Top 5 Free Music Production Apps for PC

Music production nowadays is not only exclusive to professionals or wealthy music enthusiasts. Nowadays, you can easily make music for free with the help of these top-rated music production apps.

What to consider before getting a music production app

While it’s easy to just pick one and go with it, you have to acknowledge that no two apps are the same. Each one will have a different interface, varying features, and different strengths that will suit different purposes.

That is why it is important to take into consideration the following things before you pick among music production apps for PC.

Free vs. Paid

It’s no surprise that you’ll get more with a paid app, but going through free trials will allow you to get a feel of which program suits you best. Once you’ve made that decision, you can invest in good software that can serve you for years to come.

Level of experience

If you’re just starting out, it will make complete sense to go for cheaper or even free software, even if you get constrained and limited with only a few features. Mastering the basics will ultimately give you more confidence to operate industry-level software so you can truly get your money’s worth.


Are you using your software purely for studio recording and editing? Or do you need it for live performances too? There is software that integrates with MIDI controllers or instruments as needed. You will ultimately need one that seamlessly integrates with your other equipment.

5 Free Music Production Apps for PC

There are plenty of music production apps available today. As we further advance into the digital age, more and more people are making, editing, and publishing music at home, making digital audio workplaces in demand. 

Here are five popular and musician-approved music production apps you can check out:

PreSonus Studio One Prime

PreSonus is yet another music production brand that produces professional-level software and equipment. They have one of the best digital audio workstation software, the Studio One. Luckily, you need to have pro-level money to enjoy pro-level quality software with their very own Prime version.

Studio One Prime is a free digital audio workplace that is perfect for singer-songwriters. It can perform audio recordings and simple mixing tasks with the use of free high-quality audio effects to help you polish your song and bring it to another level.

Examples of audio effects you can expect from this app are reverb and delay, EQ strip with compression, and basic Ampire and pedalboard for guitar processing.

The app is free, so you are limited to using only its built-in effects. However, it is a great app to start with if you don’t want to spend on an app that may or may not work for you. So if you think you are comfortable with its system and want to progress further, you can upgrade to Studio One Artist or Studio One Pro for more advanced effects.


No recording is on point and perfect all the time. There has to be tuning and adjustments to make it record-ready, which is why you need an audio editor if you want to complete your music production apps collection.

Audacity tops the list among free audio editors, and it also can do audio recording. It comes with all the tools you need to perform audio editing and recording. It also gets frequent updates to keep your music on track with the latest.

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Ableton Live Lite 9

If you want to give Ableton a try but you’re not too keen on spending on it just yet, you can take it for a quick spin with the help of its restricted version: the Ableton Live Lite 9. Despite its limited state, it is still one of the best music production apps for PC.

With this free version, you can get up to eight free recording tracks. On top of the extensive arsenal of tools, it has to make mind-blowing music. It also allows you to add MIDI tools like keyboards.

Ableton is a pro-level music production app that is used by many professionals in the music industry. You don’t have to spend at all to get a taste of the pro-level program with the Live Lite 9 version.

FL Studio

FL Studio is one of the pioneers in music production apps for PC. It is also one of the most popular digital audio workplaces, not just because it’s been on for a long time but also because it is still one of the best. 

Another reason why it’s so popular is that it covers all the foundations of music editing -sound correction, cut and paste, pitch shifting, and many more. What’s more is you can do all these actions in a beginner-friendly interface, making it perfect for just about anybody who’s just getting into music editing.

DarkWave Studio

If you’re looking for DAW software that is compatible with Windows, the DarkWave Studio is one of the best music production apps for PC as it is compatible with systems ranging from Windows XP to Windows 10.

It’s also very beginner-friendly, so if it’s your first time to do music production and are not yet sure which app to put your money on, you can give DarkWave Studio a try since it’s completely free to download.

What’s even better about DarkWave Studio is that you can easily supplement its existing features with nineteen plugin options to choose from to give your music more oomph.


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