The Most Creative Ideas for Your Home Garden

If you’ve recently gotten into home gardening, or are already an experienced home gardener, you might be wondering if there is something else you can do to elevate your greenery. Creative gardening sometimes requires you to think outside of the pot. Moreover, it allows you to make use of otherwise unconventional materials. 

In the realm of creative gardening, only your imagination can set the limits. You’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by what you can come up with using the most out-of-the-ordinary materials found around your home. Below are some of the most creative gardening ideas you can try to add a spark of imagination to your garden.

Rustic Log Planters

Dead trees might not sound like the most attractive thing in a garden. Nevertheless, you can quickly transform them and give them life by turning them into planters. All you have to do is to hollow out the log and fill with soil. Then you can start planting flowers, herbs, or cute Photos. 

You can do this in several ways. If it’s a tree stump with the root still attached to the ground, you can simply hollow it out in the center so that your plants stick out on top of it. If it’s a long cut off part of a trunk, you can lay it down on the ground and hollow it out on one side so that it looks like a fallen trunk with plants and flowers growing out of it.

Vintage Furniture

You might have old furniture that you can no longer use but are still too pretty to dispose of. What’s great is that you can easily repurpose them into makeshift pots or planters that are naturally charming. Old tables, chairs, and even drawers can easily be tweaked to accommodate your home-grown flora. You can repurpose old shelves and office tables to bear pots instead of books. That old chair with the broken seat is the perfect spot for a basket of flowers. Also, with drawers, all you need to do is fill them with soil so that they can host your greenery.

Colander Planters

If ever the time comes that you have to replace your old and rusty colander, don’t just chuck it in the bin. Don’t you realize that sieves usually are the perfect shape and depth for a makeshift pot? More importantly, they come with built-in drainage! No more boring holes in flimsy plastic gallons that usually have no aesthetic value. Colanders are already beautiful as is. Although, there is no harm if you want to upgrade their looks by painting them. Otherwise, you can try adding chains to hang them on your porch while they feature your lovely greens.

Antique Artifact Planters

Furniture is not the only old thing you can convert into planters. If you have a collection of old furniture, or if you live in an old house, you might find other interesting artifacts that are beautiful but no longer fit for their original purpose. Old jewelry tins, mailboxes, chipped vases, trunks, pots, washtubs, and even the old steel watering cans that your grandma liked to use.

Stone Garden

If you prefer to take advantage of what is available outdoors and only find a pile of rocks, you can quickly whip something up out of that. Rock gardens look classy. And if properly executed, they make your yard look like a professional landscape artist did it. You can find rocks that naturally have depressions that are deep enough to pant cute succulents. You can also plant other greens that don’t demand too much soil.

Wicker Basket Flower Pot

For a highly rustic vibe, place your pot inside a wicker basket. These baskets make the loveliest home for little blossoms, such as baby’s breath and lavender. An added benefit with using wicker baskets as planters is that they are breathable to allow roots to aerate. Additionally, they come with a handle or two so you can transfer them anywhere in your garden, or even place them indoors!

Painted Tire Garden

Don’t let old tires go to waste. There are lots of DIY used tire projects you can undertake. One of them is to repurpose them into mini-gardens. All you have to do is to paint them to add a pop of color to your planters. If its pitch-black color fits in well with your garden’s aesthetics, you can leave them as is. There are so many ways to use tires as planters. You can hang them and fill the lower section, lay them on the ground, or stack them up to make a deep planter or a pyramid.

SeaShell Pot

If you live by the sea and large empty seashells are abundant, you can use its hollow nature to fill it with soil and add herbage. It makes a perfect and blissful combination of land and sea. Just make sure that the plants you add don’t demand a lot of space. Otherwise, you may need to find yourself an unusually large empty seashell.

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Wall Planters

Wall planters are popular among people who love indoor plants and are into creative gardening. They are sleek, and they save floor space while decorating your bare walls at the same time. They are also the perfect environment for hanging plants such as the String of Hearts and String of Pearls plants.

Vertical Pallet Hanging Garden

Strap a couple of small pots to an old sturdy pallet, and you have yourself an instant shabby-chic vertical garden. This creative gardening method is a great way to put all of your plants where they each are visible. Your garden will look ten times better than if you just clumped them together in the ground, looking like a jungle.

Hanging Shoe Organizer Herb Garden

If you can’t be bothered to DIY anything into a planter but still want a vertical garden, simply fill a hanging shoe organizer with some soil, and you have yourself one. This is perfect if you’re growing herbs for your kitchen. You can keep them in an organized place that does not require a lot of ground. You can hang it over your garden fence or the wall for stability. Just make sure that all portions receive enough sunlight for your plants to thrive.

Plant Chandelier

Add some light to your garden with a chandelier planter. Chandeliers can range from pretty and dainty to enormous and majestic. If you find one in an antique shop or even a secondhand store and it no longer functions as a light fixture, you can easily repurpose it to hold pretty hanging plants or even flowers. 

Repurposed Fountain Planter

Fountains are beautiful fixtures that add movement and serenity to a garden. However, fountains are also incredibly difficult and expensive to maintain for a long time. If you find yourself in possession of an old fountain or if you got yourself a fountain and regret the cost and fuss of using it, why not transform it into something more sustainable? A basin full of flowers and greens is just as beautiful, if not more, than a fountain filled with running water.


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