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Top 5 Content Writing Tips

Content writing is always so satisfying once you’ve finished a piece. Any content writer would feel an absolute thrill and sense of accomplishment whenever a piece of written content is created and enjoyed by others. However, sometimes it can become challenging and stressful as well. Creating engaging content that is interesting and valuable can be tricky sometimes. Following these five content writing tips might just help.

1. What’s the point?

Before even beginning to write any content, your main point or topic should be as clear as day to you. You should know your target and set your sights directly at it at all times. There is no point in launching an attack and not knowing where to aim. You should know your primary mission before embarking on a writing quest. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my writeup all about?
  • Who do I want to read it?
  • What do I want them to know?
  • How do I want them to feel?
  • What is my point?

By asking these questions, you identify the heart and soul of your article. You can work around that central theme, expound around it, and sub-categorize it. At the end of your piece, you can tie it all up together like a beautiful birthday present for your readers to unravel.

2. Do your homework

You can’t just blather along, spewing words without much thought. Unless it’s a personal account, fiction, or a journal entry, a poorly-researched piece will not stand out at all. Either that or it will be so strikingly weak that your readers will begin to question your credibility. They might also wonder whether your articles are even worth reading at all. 

Researching your content is one of the essential content writing tips because your written output is most likely going to be a reference for your readers. It should contain factual information that supports any claims or deductions you make in your article. Having accurate facts to back your article makes it stronger and more valuable for readers. It sheds light on a study or statistical data. That means that the more things you find to back up your article, the more authoritative and dependable it becomes to your readers.

3. Be catchy

There’s no point in putting in all the effort and researching all the facts to support your article if nobody is even remotely interested in reading it. One of the essential content writing tips to command attention is to start with a catchy headline. It should be intriguing, stimulating, exciting, or simply make your readers want to learn more. Otherwise, they won’t proceed to read the article itself. You can go to the root and learn the fundamentals of how to create a headline. You can also simply use a title generator with your identified keywords to help you out.

Of course, you don’t just want your readers to get past the title. You also want them to make it through the entire article, and right up to the last sentence. It would be helpful if you go through some psychology of how people read online to get to know what keeps them hooked. Find out what induces and keeps their interest, as well as what bores them or causes them to stop reading through. 

4. Optimize, optimize, optimize

If you are a content writer in this new generation, chances are, you are catering to an online audience. The best content writing tips that ensure your article’s survivability in the digital world is optimization. It should be searchable and easy to findlike a shining beacon amidst a sea of candles when compared to other search results.

You need to learn and observe SEO best practices as well as up-to-date SEO content strategies that will put your article out there. Other ways of optimizing your content is to write it in such a way that makes it so easy to digestshort sentences, short paragraphs, bulleted lists. This not only optimizes your content but also makes your readers’ lives a whole lot easier. You might just end up becoming their favorite content writer because of it.

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5. Just wing it

One of the biggest challenges of a content writer is the feeling of just not being able to do itfondly known as the writer’s block. This is a common occurrence among content writers. It is also is a common cause for writers to scramble for content writing tips to help them power through.

While it might be tempting to just hoist the white flag and surrender to the mental block in hopes of coming across a light bulb moment later on in the day, the likelihood of that ever happening is slim. You will most likely end up drowning in mobile games and finishing the day without accomplishing muchnot even a single paragraph.

The most forward productivity solution to this phenomenon is to just keep churningone word in front of another. This practice, while it may seem like it won’t give you the best result, will at least give you an acceptable outcome. The worst-case scenario is that your finished article won’t be as publishable as you want it to be; but at least you have some material to work with moving forward.

While this may not give you the best output in terms of quality, it allows you to make up for it in quantity. Don’t be in a rush to publish your free-written work, though, as these pieces are best used as baseline articles for more “final” outputs.

On top of all these content writing tips, make sure to adhere to some of the most basic writing guidelines to ensure you produce quality content. Ensure that your articles are original and unique to you and your website. It should not only be enjoyable but also reflect your personality, your business, or your brand. Oh, and don’t ever forget to proofread your work. All of that effort you put into researching, thinking and writing can potentially go down the drain because of a misspelled word.

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