5 Tools to Reduce Time to Proficiency in Enterprises

Employee training is crucial at every organization across industries. However, simply training your new employees is not enough. Training and onboarding your new employees effectively will make them better equipped for the job and increase their chances of staying longer at the company.

This blog discusses what time proficiency is and why it is important for employee training.  Measuring time to proficiency will help determine how much time new hires take to perform well at the workplace.

What exactly is time to proficiency?

Time to proficiency is the period that any employee takes to become fully job-proficient. In other words, it is your employee’s journey to reach their destination—proficiency! However, the common misconception is to equate time to proficiency with employee training time. 

Why is it important to measure time to proficiency? 

In an organization, training an employee on hiring is one thing. On the other hand, ensuring that employees are fully job-ready to perform their daily roles without much assistance from colleagues or supervisors makes them productive and valuable assets. 

The purpose  is not to rush the process but to make it as frictionless as possible for new employees to learn and absorb new information. And it isn’t enough to just train them once as there is no guarantee that employees will retain all information in one go. That is why having a ready repository of knowledge that is easily accessible for assistance is sure to prepare them for the job and reduce their time to proficiency. 

Let us look at the top five tools that help reduce time to proficiency in enterprises.

reduce time to proficiency in enterprises

1. Knowmax 

Knowmax is a full-suite knowledge management system (KMS) that acts as a single source of truth for organizational knowledge. The platform offers content modules such as articles, FAQs, picture guides, and decision trees. 

With its knowledge management system, Knowmax has all information under a single unified platform so that they do not waste time searching multiple documents or need not contact colleagues and supervisors for help. With a centralized repository, employees have a ready reckoner that they can use to get up to speed with their work.

With every hire, new employees are expected to learn new information and retain it. With its lite LMS functionality, Knowmax provides learning and development opportunities for new employees through different modules, quizzes, and course creation in its learning portal.

Its LMS function also provides data-driven insights related to agent productivity and progress. Its reports include the most reviewed course content, course scheduling and content updates, time spent on quizzes, task accomplishments, and certification analysis.

2. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) engineered to make learning engaging and scalable. The platform focuses on aligning the training needs of a user while meeting business demands. As employee training varies across organizations and industries, Absorb LMS allows the flexibility to customize your employee training program as per your needs and schedule. 

The software enables new employees to get personalized training on demand while enabling dashboard admins to get insights on the training progress. With its AI backup, Absorb LMS can personalize  user experience through its Intelligent Recommendations feature that recommends content based on previous activity. 

With its free iOS and Android apps, employees can also complete their training on the go and access it whenever they need it, even offline, after downloading the material. This way employees can refresh their memory by browsing through the training material timely to brush up their skills. 

3. Edcast

Edcast is an AI-driven learning experience platform (LXP) that allows companies to train their employees on industry-specific skills. The platform offers a unified learning experience to employees who need training for new jobs or want to  upskill for career mobility. 

The highlights of the platform include its function as a single point of entry to learning and training resources for a unified learning and training experience. 

In addition, its AI search and content recommendation allows for personalized content access as per need. Through its collaborative learning experience such as social and gamification features, it prompts engaging learning experiences for users instead of using traditional documents and spreadsheets. 

Learning techniques that help new hires learn and retain information faster enable them to perform their roles more efficiently and reduce time to efficiency.

4. WalkMe 

WalkMe is a digital adoption platform (DAP) that works similarly to a GPS for your car. It is a javascript overlay that guides users through any application to make navigating through apps simpler and more focused.

As digital transformation cuts across different departments in an organization, getting comfortable with new software and technologies can overwhelm employees, old or new. Chances are new features are added to these software by the time training is completed leaving employees feeling lost again.

For any new employee, their onboarding process includes expectations from the organization to understand a multitude of applications with varied user experiences. By using a DAP, every step of the process can be triggered through the guidance process of the platform right from the onboarding application to building the employee profile and training modules. 

5. ProProfs

ProProfs Training Maker is a LMS that supports organization-wide learning and training. It is a simple, no-code software that requires no technical expertise to get started. With these LMS features, you can create online classrooms and encourage collaborative learning amongst new or existing employees.

With its easy-to-use interface, Proprofs makes creating online courses easier. The software allows users to create courses within minutes through its intuitive authoring tool and ready-to-use designer templates.

To make learning engaging and interactive, it also supports video and presentation uploads from your existing knowledge repository. To ensure progress in employee training, you can use its quiz and survey feature to check memory retention as well as get feedback on the training process.

By having a ready repository of knowledge in its knowledge base as FAQs and articles, this enterprise knowledge base software ensures that employees can easily revisit any training information organization-wide. 


In today’s digital age, leveraging technology can greatly impact an employee’s time to proficiency in your organization. As digital transformation is revolutionizing organizations in multitudes, traditional methods of training and information storage have become redundant and inefficient. 

Once you determine the period to bring your employees up to proficiency, you can then find the right solution depending on your business needs and goals. Adopting the right technology based on your organization’s needs will maximize employee learning and productivity, making them valuable resources to your organization.

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