Top 10 Soft Skills Courses on Skill Success

Soft skills are commonly associated with effective communication and leadership, patience, efficiency, and work ethics. These things enable individuals to work better with co-workers and superiors despite the challenges present in their workplaces.

Compared to hard skills, which can be more specific, soft skills are unquantifiable and generic. The latest skill development trends show that soft skills are becoming more valuable than hard skills. McKinsey & Company estimates that by 2030, 400 to 800 million workers globally will lose their jobs to machines. Most of these are jobs reliant on hard skills.

Fortunately for soft skills, automated technology cannot easily replicate them. In less than a decade, McKinsey’s prediction would come true. Employees and companies should prioritize the mastering of soft skills.

If you are interested in expanding your skill sets, here are fast and easy soft skills courses to start with:

Top 10 soft skills courses on Skill Success

Stress is one of the most significant factors that deteriorate an employee’s quality of work. It can be even more destructive and problematic when left unattended. Are you someone who struggles with emotional control while at work? This course is perfect for you.

How To Develop Emotional Resilience To Manage Stress runs for a couple of hours. It begins with explaining important concepts like emotional intelligence and emotional resilience. While both are related, each pertains to a unique value that the audience should note. There are also discussions on managing one’s emotions and using them advantageously.

At the end of the course, the audience should have a renewed understanding of themselves. Besides that, they should also learn how to help others and allow others to help them.

Success is a byproduct of habits. There are things you should keep on doing to be triumphant on your goals. Once you become consistent enough, you will learn how to conquer existing challenges and become better after every trial. If you are looking for ways to win in life, stop the search here.

7 Habits Of High Achievers: 7-Step Plan For Winning In Life shares a step-by-step guide to success, no matter your endeavors. It is a comprehensive seminar that teaches the audience to be resilient no matter how hard it gets. Life is full of challenges, but everything is solvable with the correct mindset.

Add this 48-minute webinar to your bucket list of online soft skills courses. Note that an extensive 30-year-old study inspired the seven tips included in this lesson. In addition, the course author implanted insights he developed as a veteran business professional.

The beauty of soft skills is their versatility. You can apply them anywhere, even in areas outside professional work. Influence and manipulation are two prime examples. Managers use these to maintain organizational coordination, but they have more casual and real-life usages. 

Influence And Manipulation: How Marketing Manipulates Us is one of the online soft skills courses you cannot miss. It offers an interesting take on how brands and companies utilize influence and manipulation in selling and advertising products. By knowing the secrets of the trade, you could make wiser and more practical decisions every time you spend money.

This webinar is brimming with tips and tricks you will not find elsewhere. Follow each section to uncover schemes the industry has been implementing for years without you knowing.

Leadership is a vital skill for success. According to Forbes, it is one of the four most in-demand soft skills today. Its flexibility enables anyone to apply it in varied circumstances. If you are looking for a way to enhance your leadership prowess, this is a skill development course you would find helpful.

Leadership Skills Mastery is a three a half hours long webinar that covers the basic know-how of leadership. This course has optimized lessons that teach the audience critical aspects of leadership. Besides being practical, the lessons are interactive and innovative. There is a good chance you will enjoy going through each section. In addition, this course also holds resources and activities you can revisit at any time.

Emotional intelligence is an underrated soft skill. Because of this skill, people can earn better pay due to the exhibition of exemplary performance. Estimates show that those possessing higher emotional intelligence are more likely to earn $29,000 more than their peers and competitors.  

Emotional intelligence is not entirely an inborn gift. It is a trainable skill, and everyone can be compatible. Test and improve your emotional intelligence through Decision Making: Solve Problems With Emotional Intelligence. This 2 hours and 48-minute seminar can show you how having a well-developed emotional intelligence changes your life for the better. 

This course has 12 sections, but no need to feel pressured to finish them all at once. Learn at a comfortable pace and complete each activity whenever you are ready. Do not miss the resources and tools that come with this course!

Contrary to popular opinion, soft skills can be moneymakers. If you have your way with words, it is advisable to become a writer. Whenever possible, invest in skill development to widen your horizon and meet more attractive job opportunities. 

Speaking of improving your skills, The 7 Best Ways To Get Paid As A Writer is the ultimate cheat sheet for aspiring writers. It is an introductory course that helps interested learners pick the best writing path for themselves. It also contains sets of practical advice that even veterans can apply daily.

Whether full-time or part-time, earning while writing involves numerous unique challenges. Those who will not prepare well will have a hard time coping. Find out more as you go through each section.

Writing is not a one-size-fits-all skill. It may vary depending on usage and the intended audience. For example, writers for academic and professional content should possess high-level subskills to ensure output quality.

7 Lessons For Becoming A Standout Writer At Work Or School presents a 7-part program that even beginners may pick up and master. It contains lessons on writing compelling and sellable content and becoming an active writer. If you are attempting to earn through academic and technical writing, adding this to your list of soft skill courses will be worth every penny.

Are you worried that this lesson will take too long? No sweat! You can finish this course on a flight home or while doing your weekly laundry.

Many people do not realize that learning efficiency or one’s ability to learn is a soft skill. As the world grows more competitive, one’s learning efficiency rate becomes a crucial factor. The faster you absorb and process information, the better financial opportunities you will encounter.

Accelerate Your Learning And Acquire Any New Skill is one of the most straightforward soft skills courses online. It is a simplified and beginner-friendly webinar that trains attendees to be better at skill development. Each section contains challenges that keep the audience on their feet as they pick up new hacks for a better life.

Learning should not be complicated, and this course is here to prove that. Complete this webinar and discover skill acceleration strategies that work best for you!

Matt Bingham disclosed that a person could only retain half the information absorbed within an hour of learning. People will forget 70% of the said learnings within the next day. After a week, the retention loss climbs to 75% or even more. 

Learning is not enough. To be more successful, people should be intentional with absorbing and synthesizing data. Smart Learning: Become A Great Learner will exhibit effective strategies intended to enhance learning efficiency and lengthen the retention of newly acquired data. 

Within an hour and a half, you will discover secrets to effective learning. Besides working professionals, this webinar can be helpful to teachers, students, and other learners. Watch out for practical learning tips you can apply in a multitude of situations.

This list of recommendations for soft skills learning ends with a webinar on taming one’s emotions. Finishing this course will help an individual know themselves better. Being stuck in an emotional turmoil is exhausting and toxic. More problems will only arise if this kind of problem is left unsettled.

Master Your Emotions: Uncertainty, Stress, Anxiety And Fear requires participants to be honest and vulnerable. It contains exercises to handle “what-ifs,” fears, and other uncontrollable negative emotions. In addition, this course offers healthy coping mechanisms that promote emotional stability. 

This seminar can be specifically helpful to life coaches, counselors, nurses, social workers, teachers, and parents. Due to their lines of work, these professionals support others by providing emotional security.

Are you looking for other examples of online soft skills courses? Do not worry. This list barely fits a page in Skill Success’ digital repository. We add new titles regularly, so there is no end to the courses you can access.

Your passion for soft skills training will reward you greatly. Keep on learning, and you will become an even better asset to your company and employer. Besides soft skills, Skill Success covers more subjects appropriate for independent skill-building and asynchronous learning.

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