The Most Addicting Mobile Games of All Time

What are the critical components of addicting mobile games? What makes mobile games so easy to fall into and hard to resist? The use of the term “addiction” in mobile gaming is not merely metaphorical since science has shown how mobile games can have the same effects as drugs when it comes to our brain activity. Games help promote feelings of satisfaction and are sometimes an effective way to diminish stress. 

Remember when you first learned how to ride a bike? Recall how excited and anxious you were at the beginning, how you stumbled in your first few tries, and how you finally kicked off and drove down the street, that elated feeling you got that made you want to go again and again. That euphoric sensation on your first successful attempt is not magic. That’s your brain’s happy button being triggered, and it happens to be a wonderful experience. The exact same thing happens with mobile games, albeit on a less physical level.

Here are twelve sterling examples of such addicting mobile games:

Plants vs. Zombies

Pit your plants against invading zombies on a mission to ward them off and protect your brains. The game is simple and straightforward enough and provides levels and options so you can experience progress in your gameplay. Choose from different plat options and face off with different zombie types.

If you’ve already accomplished the entire game and come out victorious, you’d be glad to know that Plants vs. Zombies has come up with a second and third sequel that introduces new mini-games, new exotic plants, and new mutated zombies. The sequels even come with new environment settings that take you to places beyond your lawn.

The Sims

Build your dream house, create the perfect character, live out the life you want for them -choose the job you like, the relationships you want, and the family you desire. It’s all up to you in this brilliant simulation game.

It is such an addicting game because you get to design several entire personas and direct how they live their lives while also letting you design their environment. It is such a joy to play with multiple controls that give you as much liberty as you can imagine. It is also so realistic that your Sims actually live out life cycles such as infancy, childhood, even death, and some afterlife.


This smash hit is now not only for PC or console but also for mobile users as well. The mechanics for both games are very similar and are quite simple. You drop into a battle zone along with several other players. The goal is to become the last one standing. The only difference in gameplay between the two is that Fortnite has crafting mechanics on top of the shooting. If you are perfectly fine with just a shooter, PUBG might suit you just fine.

Candy Crush

Matching games are usually such a hit because almost anyone at almost any age can play them. Candy crush is one of the most addicting mobile games, and it has since expanded the same through different “sagas.” No special hand-eye coordination skills are needed to play this colorful game. You can even forgo thinking too much on some levels and just swipe your stress away.


If you’re an avid landscape enthusiast, Gardenscapes will keep you hooked by rewarding you with choices of pleasant aesthetics for your yard. The application involves a mix of matching games and challenges that the main character has to conquer in order to fulfill his main quest of restoring the mansion’s vast garden. The creators have also created an off-shoot storyline with its similarly-themed Homescapes, which highlights the inside of the family mansion.


For those into the racing scene, Asphalt is here to deliver. It has been a long-standing game for many years now, but it has since come out with several editions -it is now on its eighth. The mechanics are fairly simple -choose your car, select a track, and race to the finish line. What amps up the excitement is the aesthetic element that lets you choose between almost two hundred car models and exotic worldwide destinations.

Clash of Clans

CoC has been around for several years now -a testament to how well-loved of a game it is. You basically build a village, form alliances, or “clans” with other players who have their own villages, and participate in battles with other clans while defending your town at the same time.

Angry Birds

This hit game was such a sensation that they actually made a movie out of it. The combination of a simple sling-shot game, exciting storyline, and memorable characters all meld together to produce something that is considered one of the most addicting mobile games of all time. Strategize and play against villainous pigs to rescue your prized eggs.

It doesn’t stop there because the franchise has since expanded to other variation games where you get to see your favorite characters in action in different scenarios like space, transformers, star wars, and Rio.


Deliberately pixelated to create a unique aesthetic that rivals the most 3-dimensional animations in today’s games, Minecraft has appealed to a lot of young players as one of the most addicting mobile games of today. In the game, you can be either competitive or creative as you build everything out of scratch, survive attacks, gather resources, and have fun.

Temple Run

Running, overcoming obstacles, beating distances, gathering treasure and artifacts, preventing attacks -everything you want in a running game plus stunning graphics. That is what makes Temple Run one of the most addicting games. 

Flow Free

This mobile game is a puzzle game for iOS and Android. It is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. Your goal is to connect matching colors with pipe to create a Flow. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle, and create total Flow Free. This puzzle game is challenging and fun, which makes it a perfect brain workout.  

Two Dots

Two Dots is a mentally challenging and engaging puzzle game for iOS and Android. The objective is to solve challenging puzzles by connecting the dots and more. Levels are grouped into “worlds,” and each world differs in gameplay elements, obstacles, and objectives. Even though each level is simple in design, there are a variety of obstacles and level layouts.

These are only twelve of the most addicting mobile games of all time. There are plenty more out there, depending on your taste for mobile games that you can choose from. Thinking of becoming an Android developer? Learn more about steps you can take to get there. Just make sure to keep yourself in check so that it does not affect your productivity. Make sure to still manage your time properly, which you can easily do yourself, or you can seek some professional help by enrolling in a time-management class.

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