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The Best Strategies to Help Your Brand Stand Out

A brand serves one significant purpose. It is a business’s source of identity. However, with so many brands popping up here and there, how can you ensure that yours will stand out? Here are a few elements of the best branding strategy that can help your business stand out among the rest.

Put your customers in the spotlight.

When creating and establishing a brand, businesses often make the mistake of being too self-centered. Aligning your brand with the company mission, vision, and values are all well and good. However, this branding strategy often deviates from your brand’s main characters, which are your customers. 

When creating and establishing your brand and all of its aspects, keep your customers in mind. What would they like? How would they feel? It is, after all, their opinion that should matter most to your business. They, after all, are your company’s ultimate financers.

To make sure that your brand is client-centered instead of self-centered, ask yourself, “does the brand represent my clients?” It is imperative that it does because your business exists to solve a problem or address a need. It’s only right that its face should look outward and not in.

Strike at the heart

Emotions have a significant influence on buying behavior. It has been proven time and again that the subconscious is responsible for a lot of decisions to purchases made. You might think that your apple pie is the best in the neighborhood, but there are thousands of other apple pie makers nearby. The quality and taste might even be precisely the same for some. What do you think makes your customers choose you?

Chances are, whether you are aware of it or not, you have tugged at their heartstrings. Your brand has convinced them that your product is simply the best just because. No rationale is involved with such influence; it is all a matter of emotion. That is why one crucial branding strategy to remember when branding is to stir the feeling instead of the intellect.

You can ramble on and on about the technical advantages of your product. However, chances are it has just about the same features as the one in the store next door. How do you give it that extra appeal that the others don’t? How do you conjure emotion?

neon signs marketing brand


A picture of smiling faces invokes feelings of happiness and positivity. It makes people feel good. And when people feel good, they are more likely to like something. And when they want something, they usually buy it. That is why a lot of advertisements have pictures of happy people or smiling models. 

On the other hand, positive feelings are not the only emotions you can take advantage of in marketing. Feelings of sadness create a lasting impact on an audience. Advertisements that have you reaching for tissues or bawling your eyes out are usually very memorable. That explains the sheer virality behind these emotional Thai commercials or Philippines’ tear-jerking Jollibee commercials.

Anger is also a useful emotional trigger that you can tuck under your marketer’s belt. While it is not so common that brands use anger to their advantage, it is actually a very powerful emotion that can cause audiences to take action. You can see anger-evoking imagery in global warming ads and ads that touch on discrimination and human rights.


Yet another clever and subtle way to provoke an emotion from your consumers is playing with color. The use of color is an old but golden tactic used by brand strategists to influence their client’s emotions. For example, the color red might be too energetic for a spa service that wants to make their clients feel calm and relaxed. Blues and purples will do better. The color yellow might be too bright and informal for a high-end events place that wants to look elegant and sophisticated. Black or even some hints of gold will get the job done.


While not a lot of people pay attention to the background music playing during an ad, it is a very effective influencer of the subconscious. Fast beats usually make people feel strong emotions like excitement, happiness, or even rage. On the contrary, a slow rhythm can make people feel relaxed or even depressed. You can achieve the same effect when contrasting high titillating tones with low and rich notes.

Remarkable versus Memorable

Unique, unique, unique. A lot of people and businesses are aiming to be different. They feel that this branding strategy is what will make them stand out the most. That is true, but only to a certain extent. While you may come up with a truly unique branding concept that is so out of this world, there is no guarantee that people will remember it.

Take, for example; you have two new coworkers. Their names are Ansel and Sacheverrellzert. The latter definitely beats the other one when it comes to uniqueness. However, once you get home and tell your significant other about your new workmates, whose name are you more likely to remember?

Remember that the goal is to be remembered. You might spark initial interest with uniqueness, but make sure that it is simple and easy enough to imprint into your audience’s memory. Is it simple enough even for a child to recall?

Aim for immortality

Think of the biggest and oldest brands that you know of today. Those legendary brands did not survive by mere accident. They are the result of years upon years of hard work and dedication. The people behind those titans continuously developed and consistently maintained it. Imagine your brand reaching and even surpassing those brands. 

It may feel like you are shooting for the moon. However, regardless of the outcome of your branding strategy efforts, your aim and sense of direction when developing your brand should be consistent. Your actions have to be sustainable and far-reaching so that you can hear it echoing throughout the times for as long as possible.


To learn more about effective branding, take a few notes from online learning courses such as Brand Strategies 101: Stand Out From The Rest.

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