Top 9 Traits of The Emotionally Intelligent Person

Emotional intelligence is a valuable asset in any life situation—whether at work or at home. The most emotionally intelligent people seem to get through life a lot more pleasantly than the rest. Their emotional freedom allows them to avoid all the chaos and confusion that an emotionally-driven situation usually comes with. 

How do you know if a person is emotionally intelligent? Are you curious to know just how emotionally intelligent you are? The characteristics below describe the most common traits of the emotionally intelligent person.


Being able to put yourself in another’s person’s shoes is a particular skill that is only possible with high emotional intelligence. Empathy allows you to see other people’s perspective, so you understand them and their behavior better. Other people may see you as compassionate and sincere, but that is mainly made possible by the fact that you are able to see and understand things from their viewpoint. 

Empathetic people operate from a stand that enables them to relate better with them. They are usually the ones who make decisions that benefit the majority. It is also easier for them to forge real and meaningful relationships because people trust them better due to their empathetic nature.


Self-awareness has two components: internal and external. Internal self-awareness is the most commonly perceived form of self-awareness. It is the ability to identify one’s own thoughts, feelings, strengths, and flaws. Being aware of yourself internally allows you to gauge the things that can affect your mental and emotional wellbeing so you can better react to them.

The second form is external self-awareness. This is the ability to see how others perceive you. This form is a lot trickier to gauge and takes a lot of sensitivity and emotional intelligence to pin down. When you know another person’s real impression of you, you are more aware of the things that you should and should not do to alter your relationship with them in a positive way.


Emotional intelligence gives you the power to become a master of change. Because of their high levels of self-awareness and empathy, emotionally intelligent people are usually quicker to adapt to situations. This is partly because they are already somewhat aware of the possibilities within specific scenarios based on what they know about themselves and of others. 

Emotionally intelligent people are not fazed as much by change. Sure, change can be intimidating, and it is natural to be worried or anxious about incoming change. However, someone who is attuned to your own emotions worries less because you accept that change is inevitable, and the natural thing to do is to adapt.

Willingness to help

An emotionally intelligent person appreciates success. Moreover, like people with a growth mindset, they appreciate other people’s success too. It is not like an emotionally intelligent person to envy or feel threatened by a colleague’s accomplishments. That is why they are always ones who are open to help out.

For a person with high EQ, participating in another’s success is just as satisfying as having your own success. Emotional intelligence teaches you that not everything should be for or about you and that the good of the people around you matters too.


Emotionally intelligent people are well known for their balanced personalities. They are not the type who are extreme and unstable. They know how to respond to people and situations in an emotionally stable manner.

On top of mental and emotional balance, people with high EQ also know how to balance their lives. They know the importance of striking a fair balance between work and their personal lives. They also know the importance of caring for your mental wellbeing and physical health. These people watch what they eat, engage in fitness activities, and manage their stress levels to maintain overall balance. 


Another hallmark of emotional intelligence is curiosity. The emotionally intelligent person is eager and excited to learn. This does not only translate to knowledge and skill but also to learn about other people’s experiences and thoughts. 

This makes emotionally intelligent people pleasant to be around with even for the first time. They do not make hasty judgments and sincerely want to get to know a person. Also, when encountering new situations and challenges, they are the ones who are more open to suggestions and are willing to explore novel solutions and possibilities. 

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With high self-awareness follows excellent self-control. If you are aware of how you think and feel, you can formulate more objective and more fruitful responses to situations. If you couple that with external self-awareness, it gives you almost full control of the outcomes of virtually any encounter.

Emotional intelligence lets you become more in tune with your emotions, while at the same time not letting your emotions rule your life. Emotionally intelligent people think before they act or react. They do not base their actions on what they currently feel. Instead, they acknowledge what they think, control their emotions, and come up with appropriate and beneficial actions.


It is easy to get along with someone with a high EQ. This easy-going social nature stems from their keen sense of self and a strong understanding of how others perceive them. They can easily make themselves more likable to a person based on what they know about that person’s impression of them.

On top of that, their willingness to help and selflessness make them even easier to like. Imagine having a friend who understands how you feel, is willing to help you out, and celebrates your success. Who wouldn’t love such a friend?


Emotionally intelligent people are gracious and appreciative. They might acknowledge bad situations, but they do not quickly lose sight of everything else that is good. They do not see criticism as a bad thing but rather as pointers for growth. Also, they do not let negative experiences override their entire lives.

If you’ve been in a tight situation with someone who has a high level of emotional intelligence, you will clearly notice how well and hopefully they handle things. That is because they focus on what they can do rather than wallowing in despair and helplessness.

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