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The Traits that Make an Employee Excellent

Every employee aspires to be an excellent example of what a team member should be. After all, all employees strive to leave a remarkable job in their respective roles. You might think that all positive qualities are the perfect mix to earn the title. However, you only need a couple of key traits to be the excellent employee you’ve always wanted.

Here are those traits you need in turning to be the excellent employee who everyone loves:


Taking the initiative to do things, suggest feedback, speak up, and deliver results are all examples of being assertive. Assertion in the workplace displays the “take charge” attitude, which all teams love to a team member. 


Passion goes a long way in the workplace. It drives you to fulfill your duties with the utmost effort because you love what you do, no matter what. When you love your work, you never feel like you are working at all.


Excellent employees do not shy away from the spotlight. They are aware of their capabilities, making them confident in their own skin. Imagine an employee who isn’t confident enough in tackling challenges, how could anyone in the team trust that?


Being results-oriented is what makes a team player effective in achieving goals. Hard work is the foundation of accomplishing tasks—it is the value of ensuring you finish assigned work with efficiency and accuracy.


When people depend on you, you know that you are doing something right. It means they trust you enough to carry such a load because you can deliver. When you serve as the go-to person when there is a favor, you demonstrate a good example of a reliable employee.


Accountability is knowing full well what is expected from you and ensuring you complete it on time. When you are an accountable employee, you stray from missing deadlines and delivering substandard work because you know the consequences.

excellent employee traits


A model employee isn’t someone who comes in late, misses deadlines, leaves the office right on the dot, and over breaks. An excellent employee is aware of time and its importance to the operations.


You don’t necessarily have to be a leader to display leadership skills. An empowered team player who can direct co-workers in the right direction shows significant leadership skills.

Honesty and Integrity

An excellent employee is someone everyone can trust. Having honesty and integrity proves that an employee can accomplish great things within the organization.


Aside from being a hardworking individual, an outstanding employee knows the value of teamwork. Without teamwork, a company is bound to fail because its team members do not see the importance of collective work.

Open mind

One of the essential qualities that make an employee excellent is having an open mind. When a team member is open to feedback and acknowledges it with grace, there is a higher chance for improvement and excellence.

Thirst for knowledge

The drive to learn more makes all the difference between excellent and laidback employees. Acquiring new knowledge should never end in the workplace. Rather, it should be a continuous practice in improving oneself. 

Those are the key traits you will need to instill in yourself when you want to be an excellent employee. It doesn’t really take much as long as you stick with the core qualities that demonstrate your love for your work. If you are invested in making yourself an outstanding employee, here are some courses to help you reach that goal:

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