What Effective Email List Building Can Do for Your Brand

Perhaps you have already heard of or read somewhere what effective email list building can do for your brand. You have probably discovered that there are many benefits this marketing strategy can bring to your business–and we’re here to talk about that.

What is an email list? 

An email list, also called a mailing list or subscriber’s list, is an electronic mail (email) that you receive when you are subscribed to a blog or a website. An organization or business uses this to make more sales. This is done by collecting email addresses from personal networks and information generated when a customer signs up for a subscription. This data can also be generated when customers create an account for a website.

In creating and sending messages to your email list, you must find an email marketing service provider that meets your criteria and needs. Most of these email marketing service providers have different options such as free trials, email templates, email scheduling, and social media integration, as well as checking statistics and maintaining subscriber lists.

There are about 425+ email service providers out there that are both free and paid. But to save you time and make your decision a lot easier, here is a compiled list of the best email marketing service providers in 2020:   

How can email list building help your brand?

These days business owners rely so much on social media with their marketing. Although it is an effective tool, they take for granted the power of email marketing. In fact, research from McKinsey & Co. shows that email marketing is 40% more effective at reaching target customers than other social media platforms. This is because 91% of the US consumers still use email.  

Here are reasons why you should start building your email list for your brand.

1. It is a great way to get personal.

When it comes to email marketing, personalizing an online conversation makes your prospective customers feel that you are directly speaking to them like a normal human being. You are making them feel that you are presenting solutions instead of marketed products or services. By doing this, you will get them interested, urging them to read more or check out what you are offering.  

A good example of how you can effectively personalize your email marketing is by customizing the sender’s name. Adding the sender’s name within the email and in the subject line will increase the open rate of your email up to 35%, according to Pinpointe

2. It is focused on the target market.

The users that have subscribed to your website or blog are already your target market. They have already shown interest in your product or service just by subscribing to you. Therefore, you can come up with precise content that you know will catch their attention and increase the probability of them becoming receptive to the products or services that you offer.

Email listing allows you to personalize your message depending on your customer’s preference. You can do this by using email list segmentation. By changing your messages—the frequency, design, tone, and the words used—your email will drive more engagement. Customizing the messages will add more value to your customers and create a strong bond between you over time.

3. It increases website traffic.

Email marketing is a great way to increase your website traffic. You can add related links in the content of your message to get your consumers engaged. Note that you should only use relevant landing pages as to not make them feel that you are just bombarding them with irrelevant messages. When you have more traffic on your website, you will rank more in search engines, as a result, building your credibility. 

4. It increases your sales.

Targeting the right consumers with customized messages helps boost your sales. Email listing allows a business to determine what relevant products they can offer to the consumers right after their initial purchase, creating an opportunity for impulse purchasing. You can also attract consumers to avail more products or services from you by:

  • Creating a special discount for their next purchase
  • Sending out a welcome email
  • Sending a featured list of similar products based on their last purchase or alongside what they have bought
  • Sending email reminders of items they did not checkout from their cart
  • Sending promotional emails on limited-time offers

5. It establishes your identity as a business.

Email marketing helps you create brand awareness. It also allows long-term interaction with your consumers as you are promoting habitual customer interaction with your brand. By creating frequent and valuable content, you will have the edge over your competitors because you will become more recognizable in your industry.

When you effectively establish and reinforce your brand identity, you are able to help your business:

  • Control your marketing campaign’s return on investment
  • Promote genuine customer loyalty by creating open communication
  • Reduce email unsubscribe rate

6. It develops a strong customer relationship.

Building a strong customer relationship is important in retaining and acquiring customers. Similar to building a personal relationship, establishing customer relationships do not just happen overnight; it takes time and effort for you to cultivate trust from your customers. You need to make your customers feel important and valued for you to establish trust. By creating strong relationships, you will convert your regular customers into loyal customers, create a positive word of mouth, and increase sales. 

What do you need to start building your email list?

Before creating your email list, you need to have some of these resources.

Target audience details

You should know who your target audiences are before you build your email list, and this is by creating a marketing persona

A website or blog

Potential email lists are collected through websites and blogs.

If you are new with website or blog creation, here are some online courses that will definitely help you get started:

An email marketing service provider

These are MailChimp, AWeber, etc. Check the best email marketing service provider in 2020 listed in this article earlier. 

A compelling offer or proposal

Whatever your products or services are, you need to give your customers a good reason why they should avail it. 

Learn how you can build an effective email list to grow your audience with The Secrets Of email Lists: Revealed online course and increase audience engagement with 15 Cool Ways To Interact With Your email Subscribers.

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