Tips to Improve Organic Facebook Reach

In its simplest form, Facebook organic reach is the number of individuals who saw your page in their news feed or on your page without the help of Facebook ads

Before the dawn of the ads, organic was the only way to go. However, as the platform grew by the billion and ads came in, it’s gradually pushed to the back row. There’s just not enough space for everyone to see everything. The presence of targeted ads getting first dibs on unique users only made things worse for organic.

Still, this is no excuse for you to go lazy in improving your organic Facebook reach. There is still a lot you can earn from it, and it can put you above your competitors.

Why should you still work on your Facebook organic reach?

You can’t just rely on ads to do all the legwork for you. You can’t pay your way to success. Although Facebook ads do a lot to help, your efforts in improving your organic reach can give you just the momentum your ads need to work.

Here are a few reasons why you should still push for organic:

  • Paid ads d o not guarantee campaign success. You can pay all you want with marketing, but some ads don’t do well on their own. You might end up spending more and gaining less.
  • Organic reach can plant the seeds with leads. Brand awareness is something that every marketer agrees has such a great opportunity on Facebook. The great thing about organically working on brand awareness is that you can do it at no cost.
  • You can decrease your cost per click by taking the helm. Since you established your brand in this manner, you are stretching your advertising money and getting more out of it by taking care of other variables.

What can you do to improve your Facebook organic reach?

Now you know the importance of paying attention to your organic reach. But with its statistically proven decline, you might wonder if it is even possible to improve it. The good news is that there are a couple of proven practices that help. media managers have content calendars and       schedules. 

Consistent presence ensures that you are not forgotten, because going for months (even just weeks) of no Facebook activity can wipe you out of your audience’s memory.

One way you can do this is to post content regularly. Have a recurring schedule that is predictable. You can also do the same for occasions. Capitalize on holidays and mark them down your posting schedules.

Post evergreen content

Fresh and highly relevant content is good. But evergreen content is better. The average lifespan of a Facebook post is 6 hours. However, Evergreen content has longer lifespans and stays relevant for hours on end upon first posting. 

Another good thing about evergreen content is that you can repurpose them. Since these types of content are relevant no matter what season or period, you can post them repeatedly without them losing value.

That doesn’t mean that you can post the same status every week. It may take some effort, but repurposing the same content into an image, an infographic, or even a video can significantly benefit your organic reach. 

Build a community

A highly effective way to secure Facebook organic reach is to create a group that is exclusive to your loyal audience. The type of audience that you are certain would appreciate your page. 

You can tap into an existing community that has interests relevant to your business. Still, if your existing audience is large enough, you can create your own to control the engagements better.

However, before you start a group, make sure you have the time, energy, and resources to sustain it. It may be labor-intensive and exhausting to physically man the engagements in a group. You may have to consider hiring a separate person to handle group engagements.

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Time your posts

Try to learn how to post at the right time on Facebook. Posting just at the right time can give you the Facebook organic reach boost that you need. 

To determine the best time to post, take a look at the variables involved. These include the timezone of your target market, and the highest engagement within the day and within the week. Facebook is a frequently used platform across so many people that you basically have lots of opportunities timewise. In the US, the best time to post is somewhere between 8 and 10 in the morning. Activity peaks somewhere between 10 am and 1 pm, so it’s best to post before that.

Almost all days of the week get a decent amount of activity, except for Saturdays, where people are less likely to browse through social media. A possible reason is that this day of the week is usually the busiest in terms of outdoor and social activities.

Limit the frequency of your posts especially in groups. Your account will be flagged for spamming and you can get blocked from commenting, liking or posting even in your own profile. This ban last somewhere from 24 hours to 30 days and in worst cases, Facebook can permanently delete your account. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few ways how to get out of Facebook Jail. You can wait it out or submit an appeal to their team.

Post quality content

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. If you come across a blurry image with no caption and no relevance to products you like or current events, you’ll most likely ignore it. It may even come off as spam to you.

The quality of your content must be up to par for all of your posts. The links you share must be from reputable websites that make good quality content. The images you post should be clear and sized just right for the newsfeed.

Finally, you should try to capitalize on videos. According to Locowise and other sources, videos receive the most amount of attention on Facebook. Images come in a close second, followed by links and finally status updates.

Be real

Nobody wants to engage with a robot. One common mistake noobs make in Facebook marketing is that they over-automate. Automation can help you get things done promptly, but at the end of the day, if you want your audience to like your page for who you and your business are, you have to put in the work and engage with them.


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