Top 9 Job Opportunities in Finance

Finance is such a vast industry that it can’t be easy to know exactly how many jobs are available in finance today. Read on to have a better understanding about jobs in finance, and career options for entry-level and higher positions in this industry.

Types of finance jobs

There are several types of finance jobs that you can look through to narrow down your job options depending on your skills, qualifications, and interests. Below are some of the most common types of finance jobs available today.

Corporate finance

Corporate finance jobs involve handling a company or organization’s finances. This mainly involved optimizing a company’s financial value while minimizing its financial risks. Since businesses are very particular about their finances, you need to be skilled and trustworthy to bag a position in corporate finance. You also need to have excellent organizational skills and the necessary educational background.

Financial planning and advising

Financial planners and financial advisors help people manage their personal finances or their businesses. Their task is to directly advise people as to the prudent and effective steps to improve their financial situation. To be effective in this job, you need to be familiar with finance laws, insurance, and investments.


Accountants can either work independently or as part of an accounting firm. They are crucial in maintaining the financial health of an organization or an individual. They handle financial processes for companies or ensure the lawful handling of funds by businesses and private clients.


The most popular (and most obvious) type of finance job is those within the banking industry. There are several roles you can choose from within a bank, including becoming a bank teller, a loan officer, branch manager, and much more.


People who work in investment facilitate pairing potential investors with businesses in need of funding. They make mutually beneficial agreements between parties, who in turn compensate them generously for their services. They also provide advice to companies or individuals on where to invest their resources.


Insurance is yet another vast industry where you can fill in several roles. You can be an agent, a customer service representative, a salesperson, marketer, actuary, and other roles with the main goals of providing quality and useful insurance policies for individuals and even companies.

Hedge funds

Hedge fund jobs are not that popular, but are considered affluent because of their hush-hush characteristic. Hedge funds are unregulated private investment funds wherein fund managers are free to buy and sell assets and financial products. 


Jobs in lending typically have the main responsibility of helping clients choose and acquire loans. These can include facilitating steps and processes that are required in order to secure a loan for their clients which can either be individuals or businesses.


Technology has played a crucial role in finance, especially these days. That is why fintech is a very promising and lucrative industry to enter into. If you want to work in finance and have a background in technology, fintech can give you the best of both worlds.

Entry-level finance jobs

If you are only starting out in finance, or are planning to switch careers into the finance field, you might want to consider these entry-level friendly jobs that earn a decent annual income.

Financial analyst

Financial analysts consolidate and analyze budgets for corporations, businesses, insurance companies, and consulting firms. They create reports, business studies, and forecast income statement projections. On top of analyzing the financial situation of businesses, they also study the economy, and industry trends in order to advise corporations to act on measures to increase their financial performance.

Junior accountant

You may need an accountancy degree in order to get into this profession, but it will be well worth it since accountants are in constant demand across many industries. Accountants can work for private individuals to large corporations, advising and creating policies regarding taxation and concerning laws.

Finance auditor

An auditor’s job may be somewhat similar to an accountant’s, but it has a broader scope. They are responsible for keeping the company’s finances in legal order. That means they have to make sure that the company follows strict compliance standards and financial best practices. One of their main objectives is to reduce costs and improve company profits.

Financial advisor

Financial advisors provide counsel, usually to individuals, regarding budgeting, personal finance, saving, and investments. On top of those responsibilities, they may also offer tax services or sell insurance.

Top paying finance jobs

If you want to aim high in the finance industry, setting your eyes on the top tier, you will want to seek these high-paying finance jobs for future reference.

Hedge fund manager

As previously stated, hedge fund jobs are seen as lucrative, and it has some truth to it. Hedge fund managers can rake in an average annual salary of $98,256. Their roles are similar to investment bankers, except that it carries a higher risk -which is also why they earn a lot more.

Financial software development

Fintech is an affluent sector to be in within the world of financial services, creating programs for financial institutions like banks. Finance software developers have an annual average salary of $106,124

Private equity associate

These professionals work with private equity firms to spearhead and oversee deal processes from start to finish. They analyze and monitor data to look for opportunities for firms and investors. The huge amount of responsibility and potential income they generate comes at a hefty price of a median annual salary of $108,152.

Chief financial officer

CFOs have a wide range of big responsibilities. They are at the top tier of the financial services industry as they oversee budgets, analyses, technology, team management, and decision-making regarding financial matters in companies. CFOs earn a median annual salary of $127,729.

Chief compliance officer

CCOs are responsible for managing policies and ensuring compliance standards within companies. This huge amount of responsibility makes them one of the highest-earning financial professionals, earning an average annual wage of $128,380.

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