Snapchat Ads for Beginners

Using Snapchat Ads or Snap Ads for business is becoming more popular. This messaging app allows you to connect with people and exchange “snaps” or pictures and videos that disappear after you view them. Learning Snapchat for beginners is not only easy but also fun. Users can add filters, lenses, or effects on their pictures or videos. 

This app is so popular, especially to the younger generation, because it always has something new to offer to its users. Snapchat currently has 238 million daily active users worldwide. Also, according to statista, 53 percent of U.S. Internet users aged 15 to 25 years used Snapchat.

With these statistics, it just shows that Snapchat is one of the perfect apps for business. A survey was conducted on social media users about the ways they discover new brands, products, or services. The result shows that almost 4 in 10 Snapchatters claim that they discover brands through Snapchat celebrity endorsements and online posts.

What is Snapchat for business ads

Snapchat for business ads are 3-10 second full-screen vertical video ads. They always play with sound on. Users can watch the whole ad or swipe up the video anytime they want if they are not interested in seeing the ad. Snap Ads appear in between friend’s or publisher’s stories.

What are the benefits of Snapchat ads?

Why should you advertise on Snapchat? What are the benefits of marketing and advertising on this platform? Here are some advantages that you and your business can enjoy when advertising on Snapchat.

Millions of active users

According to Statista, the number of monthly global Snapchat users in 2020 was approximately 347 million. In the last quarter of 2020 alone, Snapchat 265 million active users every single day. That statistic alone makes it a rich source of a market audience that any business would definitely hurry to tap by using Snapchat.

Exclusive audience

A good percentage of Snapchat users are exclusively reachable only in the app itself. Suppose you have a social media presence on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In that case, your business will still benefit more if you are present on Snapchat simply because there are Snapchat users who are not on other social media platforms.

Reach targeted audience

You actually have the option to reach specific audiences based on demographics, online and offline interests in Snapchat, thanks to its data which comes from Oracle Cloud. On top of filtering demographics and interests, you can also use your own data and look for customers with specific similar interests.

Multi-sensory experience

Snapchat ads in a photo or video format appear on a full screen, and 60% of them are played with the sounds on. In contrast to other social media such as Facebook, this percentage of ads being played with sound is already impressive. Knowing that your viewers are fully enjoying your ad gives it a better chance of truly captivating and capturing their attention and pique their interest.

Better conversion/clickthrough

Because Snapchat ads are a multi-sensory experience, they appeal better to your audience. As a result, you can expect better numbers in terms of click-through and conversions, which is the main goal for any business -all the more reason for you to use Snapchat for advertising.

How to start Snapchat for beginners

If you are familiar with Facebook Ads manager, you will not have a difficult time understanding Snapchat Ad manager as they are pretty much the same. 

Snapchat Ad manager has the same structure as Facebook Ads. You can do the following in Snapchat Ad manager:

  • Create and launch campaigns.
  • Customize your ad content relevant to your audience.
  • See performance information and metrics of your ad accounts.
  • Create and manage audiences from customer lists or by segment.
  • Manage and create ad accounts and payment methods.
  • Manage members and their roles. 
  • and a lot more

Snapchat for Beginners: Snap Ads Tips to Get You Started

Here are some guidelines you can consider before you start your Snapchat for business Ads.

1. Identify what makes you stand out from your competitors

You need to figure out if your potential customer would buy your product or avail of your service. Also, you must compare the product and service that you offer against your competitors. 

Once you already figure it out, you will identify your unique selling point; therefore, you will already know where to focus your advertisements. Your unique selling point will also make you stand out and make you the best choice over your competitors. This is what makes you different and what you have that no one else does. 

2. Decide the goal of your Snap Ads

Do you want to increase sales or generate leads? Snapchat Ad offers different results on your ads depending on your budget and goals. Here are some of the campaign goals you can accomplish with Snapchat. 

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Web views and conversions
  • Brand engagement
  • Drive catalog sales

3. Identify your target audience

After you have defined your Snap Ads goal, you can start working on your ads. You need to strategically target your ads so that these appeals to your target audience. 

Another edge of Snapchat when it comes to targeting audiences is that you can specifically target Snapchat users—and we are not exaggerating here. You can reach your specific target audience by choosing from a vast selection of categories under the “Audiences” section. Some of the selections include what they have watched, what they have bought, and what they have previously visited.

By creating a more targeted and effective video that Snapchat users can relate to, they will find your video content interesting, and entertaining. This is the most effective technique to prompt them to respond to your call to action immediately.

Visit Snapchat’s site to find out more about how you can customize your audiences on Snapchat.

4. Choose what Snap Ad format to use

Before you start advertising on Snapchat for your business, you must know the different paths you can take to reach your audience and maximize the ad’s results. Snapchat has six different ad formats.

1. Single Image or Video Ads

This is a single image or video ad in full screen that enables users to swipe up and take action. This type of ad appears in between different types of Snapchat content. Snap Ads can be up to three minutes long, but it is most effective when they are just three to five seconds long. 

2. Collection Ads

Showcase series of products with collection ads. This format allows you to feature four tappable tiles to showcase multiple products, which allows users to see all four of your products in just one view without the need for swiping an ad post to another.

3. Story Ads

This format allows a series of ads, usually 3-20 single image or video ads, to reach your target audiences. Story ads appear in the “Discover” section, with a cover photo and headline that aims to generate excitement on your brand.

4. Lenses AR Experience

Lenses are a cool and interactive way to advertise using Snapchat. Your target audience can even play with you Face or World Lenses and their snaps to their friends. You can create your own powerful and memorable Lenses in minutes using Snapchat’s hundreds of free object animations with Lense Web Builder.

5. Commercials

These are six seconds to three minutes of non-skippable advertisements that appear within Snap’s curated content. However, this format is available only in some countries.

6. Filters

Filters, unlike lenses, contain stylized text or images that are targeted at specific demographics. These are artistic overlays that appear after you take a Snap and swipe left or right. You can also use GeoFilters that allows you to target geographic areas rather than specific demographics. This is perfect for location-specific businesses like restaurants or concert events.

Start marketing through Snapchat

Now that you have defined your unique selling point, determined your Snapchat goals, identified your target audience, and chosen your Snapchat Ad format, you can start creating your Snap Ads and start marketing. 

To learn more about how to market your brand through Snapchat effectively, here are two Skill Success online courses that can surely help you.  

This online course will help you learn the mechanics behind SnapChat marketing and Snapchat’s Partner Program. You will also learn how to view statistics and how to use Snapchat at live events to get followers and influencers.

Learn how you can leverage your existing social media to increase your follower count and increase brand awareness. You will also learn how to connect and engage with your audience and attract new friends to your Snapchat. This will leverage your new customer and sell your products or services.

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