Top 10 Stock Trading Articles

Here are ten stock trading articles carefully curated and crafted to inspire and educate every aspiring investor on the fundamental know-hows of stock trading:

How the Stock Market Works

This article is an overview or introduction to the general idea of how the stock market operates. It is ideal if you are very new to the concept of the stock market or only have a slight clue about it from what you see on TV or in movies. This is a good piece of reference to start with. It is informative enough without being too technical for just about anyone with beginner information about the stock market to understand.

The article also includes a simple step-by-step guide on how to start investing to give you a rough idea of how you can get into the stock market. It provides examples and options for investors with different personalities, as well as defines exactly how much you need in order to begin investing.

Why Stock Trading Is a Good Side Hustle

If you need a good solid push to convince you into trading stocks, this article gives you nine good reasons to do so. It gives you a good idea of all the benefits you can get from stock trading on the side. It covers everything from the capital to earning and everything in between, such as flexibility and a vast array of options.

After you’ve gone through all the pros of stock trading, you will also have a good idea of all of the ways you can modify your trading methods. You can do this so that it suits you, your personality, and your lifestyle well. Whether you’re conservative, a risk-taker, traditional, techy, hands-on, or more of into free reign, there is always something for you in stock trading.

Top 10 Stock Trading Strategies For Beginners

Once you are convinced that stock trading is indeed right for you and that you want to use it to build your wealth, you will need a strategy. Having a plan ensures that your chances of success remain high throughout. This article takes you through the steps you need to undertake in order to increase your profits and dodge losses as much as possible.

On top of the practical measures, the article also touches on key internal points that you need to take into account before you start trading. Things such as your goals, expectations, and preparation for when you encounter losses along the process are discussed as well.

What Is Stock Market Technical Analysis

This article provides an initial insight into one of the strongest ways that both new and experienced stock traders use to predict trading outcomes. It gives a concise overview of what stock market technical analysis is all about. You will also learn the importance of learning all about it if you are planning to become an investor yourself.

The piece does not end with just defining and discussing what stock market technical analysis is made up of. It also delves deeper into the basic foundations and principles of technical analysis through its three key assumptions. This write up also gives you a realistic view of technical analysis by discussing not only its strengths but also its weaknesses in ample detail. It pays to know technical analysis as a budding trader, and you can start by learning the basics of it through this article.

Does Stock Market Technical Analysis Work?

After learning all about stock market technical analysis, you might want to know whether it does work and how. This article also touches a tiny bit on another form of stock market analysis, which is fundamental analysis and how it compares with technical analysis. 

Since the previous article already highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of stock market technical analysis, you will already have an idea of when it is best applied. This article further highlights those strengths and weaknesses by enumerating the reasons why it does work. Additionally, it covers the limitations that it is bound to, such as accuracy, mixed signals, and biases.

Why is Stock Market Analysis So Important?

So now you know all about stock market technical analysis and maybe a little bit of fundamental analysis. However, you might be wondering: is all this analysis really necessary? Can’t we just buy some stocks and hope for the best? Why is stock market analysis so important? This article answers it all.

Not only does it stress the importance of stock market analysis, but it also comprehensively discusses fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and a third category, which is quantitative analysis. Once you are done with this article, you will have a newfound appreciation for stock market analysis. You will also be able to better use it to your trading advantage.

Top 10 Stock Market Analysis Websites of 2020

Once you are fully sold at the idea of the importance and efficiency of stock market analysis, you might be wondering where you can get resources that can provide you with dependable analysis. This article enumerates ten trusted websites you can turn to.

The websites all encompass everything you need to learn about stock market analysis. They also provide other things like tips and tricks that would be useful to learn once you do start investing. These websites not only provide informational resources but also trading services, financial market tools, news, charts, communities for discussion, as well as subscriptions to keep you updated.

Best Stock Market Analysis Techniques for Beginners

This article eases you in gradually by clearly defining stock market analysis, the two main types which are technical and fundamental analysis, and the comprehensive definition of each. Apart from the two main types of analysis, the article covers seven other techniques that you can use to aid your analysis process.

The methods mentioned are used by both seasoned and newbie traders. Whatever level of stock trading knowledge you have, you can apply it with the methods discussed. The seven techniques discussed are simply indicators or data that you need to watch out for and regularly monitor to serve as a basis for your trading decisions.

5 Worst Stock Trading Mistakes

Just as with almost any activity you may undertake, you are bound to make mistakes with stock trading. It is inevitable, and a valuable learning experience to fail at times, make bad decisions, and figure out how to salvage your investment.

This article enumerates the five worst stock trading mistakes that you can make so that you can minimize your trading risks and don’t have to experience the devastating effects of it yourself. It also gives you ideas as to how you can avoid bad trading no-nos so that you can be spared from investment bankruptcy.

How to Emotionally Detach Yourself While Trading Stocks

Once you’re already neck-deep in the world of stock trading, your most powerful weapon would be emotional stability. This article shows you exactly how to trade like a pro and keep a cool head no matter what the market situation is. It touches on the psychology behind our emotions while we trade and enumerates a few things you can do to achieve emotional detachment while trading to ensure trading success.

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