Ways to Improve Marketing Your Small Business

It is vital to improve marketing small business because it helps you sell your products or services to your target consumers. However, no matter how good your products or services are, you may not generate enough sales to sustain your business if you don’t know how to execute the right marketing strategies.  

If your business has been running for quite a while, but you are not generating your target sales, maybe it is time that you have a marketing makeover. 

How to Improve Your Small Business Marketing

Here are some tips on how to improve your marketing strategies for your small business.

1. Research Your Top Competitors’ Online Marketing. 

What you want to know about your competitor’s virtual marketing presence can be easily done online by visiting their social media, website, blog, reading their PR campaigns, and so on. 

So how will this help you outwit your competitors? 

You need to know first the strengths and weaknesses of your business’ online marketing presence. Once you already have an idea of these, you can compare the areas in your marketing that you are struggling with against your competitor strategies and see how you can improve, or perhaps, do it better than them. 

You can also get a chance to snatch the unsatisfied customers from your competitors by looking into the review and comment sections of their page and send those customers a message presenting your products.

Find out what your top competitors are doing with their marketing strategies that keep attracting customers. If they regularly post and run Facebook ads; then do the same. You might experience the same success as they had.

2. Be Active On Your Social Media. 

We live in a digital age and almost all of us are actively using the internet and our social media every day.  In fact, there are over 2 billion Facebook users, over 1 billion Instagram users, and more than 300 million Twitter users. This means that you have a great opportunity to reach out to your potential customers when you use social media as one of your marketing tools. 

You have a lot of competition in the market, that is why you should be active on your social media by connecting to your target customers and engage new leads. You will gain brand recognition as you start being active, this will make your business more visible and the potential target will become familiar with your brand.

 3. Get Reviews. 

Having positive reviews of your business is crucial in building your online presence, adding value to your products or services, and adding legitimacy to your business. This is one huge factor why people will be more comfortable to buy more from you because they can see the reviews from your previous customer who made a purchase if they were satisfied or not. 

How can you collect reviews?

The easiest ways and most used by consumers to search and make reviews are through your business’ Facebook page and Google My Business Reviews (AKA: Google Reviews).

The most popular website where customers can leave their reviews for local businesses is through Facebook. But instead of letting your customers use a five-star rating system, have them leave a review; your customers are asked if they recommend your business to people. 

Google My Business Reviews (AKA: Google Reviews) is the most popular platform where customers can leave a review of your business because it’s Google. Unlike Facebook, Google Review uses a 5-star scale and people can view and reply to the reviews written by your previous customers publicly. 

Reviews don’t only help you to prove the value of your product and service to your target customers, but it will also help you understand why they are using your products and what you need to improve on your product and services.

Another powerful strategy is to get reviews from media outlets and other businesses with established authority and a wider audience. You can get your products featured by influencers or a small business blog.

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4. Use Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM).

This is also called word of mouth advertising. This is a free form of advertising where satisfied customers spread their recommendations from person to person. As you acquire new customers, you are still able to keep your current customers.  Thus, this creates brand loyalty. Your loyal customers will keep coming back while referring your business to more customers.

But how do you create the word of mouth marketing? This is by exceeding your customers’ expectations. There are ways on how you can exceed your customer’s expectations. 

First, the quality of your product or service should be your main measure of excellent customer service followed by the speed of delivery. 

Second, you need to connect with your customers. Treat each of your customers as VIP and as part of your business success. Respond to their messages ASAP, call or send them a message asking for their experiences, suggestions, and update them with your special offers.

Last, keep your loyal customers by rewarding them; give them freebies or special discounts. 

5. Use Video Marketing.

Video marketing is the latest tool in promoting your business. The majority of consumers prefer to watch video content rather than reading marketing content. This tool is perfect for businesses that want to demonstrate their products or services. You don’t need to put into words how your products or services look and how it works. Plus, watching videos are more entertaining than reading for most people.

Thinking of shooting your marketing video? You should take note of the following:

  • Keep your video short, no more than 60 seconds. You should tell a short powerful story and avoid unnecessary long stories. 
  • The message of your video should be both informative and entertaining.
  • Your video should be in high definition so viewers would appreciate your content. 
  • Always include a Call To Attention at the end of your video.  

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