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The Best Email Marketing Platforms for Small Businesses

An email marketing platform is a type of service provider that handles email marketing services that suit your business’ needs. They come in the form of software that is available from various vendors. This software includes tools such as templates, analytics, and contact management solutions to cover everything you need to conduct a proper email marketing campaign. These services send your messages to your contacts from their servers.

Small businesses are particularly fond of using email marketing platforms because they are cost-effective while giving you a sense of control. The tools they provide are mostly simple enough for someone who does not have any experience with HTML or design. Plus, their analytics also gives you an idea as to how well your campaign is working out.

But before you jump into an email marketing platform, there are things you need to consider first before you avail their services:

Your business

Are you a service provider? Do you conduct business with other businesses? Are you a home-based small business? The type of business you have and the goals you want to achieve matter when choosing the right email marketing platform because different software have minor distinctions that can make a big difference for individual businesses.

The cost

Although email service providers have the reputation of being cost-effective, there still is some variation when it comes to costing between vendors and their offered plans. Bills come every month, and you can pay as little as $10 for a basic plan with a minimum number of subscribers, or as much as $1000 or more for a comprehensive policy with an extensive email list.

Device compatibility

People nowadays are not limited to the desktop computer when reading emails. Phones and tablets have made emails more accessible, and so it is most likely that your emails are going to appear on a mobile device under many instances. 

The best email provider will allow you to preview how your message, images, and graphics look on different devices. If your target market is most likely to be on mobile, there are email marketing platforms that are optimized for mobile users.

Quality of customer support. 

It may take a bit of snooping and research to get this information, but you should not overlook it. It is crucial to know ahead of time if your service provider renders responsive chat, call, and email support. It is also a bonus if the vendor offers consultancy for businesses who want some extra guidance with their content and planning.

Availability of analytics

Analytics gives you an idea of whether your campaign is working or not. How many people open your emails? What links have they been clicking? How many of your emails have been forwarded? It gives you a sense of direction as to whether you can proceed with your strategy or try something else.

business owner on email platform

Most popular email marketing platforms 

Constant Contact 

This service provider offers a month of free trial, so you can gauge whether it could work for your business or not. They provide powerful tools, marketing advice, and an easy two-option plan that you can choose from depending on your budget and your business needs. 


What Active Campaign’s users seem quick to praise them for is their customer support. They offer one-on-one training and support, library access to their tutorials and guides, and a free migration service that helps you move all of your material from a previous software to theirs.


Drip prides itself on its unmatched proficiency with e-commerce. It promises to give you a clear picture of exactly what your customers want through having access to their every action within your emails—giving you more avenue for in-depth and comprehensive personalization.


Those in the creative niche can benefit the most from Convert Kit. They focus on growing your audience, understanding them through tags, increasing relationships with them through unique personalization, and making it easier for you to do business with their connections to creative tools.


If you are looking for an all-arounder in the field of email marketing platforms, Mail Chimp is here for you. They promise to help you grow with a vast array of tools that can support any size or stage that your business is currently at.


This email marketing platform has all the things you need to manage your emails. The bonus is their keen attention to security. They place your security and your subscribers’  at the top of their list by ensuring the safety of their users’ personal data.


If simplicity and ease of use are your primary concerns, AWeber promises to deliver. That is because the company believes that with comfort and ease of use, you can connect with your audience and therefore build your business much quicker. Within seconds, you can make the template of your dreams.


Don’t want to drown in a pool of tasks and lose your life in the pursuit of your business? Keap aims to take a significant portion of the load off of your shoulders and do it for you instead. With it, you can get more done with less effort on your end.


Landing pages and automation may sound intimidating for a first-time marketer. Mailer Lite makes it possible for you to achieve expert-level email marketing with the help of powerful beginner-friendly tools. They pair their high-end product with 24/7 support and expertise.


Build a following, promote your brand, sell your productsyou can do all of this without slaving away through GetResponse. Their edge is that they offer ready-made funnels, which are crucial to just about any marketing campaign.

With many of these email marketing platforms, you are provided some form of technical support and resources such as tutorials and blogs. However, it would be best if you remember that you are still controlling the software on your own. Decisions on the design, content, and scheduling and implementation of the entire marketing campaign again fall on your shoulders. It is crucial to keep in mind that these platforms are simply tools (albeit powerful and useful ones) to aid you in the journey of your business growth that you have to embark on yourself.

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