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The Best Email List Building Strategies You Can Use for Your Business

Email list building is one of the best investments you could ever do as a business owner. In this generation where technological advancements dominate human interest, you can create countless possibilities by riding the wave. Marketing through social media is a given, but one aspect you should not overlook is email marketing. 

Email isn’t dead yet. In fact, 99% of people check their emails on a daily basis—making it a good platform to market your business. You just have to employ good strategies to successfully gain subscribers and turn them into paying customers. 

Why build an email list? 

An email list is a set of email addresses you have collected from your website. This mailing list is used to distribute a business’ email campaigns, announcements, promos, blogs, and resources with the aim of earning a purchase from them. Email marketing has a 4300% average return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the U.S. according to the Direct Marketing Association. Given this number, there is no better time to build your email list than now. 

Most businesses have found the effectiveness of retaining customers and increasing sales growth through powerful email marketing. You, too, should start building your email list as this offers the following benefits: 

  • This is an easier platform for reaching your customers.
  • There are higher chances of getting returning customers and visitors.
  • You have total ownership of your email list.
  • Emails are personal.
  • Emails build trust. 
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Email list building strategies for your business

An email list that gets results is a product of successful email marketing strategies. To help you get started on marketing your business through an email list, here are the best strategies you can employ when building your own:

Identify the right location for opt-in forms.

Opt-in forms are located in various locations of your website. It is one of the most critical decisions you will make as each location poses its respective pros and cons. Pop-ups are great, however, they may seem annoying when they appear too frequently on your page. Whereas the top of the sidebar seems a little distracting for a visitor. Lastly, opt-in forms found at the footer are too far to find for a first-time visitor.

Your choice of where to put your opt-in forms will depend on you. You can place a permanent opt-in form at the footer while having a popup to welcome a web page visitor. You just have to take note of the timing to avoid annoying your visitors with too many invitations to your newsletter. 

Incorporate content upgrades to your pop-ups.

If your website offers (which you should!) marketing resources that are of great value to visitors such as blog content, podcast, video, guides, eBooks, etc. and are not up for purchase, you can customize their limited visibility to only those who have given their email. This way, you are not giving everything away for free. In return for an upgrade of your content, they will have to give their email first which is a win-win situation for both parties. 

Create lead magnets.

Lead magnets are the resources you offer to your viewers in exchange for their email. Nobody will give their email address if they are not getting something in return. So as a way of convincing them, make sure that you have ebooks, guides, podcasts, stock photos, PDF guides, and more which they can download once they have given their emails. Ensure it provides their needs and relates to what your business is about. 

Use some wits in convincing them through your opt-in forms.

When you are trying to convert visitors into your subscribers, make sure you put some effort in constructing your copy. Rather than blatantly showing them an opt-in form to forcefully subscribe them to your newsletter, why don’t you give them an option of not signing up? It sounds ridiculous, but the secret trick is giving them an option that will make them think they need you.

To give you an example, if your business deals with health supplements you can try this copy underneath the opt-in form, “No, thanks. I’m not looking to be healthy.” It sounds silly, but it is enough to make your visitors think they need you.

Find out your competitor’s conversion tools.

One good strategy to effectively build your email list is checking out your competitor’s conversion tools. When you find out what their tools are, you can start using them to get quick conversion as well. You can try looking at their website’s source code and analyze what’s in there or you can use Built With to see the exact tools they are using. 

Appeal to your visitors with dramatic promo invitations.

Your choice of words matters when you are marketing your newsletter. Compose your marketing copies with the utmost care and use dramatic expressions instead of bland statements.

Most of the time, you are offering them something for free so take that opportunity to amp up your marketing strategy. Instead of saying “Sign up to our list and get a free ebook,” add extra value to what you are giving them. Use dramatic words to emphasize its value. You can add these value terms in making your freebie so much more luring:

  • “exclusive”
  • “limited offer”
  • “special offer”
  • “featured”
  • “download”
  • “access”
  • “advanced”

Entice potential subscribers with fresh call to actions.

Call to action (CTA) is the instruction you use to encourage a visitor to do something at your sake. This includes telling them to subscribe to your newsletter, download your free resource, and many more imperative statements you might say to a visitor.

Your CTA buttons should not be as bland as the others with terms like “submit,” “join,” “register,” and many more traditional terms. You should be able to stand out among hundreds of thousands of websites that have a CTA button. Be creative enough and construct something light but oozing with appeal. You can try the likes of these:

  • “Count me in!”
  • “Sounds great!”
  • “Send me a guide.”

Use the comment box to obtain emails.

Get your blog or product features a comment box that you can turn to an email collector. When people comment on your page, give them an option telling them the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter. Put it in a tick box in which they have the freedom to check or not before commenting. People who have something to ask are the most interested in your products. Take this chance to get them as your subscribers.

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Choose which email marketing software you will use.

Choosing your main platform for email marketing is not an easy task. You have several options but you have to pick what fits your business. Sending emails to an email list is not similar to mass-messaging your acquaintances. Email marketing platforms are there to help you make this task so much easier.

Most platforms offer similar features and benefits. It all just comes down to your preferences and your capacity to afford more expensive ones. Here are some email marketing software you can choose from:

Designate a landing page that converts more.

A landing page is a standalone web page of a business with the intent of advertising to a visitor. Visitors who have clicked a link from various sources such as email, ads from Google, and social media websites will direct to a landing page containing your CTA.

In addition to a specific landing page for potential subscribers, you ought to identify the highest converting pages you have and include them on your CTAs. This way, you have more reasons to have them subscribe to you. Lastly, put a designated link at the main navigation menu, sidebar, or footer directing them to high-converting landing pages enclosed in a simple phrase–“free updates.”

Organize promos and giveaways.

Promos and giveaways are good ways to earn you emails. Everyone has a weak spot for giveaways so take the time to curate a promo that will earn you loads of emails from potential buyers. You can offer gift cards from your store as a prize.

Share your email newsletter to your social media pages.

Most probably, you have social media pages as a part of your whole marketing strategy, so always include your website at the profile bio. In addition to that, from time to time, you should share posts directing your followers to sign up for a newsletter. Make use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to share posts inviting them for exclusive perks.

Implement a referral program.

Referrals are pretty powerful in gaining you new subscribers. When people refer your business to their friends and family, you are more likely to get their approval—making them subscribe to your list. Incentivize all the referrals you get to boost their interest in sharing your business.

Put an opt-in checkbox at the checkout.

Before customers can place their orders, put a checkbox inviting them to subscribe to your email list. After all, they are purchasing from your store which means there is a high probability of buying there again. Don’t aggravate them too much by insisting they register to your website; a tick box is enough to ask for their permission to send them emails. This way, even if they are just guest customers, you can add them to your growing email list.

Display pop-ups when visitors want to leave your page.

When a visitor displays the intent to leave your page, have some pop-ups to convince them to sign up for your email list. One great tool to use to detect this kind of activity is OptinMaster. This tool takes the opportunity to collect emails when visitors are nearly done browsing your page or in the event that they clicked a hyperlink on your site which directs to another page—leaving you.

Now that you know the best strategies on email list building for your business, you can start employing these to your marketing strategy. It also won’t hurt to get additional knowledge through helpful resources like online courses to help you build your email list. These are your most convenient options for fully understanding what email list building is and what it offers to your business. Once you have familiarized yourself with the essentials of email marketing, you can then start seeing progress in your sales.

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