Interview Questions for Teachers

Nervous about an upcoming interview for a teaching position? You need to come prepared for your appointment by reviewing some of the most common teacher interview questions. Not only are you refreshing your knowledge, but you are guaranteeing yourself a successful interview.

Aside from your credentials, resume, and attire, your answers should be one of your priorities when coming for an interview. After all, what good use are your skills and appearance if you don’t know how to position yourself in an interview? Thus, you need to prepare your answers and practice how you’ll handle potential interview questions.

Here are the most common teacher interview questions and how you can answer them:

1. Why do you want to work as a teacher?

This question begs to know what encouraged you to pursue teaching. To become a teacher isn’t just to enter an ordinary profession. It’s a vocation, and the interviewer will need to know right away if you’re built for the job. 

To perfect this question, you need to demonstrate your genuine love for imparting knowledge. You must mention your pure intentions in being a part of a child’s intellectual development. 

2. How do you cultivate good relationships with students?

Relationship building is a crucial skill for teachers. This is one of those skills you’d want to highlight immediately in your interview. Possessing good relationship building shows you have good interpersonal skills. Since teaching requires tons of that, your interviewer wants to know how fitting you are in an environment where relationships matter. 

To answer this question, explain how you form meaningful relationships with children. Mention your empathy in how they think and learn, which is essential in understanding them. You may also share some stories about how you quickly befriend people you just met. You can brush up on your relationship management skill with this online course.

3. What abilities do students want their teachers to have?

The question aims to know your understanding of what students want. It also implies if you are considering these to become a better teacher for them. As everyone knows, students learn from different teaching methods. Thus, you need to be adaptable.

To ace this question, share the qualities that make a good teacher. Prove how you emulate and incorporate these in your teaching. You may name specific scenarios and share how you showed the skill as evidence. 

4. How do you handle a difficult student?

Difficult may imply different things. That is because the classroom consists of diverse students who thrive differently. As their class guardian, you should understand this and come up with the right way to handle students.

To provide an excellent answer to this question, cite an example of a difficult student for you. Explain why it can be challenging to handle. And to prove that you can adapt to these situations, pinpoint the cause, and show your understanding. Then, lay out your proposed resolutions in how you’ll handle such students.

5. What is your teaching philosophy?

A teaching philosophy says a lot about your teaching methods. And that’s precisely what the interviewer wants to know—how you integrate these philosophies into teaching. Your opinions and beliefs make up for your attitude and teaching methods.

To ace this query, answer it with utmost genuineness to share knowledge with others. Explain how you will make a difference in their lives through the education you’ll impart. Share your goals with the interviewer and relate how you will leverage these in your teachings.

6. How do you communicate with the parents?

Relationship with the parents is just as crucial with the students since they entrust their kids to you in the academe. Teachers are the second parents of children. You influence their actions and behavior, making you accountable for how they develop particular attitudes and skills. And naturally, parents would love to know how their children’s teachers are molding them into the individuals they are. 

This question wants you to prove your high regard for the parents. And to show that you understand their importance in teaching, share how you’ll engage parents in different ways. You may plan to meet with them regularly and get to know them at a deeper level. This is to build trust for more open communication with them on the subject of their children. 

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7. What makes you suitable to teach in this school?

Every interview needs some research to do. Not only this applies to the job responsibilities, but also to the school you are interviewing for. The school wants to know how you fit the culture and environment. And you can only prove this if you’ve done your research about the school.

To justify how suitable you are to work in the school, you must align your school goals. The mutual vision proves the compatibility in terms of goals and approach. You should also mention the school’s remarkable reputation that you commend. Knowing so many details about the school makes you appear well-informed.

8. What are you exploring right now?

Teachers must never stop learning. As educators, you are the source of knowledge, requiring you to be updated in your subject expertise. You need to be updated in terms of technology and integrate it for more seamless and convenient teaching. 

To prove that you strive for continuous education, cite some initiatives you are doing. You may mention taking online classes, getting continuing education, pursuing a master’s degree, or volunteering to nonprofits. Anything that shows you are investing in your skills and knowledge manifests how willing you are to upskill and get better.

9. What questions do you have for me?

This is one of the teacher interview questions that is always asked. Thus, you need to prepare your inquiries to show you are interested in bagging the position.

When you ask, you show your intention to know more about the job. This is what most employers get impressed with during interviews. To help you shoot the right questions, here are some you may ask them:

  • Why is this teaching position open?
  • Are there any mentoring programs for new teachers?
  • Does the school offer opportunities for professional development and growth?
  • What type of resources does the school provide its teachers?
  • How would you describe the students here?
  • What are the technologies found inside the classroom?
  • What are the biggest strengths of this school?
  • Is there an active PTA group in the school?
  • What are the anti-bullying efforts you promote in the school?
  • How does the school see discipline?

These are nine of the most common teacher interview questions you must prepare for. The majority of these will surely pop into your interview, so you better come prepared. If you are invested in acing your upcoming teaching interviews, check out this ultimate interview course to guide you: Cracking That Difficult Interview.

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