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What to Consider When Choosing Between Email Marketing Platforms

Finding the right email marketing platforms for your marketing campaign is no easy task—you have to be extra meticulous to ensure you get what you paid for. Add the fact that there are several platforms you can choose from which makes it even harder to decide. However, you can take this as an advantage to get the best among all of them.

Having an email platform is essential to your whole marketing strategy. You need a service provider that will make things easy for you no matter what your business objectives are. Your chosen platform should align with your planned email marketing campaigns so you need to think it through.

Emails are powerful in marketing your business. After all, there are more email users than social media users in the world. Marketers have since then utilized email marketing to reach customers. With Radicati’s growth projection of 4.2 billion email users by 2022, it’s time to start growing your business through effective email marketing.

So how do you know which email marketing platforms will work best for you? There is a pool of options at your disposal and you need to be smart about choosing your perfect match. After all, each platform differs in its respective functionality and features that you can benefit from. Here are some of the best platforms to choose from:

email marketing platforms

The top features to look for on your email marketing platform

Upon comparison of the platforms, you ought to look at each one’s features and functionality. Remember, most of these tools are not for free so you need to ensure you get the most out of every cent you spend. 

To help you find your best match, here’s a guide on the features you need:

1. User-friendly interface

A good platform to pick is the one that offers a breezy email building experience. Most tools are pre-built with a drag-and-drop feature that will help you save time creating your email. You don’t have to know how to code just to get well-crafted outputs, a modernized email builder is what you need.

2. Pre-designed templates

Readily made templates are your best friend in creating your campaign. Not only do these save you time, but they are also sure to appeal to your readers. Pick a platform that offers a wide range of beautifully designed templates you can choose from for free. In addition, a good mix of pre-designed and HTML-flexible templates are ideal when you want to add some personal touches.

3. Number of contacts or email list you can add in the system

When you have a large number of contacts to send your emails to, you will need a platform that can store all those emails. After all, you want to make sure that all those included in your email list are accommodated. The more contacts you have, the more money you need to shell out. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about the price increment because a bigger email list usually has a better chance of a bigger return on investment (ROI).

4. Monthly email limit

Plan your campaigns ahead and evaluate how many emails you want to send out in a month. This way, you won’t waste any money in picking the wrong platform or plan that’s beyond your capacity. Find a platform that offers you a flexible number of email limits and easy upgrade options.

5. A/B testing

A/B testing is the comparison of two given variables to find out which will garner more engagements. Look for a platform that has an A/B testing for all parts of your email including the subject lines, headers, content, images, and more. This way, you can be sure of having a good number of conversions.

6. Integration with apps and other systems

Apps and integrations are your best friend in growing your audience. This feature allows your email system to be connected to your product so that when a customer clicks and buys, they get added to a list in the system. Once the customer data is pulled in, you can use them to send your targeted emails.

7. Personalization option

Too much reliance on readily-made templates and content are deemed ineffective. Add a touch of personality to your brand through personalized designs, copies, objects, and other content that boosts your engagement. A campaign that exudes your personal brand will get far so pick one that can easily be customized according to your taste.

8. Modernized content

With the fast-evolving technology, your email campaigns should be able to keep up no matter what period it is. Choose a platform that will let you keep abreast with the trends to create dynamic content. Highly engaging features like gifs, videos, in-mail payment, and more are some of the reasons customers will look forward to seeing your emails.

9. CAN-SPAM compliant tool

The last thing you want to happen is to get sued for not complying with the regulations in sending promotional emails. Make sure your chosen email marketing platform abides by the law by reviewing the legal act.

10. List segmentation

A good platform to ease up your targeted emails has a list segmentation feature. This separates lists by categories to send out specific emails only targeted for them. When contacts are more interested in a particular product or service you offer, you send them a targeted email to increase the chance of a conversion.  

11. Response handling

Email response handling is a vital part of your overall email marketing. All scales of business need to make sure that they take the right opportunities to send system-generated emails. Choose one that will conveniently send out automated messages for you when a customer signs up, leaves an item to their cart without buying, and more.

12. Conversion tracking

One of the strongest points of email marketing platforms is the capability to generate reports of your campaign analytics. With this feature, you can track the conversion data your campaign has made. You will see how many people opened your email, clicked the call to action (CTA) button, and made a purchase which you will use to measure the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

13. Social media integration

You can maximize your online visibility if you integrate social media buttons at the content of your email. With these available at your emails, email subscribers can easily share or check out your website. Look for a platform that seamlessly integrates social media buttons on your emails to increase your reach. 

14. Help system

A good platform is reachable at the instances you need them. Choose one that can provide you support service in times of need—no matter when. You can evaluate this by going through their websites and looking up for online FAQs and checking out the availability of their customer support.

15. Reasonable pricing

Last but not the least, you should take into consideration how much you can afford. Evaluate among all your choices which is the most cost-effective for your business. A more expensive option doesn’t mean it‘s best for you as this may only be priced higher because it caters to a more populated email list. You ought to identify first what you need and how much you can tolerate to make the most out of your expenses.

And that’s how you find the right email marketing platform for you. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive, but the most cost-effective for your marketing campaigns. Keep these in mind when deciding which platform is best for you to be one step ahead of growing your business.

Keep the awareness flowing and learn more about how email marketing platforms such as AWeber, MailChimp, and MailerLite work through online courses. This way, you can dissect which email platform can provide you the most benefits.

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