Top 10 Social Media Strategies That No Longer Work

Creating a killer social media strategy is essential for any business. You will have a broader target audience and can reach potential customers around the world. There are a lot of social media strategies out there that appear pretty legit. But when you try to follow those tips, it does not show great results. We, humans, make mistakes, and it is okay because we learn from them. This article highlights the 10 social media strategies that you should avoid because they no longer work.  

1. Sending a template message of your special offers when someone follows you

Sending a template message to your new follower or subscriber can look a bit off and manipulative, especially when you are requesting something in return. It shows that you care more about what they can do for you instead of what you can do for them.

You can create meaningful interactions with your followers by adding a personal touch to your message. For example, if a follower or subscriber mentioned your brand or made a comment to your post, send a reply thanking them for mentioning your brand. You can also reward them and give them an exclusive offer to express your appreciation.  

2. Randomly asking social media influencers to share your content

Asking people to share your content is a desperate move and will make the person you are asking for a request feel awkward. Especially when you just randomly choose a social media influencer, or worse, send a blast message to these influencers. Some influencers may turn down your request because it does not work with their brand or their audience and then ignore your messages. Others may also block you and flag you as spam, and you don’t want that to happen.  

3. Posting images and text-ONLY on your marketing campaign

Although images and text can still be engaging, you must start investing in creating social videos (try whiteboard animation) because it is more engaging and drives high ROI. According to Tubular Insights, branded video content has increased 258% on Facebook and 99% on YouTube as of June 2017. Also, according to a recent survey by The State of Video Marketing 2020, published on wyzowl’s websites:

  • 88% of marketers say they plan to use videos on YouTube in 2020.
  • 76% of marketers plan to use Facebook Video on Facebook in 2020.
  • 65% say they plan to use Instagram videos on Instagram in 2020.
  • 38% plan to use Twitter video on Twitter in 2020.
  • 9% plan to use it on Snapchat in 2020.

4. Deleting negative reviews

Deleting negative comments, feedback, or reviews is probably the most unethical thing that you can do on your social media and to your followers. You need to show to your followers that you are transparent and that you are not hiding anything from them. This will build a sense of trust in your brand. If you receive a negative review about your product or service, instead of deleting the comment, you can reverse the flow of conversation by responding to the negative comment positively.

5. Buying followers

Obtaining followers on your social media by means of buying or using bots to increase engagement is a big mistake. Organically growing your followers will take a lot of time and effort. That is why some businesses opt to buy followers instead (made of fake profiles or accounts), and this is against social media algorithms. As a result, your post or ads will prevent you from getting promoted by the algorithm since most of the generated likes are fake. Because of that, your original followers will only see a few of your posts.

6. Using too many hashtags

Hashtags give your brand exposure by allowing people to find your post that is relevant to their interest. Anyone who searches or clicks on a hashtag will see posts related or tagged with it. The common practice is using 2-5 hashtags, but there are some who commit social media crime by using too many hashtags. Why is it bad? It will make your post look like spam, it is distracting, your followers might not get your key message, and your posts will look amateurish and sloppy. As soon as people see too many hashtags, they will lose interest in your post or ads.


7. Creating accounts on too many channels

Social media and content marketing have proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools since, according to statistics, there were some 243.6 million social network users in the United States in 2018. However, too much of anything is bad, and that includes creating too many social media platform accounts. It can hurt your brand and customer loyalty. What can probably happen is that you might be unable to post quality content and engage with your followers. Also, the worst thing that could happen from jumping to one platform to another is that you will struggle to keep up with all of the different pages you need to manage, making you abandon the platforms altogether.

8. Posting way too much 

As much as you want to publish content consistently and regularly, posting one content after another is a bad idea because you will make your followers feel overwhelmed and think that you are spamming their feeds. Limit your posts to just once or twice a day. Also, focus more on the quality rather than the quantity of your posts and contents.   

9. Posting the same content across platforms

All platforms are set up differently, and people expect to see different content on each of these platforms. You should tailor your content for each platform’s users to develop a real conversation with your followers. You should also take into consideration not only the tone of your voice, vocabulary, image formatting, and caption length to your posts to each of the platforms.  

10. Targeting everyone as your audience

Defining your target audience is so valuable. You will just be wasting your time if your content is not focused on a target audience. That is why you need to find who your audiences are. Remember that we cannot be everything for everybody because different types of people have different needs, so products or services appeal to them in different ways. When you know your target audience, it is easy for you to connect your products or services with them and make them buy from you.

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