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The Most In-Demand Engineering Skills for Your Resume

Whether you are a seasoned engineer or just newly licensed and fresh out of college, there are several top-ranked engineering skills for resume writing that will help you land an interview.

By definition, engineers are professionals who design, maintain, and build structures, machines, or public works. However, there are literally hundreds of different types of engineers that fall under these six main categories:

  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Chemical
  • Management
  • Geotechnical 

When looking for engineering skills for resume writing, you have to consider having a good balance between technical and soft skills. This gives the hiring manager the impression that you can get the job done while fostering harmony and efficiency within the team.

Technical skills

Technical skills, also known as “hard skills,” are the capabilities that a person obtains through formal learning, training, and practice. For engineers, these technical skills are common across most of the types of engineering fields:

Computer science

Not all engineers are computer scientists as there is a specific field called computer engineering that deals with computers at large. However, computer science still remains an in-demand technical skill no matter what field of engineering you belong to.

Computers are an inevitable part of most of modern life, and it cannot be denied that they are an essential tool for all engineers. Having at least a fundamental knowledge of computer science will allow a prospective engineer to deal with analytics and problem-solving with the help of computer software.

Industry skills

Gauge yourself as you apply for the position. Do you have the right skillset and tools to be able to perform the job? If you possess the skills needed, are they at the caliber level that will enable you to succeed and excel?

Having the right skill set for a particular industry is essential in engineering. That is because engineering is a highly technical job that requires specific technical knowledge to achieve technical objectives, either for a machine, a structure, or a system.

For example, if you are applying for a computer engineering position, you need to at least ensure that your educational background is fitting for the job. You need to be well-versed in computer science and electrical engineering to be competent enough to perform in the fields of information technology and other similar areas.

Structural analysis

Most engineering fields require a fundamental understanding of structural analysis. Structural analysis is the process of determining the effects of force, pressure, or loads on an existing structure. It also involves calculating how much a structure can withstand. This means that you may be doing a lot of calculations.

You might think that structural analysis is only applicable for civil engineering, but engineers who handle machines, vehicles, spacecraft, and even computers find structural analysis an essential skill to possess. 

Data modeling

Data modeling is another technical skill that engineers across all industries should have. It is the act of collecting data and creating models that reflect the data in order to come up with conclusions. Data modeling is delicate and intricate, so you have to be as concise as possible when performing data modeling. Any errors may result in structural compromise and loss of funds.

Soft skills

Even though engineering is a highly technical discipline, you cannot discount the importance of having soft skills or interpersonal skills even as an engineer. Soft skills are what could set you apart from other engineer applicants that may possess the same technical skills as you. Technical skills may show the hiring manager what you can do, but soft skills will tell them how well you can execute.


Engineers very rarely work alone. They are always in collaboration with other professionals such as architects, builders, contractors, suppliers, business managers, and engineers with different specialties.

As a result, communication is a skill that is critical for everyday performance. You need to be able to clearly communicate your information to other members of the team. In exchange, you also need to be able to clearly understand the information you receive from them.


As mentioned, engineers work with various professionals in their workplace. You need to have the right attitude to get along well with other people and work hand-in-hand with them to achieve a common goal.

soft engineering skills for resume


Oftentimes, even if an engineer does not have a managerial title, he or she will be likely placed in a leadership position for a project or at least an aspect of it. An engineer with leadership skills can motivate other people within the team and encourage them to do their best in any project.

An engineer with leadership skills is someone who a hiring manager will likely be more intrigued in as they want someone who can potentially have a future in the company as a formal leader or manager.

Attention to detail

Mistakes can be either costly or dangerous in the engineering field. You might not be directly handling lives, but you are creating structures and systems that will impact other lives. Whether that impact will be positive or negative will depend on how well you execute. That is why it is crucial for any engineer to have attention to detail.

You have to have this attitude to wanting to leave no stone unturned, double or even triple-checking your work, and making use of checklists to ensure that you’ve done all the essential steps to make your structure work safely.

Educational Commitment

Finally, if you really want to impress the hiring manager, you should show as one of your engineering skills for resume writing your educational commitment. Although it may not seem like a relevant engineering skill, it is a highly valuable skill that shows how much you want to grow and develop in your profession.

Of course, you have to make sure that you have the goods to back it up. Show them how much you are committed to continuing education by including training, workshops, seminars, and even online courses like Power Engineering Principles, Engineering Calculus, and Trigonometry for Electrical Engineering from Skill Success.

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