What is ADT Pulse?


Home security systems are among the most common ways people protect their property and loved ones. Modern home security systems are extremely convenient, and more and more people are inclined toward having a security system installed in their homes.

ADT is one of the oldest home security solutions providers in the United States. Offering its services in over 44 states across the country, the company offers cameras, alarms, sensors, and more. Moreover, keeping up with technological advancements, ADT has introduced a mobile application that allows you to control everything with a touch on your phone!

ADT Pulse is an application that allows ADT users to control their home security, alarm system, and appliances with their mobile phones. ADT Pulse is a mobile app included in ADT packages, which offers a variety of safety and home automation features. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the features of ADT Pulse, the home security packages the company offers, and what are the perks of getting these packages.

ADT Pulse Features

ADT Pulse has a set of features that allow seamless monitoring and hassle-free control over your security systems, alarm panels, and home appliances. Let’s take a look at them here.

Arming or Disarming Remotely

ADT Pulse allows you to control your home security systems and alarms remotely. In case you want to arm or disarm your alarms or security system, all you need is an internet connection on your smartphone and you can do it in a matter of seconds.

Live Surveillance Video

Through ADT Pulse, you can view your security camera’s live footage at all times from anywhere. You can even check your doorbell security camera’s footage in case you want to check who’s on your doorstep. The app also allows you to screen-record the footage or take snapshots. This makes it convenient for you to catch any suspicious activity and show the footage or picture to the relevant authorities or warn your neighbours about it.

Instant Alerts

ADT Pulse sends out instant alerts along with alarms, in case you can’t hear your alarm. For example, if someone unlocks your door, rings your doorbell, opens the garage door, etc., you’ll get a notification instantly on your smartphone.

Remote Locking and Unlocking

A lot of times, we forget to lock the front door when leaving the house. Similarly, people forget their keys inside their homes and get locked outside their own homes. ADT Pulse allows remote locking and unlocking of doors. You can remotely lock and unlock your doors, including the garage door. It comes in handy especially when some cleaning, repair, or service person comes to your door and you want to give them entry without having to be present yourself.

Smoke, Water, and Carbon Monoxide Detection

If you have one of ADT security packages that includes environmental sensors, like water sensors, smoke, sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, etc, you can get alerts for these through ADT Pulse as well. Smoke sensors alert you regarding sudden temperature rise or smoke in your home, which could be an indication of fire. Water sensors alert you regarding water leaks or flooding inside your house. Carbon monoxide sensors are perhaps the most important ones, because carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, and any leakage could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is extremely dangerous and usually fatal.

Remotely Controlling Lights, Plugs, Thermostats, and More

Smart plugs, lights, and thermostats are common in the majority of homes nowadays. However, you can control them through a remote which has to be within range in order to function. However, ADT pulse can sync smart home appliances like these with the app, allowing you to control them from any location.

Getting late and want to turn on the lights at your house? Forgot to turn off the lights when leaving your home? Left your laptop on charge and want to switch off the Plus? Want to turn the thermostat down because it’s a bit hot today? You can do all of this and much more on your ADT Pulse mobile application!

Moreover, this control over your lights, plugs, and other appliances helps you save a lot of money on energy bills as you can significantly cut down your excess usage.

Voice Control Integration

ADT Pulse allows you to sync your voice control assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, to control your home security systems, alarms, and smart appliances.

Are Users Satisfied with ADT Pulse?

ADT Pulse has made home security a lot more convenient for people, which is why the majority of users are satisfied with the services offered by the mobile phone application. On Google’s play store, ADT Pulse has a rating of 4.6 stars[TMU1], while it has 4.8 stars on Apple’s app store[TMU2], along with millions of downloads on both platforms. This indicates the application is popular among users and most of them are happy with what services it offers.

ADT Security Packages That Include ADT Pulse

ADT offers a variety of home security packages, out of which 2 include the ADT Pulse app. Let’s take a look at them here:

ADT Smart

ADT Smart is a package provided by the company that offers a variety of home security equipment, like a touchscreen panel, 3 door and window sensors, and a motion detector. Along with that, ADT Smart also provides an extra Smart Door Lock and Plug. Initially, the rental package starts at $15.32, but you have the option to add more features and options at a small additional cost.

One notable benefit of ADT Smart is the inclusion of remote access through ADT Pulse. ADT Pulse allows you to remotely access and control your home through mobile devices and enables home automation. This means that you can use an app on your smartphone or tablet to monitor video surveillance of your home and also control various aspects such as cameras, thermostats, door locks, and more.

ADT Complete

ADT Complete is the most comprehensive home security package available. It includes all the equipment provided in ADT Smart packages, along with an additional indoor HD Camera and a doorbell camera. The rental fee for the equipment starts at $17.48, but by opting for packages, you can enjoy a wide range of added benefits for $57.99 per month.

One standout feature of ADT Complete is the 24/7 video surveillance and storage. This means that continuous recording is carried out at all times, allowing you to easily review the recorded footage whenever needed. Moreover, ADT ensures that the recorded footage is securely stored and can only be accessed by authorized personnel, including yourself. ADT Complete also has remote access available through ADT Pulse.

Final Thoughts

ADT is one of the best home security solution providers and their application, ADT Pulse, adds to the value they provide with their home security and automation solutions. If you’re planning to get one of ADT’s home security packages but have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to ADT’s customer service. Here’s ADT phone number for your convenience: 844-343-1168.

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