.

8. Wrist rest

When working from home, ergonomics tend to go by the wayside, as noted before. It is essential to support your wrists in addition to having an ergonomic workstation and chair. People passionate about keyboarding are at the most significant risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Give this memory foam wrist rest to a coworker or acquaintance who is always connected to their computer to help reduce some of the discomforts they have when working at their workstation.

9. A candle with a fragrance

When we see one of us acting irritated or worn out, we immediately think of that old video that went viral showing an IT worker smashing his computer. Nobody in our workplaces should worry about something happening to them while they are focused on their job. 

Give them some scented candles to help them relax since they are the perfect presents for ladies who are workaholics. Cinnamon, lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and rosemary are the most popular tastes. Lemon and cinnamon are also popular.

10. Mini crock-pot

The convenience that meal preps provide to the lives of busy professionals has caused them to become all the rage around the world. On the other hand, Mini crock-pots are an excellent alternative to using a microwave to reheat food if you are one of the many people who like meal prepping but do not want to do so. 

They are also the perfect presents for workaholics, as it allows them to prepare the meal the night before, bring it into the office, and place it by their desk so that they may enjoy a hot and fresh meal by noon without wasting any time.

Your hardworking friend will surely be happy with any of the two suggestions above. Even though they may be very busy with work, I guarantee that if you give them these presents, they will include you in their following vacation plans.

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