Skills You Need in a Help Desk Job

Front desk clerks or also known as receptionists are the first main point of contact with the clients of a business, hotel, or office. The role of front desk clerks is crucial because great customer service is the secret of a business’s success. Here are the top front desk job skills you will need to provide a flawless service that will help you advance in your career.

Communication skills

Communication is a critical skill for front desk clerks. They speak with guests or customers in person, over the phone, and email all day. Therefore, it is important that they can speak, write, and understand information clearly. 

If you are after a front desk job, you must demonstrate your strong communication skill to the employer throughout the application process and job interview. 

Speak multiple languages

Having knowledge and being fluent in other languages will give you an edge in your job as a front desk clerk. Bilingual and multilingualism offer a competitive advantage not only to business operations but also to those people who want to pursue a career in it. Your guest or customer will feel more welcome and understood when you speak their language. 

Foreign speaker staff offer tons and a wealth of benefits for the business that extends beyond more language acquisition. With thousands of languages out there, what language should you learn? 

You can check your client logbook or journal to see to what country your foreign visitors are from. You can also start taking online language courses of these top 10 languages: Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, Hindi, Arabic, Italian, and Japanese.

Demonstrating positive body language

Ninety-three percent of communication is nonverbal, and it includes body language (55%) and tone of voice (38%). That is why it is important that front desk clerks pay attention to their body language when communicating with guests or customers. 

A positive body language makes others like you because it can help you convey an open and friendly demeanor to your guests and customers. This makes others perceive you as open, amicable, and sincere.

You can take the Body Language Fundamentals: Improve Nonverbal Communication online course and learn specific body language cues that you should be aware of and take into practice when communicating with others. 


Strong interpersonal skills  

Interpersonal skill is a social skill that helps you interact, communicate, collaborate with people effectively. As a front desk clerk, you will be communicating with other people, both individually and in groups, every day. If you have strong interpersonal skills, you can build better and longer-lasting relationships with people.

Having the ability to be diplomatic is an imperative trait of a front desk clerk. Your employer will see that you don’t compromise productivity. More importantly, you will make your guests feel that you are aware of their needs and are willing to find solutions to any problems. A happy customer means a happy supervisor, and this will help you advance in your career.

Problem-solving skills

As the front person or main contact of a business, front desk clerks are the first person guests or customers come into whenever there are problems. The problems can be minor such as a request for a restaurant reservation or complaints like the bed sheet used is not what they had requested. There will also be some instances that you have to attend to unexpected emergencies of guests, as a medical crisis.

As a front desk clerk, your role is to respond promptly to these challenges and give your guests a good experience.

Detail-oriented and organization skills

Organization and attention to detail should be one of the front desk job skills. You should be able to keep track of your progress on your tasks. Being organized and maintaining a neat and tidy workplace is important so you won’t miss an important file and process. You will complete procedures without errors.

Help desk clerks in a doctor’s office typically pull out a patient’s records every time a patient arrives. In some offices, help desk clerks need to keep track of the meeting schedules. While in hotels, help desk clerks need to track the check-in and check-out schedules, checked-in items, and room keys for easy access.

Get your organization skills to the next level by taking the Get Things Done: How To Organize Your Life And Take Action. If you are ready to toss your paper to-do list or Smartphone productivity apps for a real system that helps you get life done, then you should start with this online course.

Computer skills

Computer skill is one of the basic technical front desk job skills. This is because most tasks use computer software such as Microsoft Office for sending emails and updating records in an Excel sheet. There will also be some chances that you will need to use a hospital or hotel management software. This because most bookings are currently done online or on a hospital or hotel’s website. 

Also, certain computer software can help you organize your thoughts and files, which will help you be more productive and work efficiently. 


Empathy allows you to see other people’s perspectives, so you understand them and their behavior better. This skill allows front desk clerks to relate better with people. Empathy helps to establish trust, which is essential to developing solutions, winning and retaining business, and avoiding or defusing conflict. 

If you are working in a hotel, you can use this skill to make you shine at work by understanding and providing comfort to guests as an overall experience factor. Here is a good example. Most hotel guests may be tired from their travel. You can offer the services that can take away their stress like complimentary beverages or food. 

Ability to stay calm under pressure

A front desk job requires multitasking in a fast-paced environment. One moment, you are logging schedules of guests or customers, and next, you are greeting and acknowledging more guests or customers with different personalities. 

Moreover, you need to find solutions to complaints. It can be hard to stay focused and be nice. That is why front desk clerks should have the ability to stay calm and composed.

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