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Tips to Improve Organic Facebook Reach

With billions of users and millions of advertisers, Facebook is the place to be if you want to market your business. With the help of Facebook ads targeting, you can broadcast your business to the right audience at the right time. 

Here are some of the most effective advanced targeting strategies you must try.

Snoop into recent purchasing behavior

In the early 2010s, Facebook forged a partnership with powerful data brokers like Datalogix, Acxiom, and Epsilon. The partnership paved the way for making Facebook one of the prime sources for consumer data analysis. 

Whether it’s your love for murder mysteries, your need for asthma inhalers, or your obsession with Korean skincare, Facebook most likely knows all about it. Facebook allows you to snoop into your buyer’s behavior and sees patterns that you may find useful.

Facebook boxes these behaviors in subcategories like buyer profiles, clothing, food and drink, health and beauty, sports, and a whole lot more. Each subcategory further filters into behaviors.

Take advantage of life events.

Another way to peruse Facebook ads targeting is through life events. For example, people who just recently got engaged may get ads for wedding planners and wedding photographers. People who just bought a new house may get ads from furniture businesses and movers.

facebook ads targeting can be filtered down to individuals

Facebook divides these into five major categories:

Work and education

Facebook lets users add the schools they attended, the jobs they’ve had, including employers and employment duration, retirement, volunteer work, military service, and a lot more. Anything career, vocation, and education-related stuff fall under this category.

Family and relationships

Relationship statuses are probably the most prominent examples in this category. It’s an instant highlight in someone’s timeline if they got into a new relationship, get engaged, or married. Other events that fall under this category are having a new child, meeting a new family member, or getting a new pet.

Home and living

Got a new car? Renovated your old home? Or maybe you acquired a new house. These are events that people on Facebook are usually proud of and are therefore readily available information. The home and living category takes care of such live events.

Health and wellness

Health-related events fall under this category. People freely update their friends and family regarding things that concern their health. Examples include sustaining an injury, recovering from an illness, losing weight, quitting cigarettes, or trying a new diet. 

Travel and experiences

If there is one thing that almost everyone on Facebook is eager to post about, it’s travel. Facebook gives you the option to tag locations and even rate places and services that you visit. 

Other life events that don’t belong to the other categories can also fall under travel and experiences. It may include learning a new instrument, starting a new hobby, getting a tattoo, documenting your baby’s first step, and many others. 

Loyalty or novelty? Tweak with your custom audiences

Custom audiences is an excellent Facebook ads targeting tool that you can use to your advantage. There are two, among many, polarizing ways that you can go about to achieve very different but beneficial results. 

If you want to increase your customer’s loyalty, modify your custom audience so that your ads appear only within your circle of existing customers. Doing this sustains your relationship with them. It allows them to retain your brand, sort of like a familiar name that they know and trust.

On the flip side, if you want to promote brand awareness, you can tweak your Facebook ads to exclude your existing customers. Exclusion might sound negative in this context. However, try to consider that your current customers already know what your ad is saying. If it frequently appears in their timeline, it may irritate them.

If you want fresh eyes for old material, excluding your existing customers allows you to focus your advertising energy on expanding your potential client base. You will be marketing towards an audience that will still get to experience the “wow” factor with your ad.

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Safely venture out with a lookalike audience.

Expanding to unfamiliar territory marketing-wise is thrilling but also highly risky. While you may want to capture a large group of people, you may want to go about this business with some degree of caution. Otherwise, your marketing efforts will have gone to waste.

An excellent Facebook ads targeting strategy is going for a lookalike audience. What is a lookalike audience? 

Once you’re satisfied with how you’ve customized your audience for your ads, the lookalikes will allow you to further expand your audience by simply mirroring your own preferences in terms of customer profiles. The audience lookalikes will have attributes similar to that of your existing audience.

To bring it up a notch, Facebook allows you to decide on the level of similarity the audience lookalikes you want. At the most similar level, Facebook will present you with the top one percent of people who match your existing audience within your target country. At the least similar, Facebook will show you the top ten percent of the most similar users within your target country.

Two sieves are better than one with layering.

Don’t limit your targeting to just one targeting option. To truly maximize facebook ads targeting and fully customize your audience according to your business’s unique needs, try layering options to come up with the perfect group that will appreciate your ads and convert into sales for your business.

You can combine demographics, behaviors, and location to filter your audience down to the last unique person. That’s right. You can filter down your audience to as specific as one person. It’s either funny or creepy depending on how you look at it, but what it shows us is the sheer power of Facebook ads targeting if maximized.


If you want to discover more about Facebook ads targeting, check out the Facebook Marketing: Advanced Targeting Strategies online course from Skill Success. On the site, you will also find other useful educational resources on Facebook marketing and other social media marketing.

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