7 Timely Social Media Marketing Courses You Need to Take Now

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As the number of social media users globally surges, the more urgency there is for businesses to keep up. Marketing businesses in this digital era has become more effective since target consumers are only a few clicks away. If you are a business owner who hasn’t taken an in-depth understanding of how social media marketing works, now’s the time to start digging deep through comprehensive social media marketing courses.

Why social media marketing is effective

With more than 3 billion online users globally, one of the most efficient marketing strategies for your brand is by utilizing social media platforms. This 2020, an online user spends an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes a day scrolling through social media. Imagine the power of your brand’s online visibility if you capture the right strategies.

Some proven reasons why social media marketing is the way to go, include:

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Costs cheaper yet efficient
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Promotes brand loyalty
  • Boosts website traffic
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Drives more sales

The social media marketing courses you need to try

Here is a curation of the top social media marketing courses that will provide you an in-depth explanation of each platform’s know-how.

Facebook Marketing Made Easy

Starting off with the most active online users, Facebook has made marketing so much easier with its broad reach and proven results to establish a brand. Since most online users flock on Facebook, marketers play the advantage of quickly reaching their respective target audiences through the right Facebook marketing strategies.

In this mastery course, you will dive into the basics of Facebook marketing and gradually move to the platform’s more advanced technicalities. The online course touches the following topics:

  • Introduction to Facebook Marketing
  • Creation of Facebook pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Messenger for Business
  • Cross-promotion with Instagram
  • Facebook Affiliate Marketing
  • ROI tracking
  • Facebook for developers
  • Facebook Market Research
  • Premium tools and services to get
  • Dos and don’ts
  • Facebook Marketing FAQs

YouTube Marketing: Grow Your Business

Marketing on YouTube doesn’t only revolve around deploying tons of YouTube Ads across popular content creators in the platform. There is so much more YouTube can offer to marketers, which is solely why there are thousands of YouTubers making millions out of producing vlogs.

There is so much potential YouTube can bring to your brand, especially if your audiences frequent the streaming platform. With the right marketing sales funnel, you can reap success by building your own brand’s YouTube channel.

Here are some topics that this comprehensive course will teach you:

  • YouTube marketing funnels
  • SEO efforts for view growth
  • Video contents to create
  • Importance of subscribers
  • Value of links
  • YouTube Ads
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Keyword Research
  • YouTube Live
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Video Quality
  • Suggested equipment to use
  • Editing tips 

Instagram Marketing: How to Build Your Brand

Instagram is one of the best platforms to explore if you religiously share photos and visual content to your audience. The photo-sharing platform has more than 500 million daily active users, making it an excellent social media to grow your business. Some small businesses even start on Instagram and slowly spread out to other platforms when it meets success.

There is an adamant power in sharing photos and curating an aesthetically pleasing feed for your brand. It shows you are willing to adapt to the influencers’ culture, which makes your brand stand out and not dull. With the rise of influencers in the platform, any business can initiate collaborations to increase awareness and sales further.

This Instagram marketing course will teach you the ropes of:

  • Knowing the types of Instagram users
  • Best Instagram marketing strategies
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Content Creation
  • Effective content ideas
  • How to boost followers
  • The proper use of hashtags
  • Lead Conversions
  • Result Measurement
  • Helpful tools and resources to try 

Twitter Marketing Essentials: Get More New Followers Daily

Marketing on Twitter has so much difference than the previously mentioned social media platforms. Not every niche can ace marketing on Twitter as there is a more concentrated audience and less character limit to use for every post. While not everyone is in it, if your brand strives to inform the audience, you can give Twitter a shot.

Aside from the direct yet straightforward format of advertising, Twitter makes it easy to engage with consumers. It breaks down the barrier between the brand and the customers through real-time sharing of tweets that everyone else can see. 

Take this mastery course now to immerse yourself with how Twitter marketing works and learn the following:

  • Tools to grow followers
  • How to find the right audience
  • How to get organic engagement and conversions
  • Twitter Analytics tutorial.
  • Paid tweets
  • ROI Analysis and SEO benefits 

Recommended courses for you

Pinterest Marketing for Business Basics

Marketing in Pinterest is another marketing effort that’s worth the try since it offers a wide reach in the online audience. With countless users pinning several photos on their pinboards, there is a broad chance that your target audience will come across your brand on the platform.

Pinterest marketing has been one of the go-to for startup businesses, bloggers, and content creators to promote their brands. With strategic Pinterest efforts, you can grow your business in no time.

 To meet those results, this mastery course will touch points of the following areas:

  • Introduction to Pinterest
  • Pinterest keywords
  • Pinterest trends tool
  • Hashtags
  • Pins
  • Boards
  • Strategic Planning
  • Pinterest Analytics

LinkedIn Marketing and Sales Lead Generation Blueprint

LinkedIn is not just a business networking platform, but also a social media platform where everyone can interact with one another—whether a business or an individual. Marketing in LinkedIn works for particular businesses that constantly look for targeted prospects.

If you find getting leads challenging, LinkedIn marketing will help you ease up the process. And you can master this through this course’s step-by-step guide, covering the topics of:

  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Creation of company pages
  • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  • Profile optimization strategies
  • Lead Generation System
  • LinkedIn sales funnels

Complete Social Media Marketing Course

If you want to get the best out of every social media mentioned, you can never go wrong with this comprehensive course. This all-in-one social media marketing course will tackle how you can start your marketing efforts and build your sales funnels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Beginner or not, this course will provide you everything you need to know about how to roll out your first social media marketing strategies. Here are the topics that it covers:

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Building of Sales Funnels

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