Types of Jobs Still Hiring During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Covid-19 is a crisis of global proportions. The pandemic’s effect on health and the economy were so far-reaching that millions of people’s lives had been affected. Still, there remains hope as there are still jobs hiring during coronavirus. If you are one of the people who have been economically affected by the crisis, read on to find out other employment opportunities for you.

The impact of COVID19 on employment

  • Many companies shifted to home-based work. Several services, such as customer relations, converted to telework to allow companies to continue operations without having employers physically present in the offices.
  • Several establishments closed. Some of the most hard-hit establishments are restaurants, theatres, and hotels.
  • Fewer jobs are available. As a result of the closure of business establishments, the jobs available have become limited and scarce.
  • Employees were on furlough. Some businesses were closed until further notice, and therefore unable to pay their workforce. Many employees were either laid off for good or put on furlough until the establishment reopens.
  • Employees who were working in the field risk exposure and sickness. Employees who still managed to continue working outside their homes had a more challenging role. They risk endangering their health as well as their family’s wellbeing as they are more prone to contract the virus outside of their homes.

Jobs hiring during Coronavirus pandemic

If you were put on furlough or your employer has closed permanently due to the pandemic, this is the best time to look into jobs hiring during coronavirus. There are still some industries that have a sustained or even increased demand for labor.

Digital tech professions

There is an increased demand for digital technology during this pandemic. Since people shifted to remote work, they have to compensate for their physical absence through technology. As a result. There is an increased demand for professionals that specialize in digital and information technology, specifically those that deal with web-related activities and communications.


The healthcare field is probably the most obvious industry to increase demand for workers during a pandemic. Reports from almost all over the world show how short-staffed most hospitals are due to the surge of Covid-19 cases. Even without accounting for these cases, other patients are still suffering from other medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. 

As a result, the already-stretched medical manpower is strained further with the addition of Covid-19 cases. In fact, many medical establishments already shut down elective medical procedures to accommodate the surge of Covid-19 patients.

Sales and marketing

For companies that shifted to telework or remote work, much of their sales force still sustain demand. There are several aspects of sales work that can be okay to do without physical presence, which keeps the company up and running. Sales professionals still manage to have secure jobs throughout this pandemic.

  • Customer service
  • Sales (account executives, business development)
  • Account management (account manager, customer success)
  • Product managers
  • Project managers


As physical stores close up, online stores proliferated. In fact, some traditional businesses did not have any other choice but to make the modern transition into e-commerce. Business people realized that even though they cannot sell their products in actual stores, they can still continue conducting business online. 

E-commerce allowed businesses to continue operations despite the heavy lockdowns and are even able to reach more people through the internet. As a matter of fact, it may be possible that e-commerce is only going to grow even more in the coming years beyond the pandemic. Businessmen realized that not only is it a safer way to conduct business, but it is also a lot more practical in terms of cost and efficiency.

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Shipping and delivery

As business establishments shift into e-commerce and people are less inclined to visit physical stores, shipping and delivery became the main means of acquiring goods. People who work in shipping and delivery industries managed to sustain their jobs, and the demand even increased due to the mushrooming number of online businesses who need a mode of fulfillment through shipping and delivery.

Some of the biggest names in the industry are:

FMCG and Groceries

The only non-medical establishments that did not shut down during lockdowns are groceries and the only products that continued to grow despite the economic crisis are fast-moving consumer goods or FMCG

Those who work for FMCG experienced an increase in demand for basic commodities such as canned food and preserves. This may be due to people panicking to secure long-lasting food at the prospect of a prolonged lockdown and business closures. 

Additionally, people working in the retail of FMCGs, such as shelf stockers and grocery store cashiers, remained in their jobs for the entire duration of the pandemic. It is no surprise since the goods that they handle are considered essential.

Technology and manufacturing

The movement from physical to digital operations has emphasized the demand and importance of technology and the manufacture of technological products such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The rise in demand for these products opened numerous job opportunities for factories that specialize in manufacturing tech items. If you have specialized tech manufacturing skills, you will find a healthy environment when job hunting in this industry.

Online learning

The demand for education has not stopped during the pandemic. In fact, there has been an increase in demand for online learning since schools have shut down temporarily. That’s why online learning platforms have a lot of jobs hiring during coronavirus. Students prefer this mode of learning because it is safer and because it is more convenient and even affordable.

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