Signs You Should Look for a New Job

Career development helps you improve your skills and capabilities to move on to a higher role or responsibility. However, if you think that your current job affects your motivation for career development and you believe that you are stuck in a job that isn’t you, then you should consider looking for a new job

There are days when you don’t feel like going to work and just want to wake up late, stay in your bed and think—contemplating if you are just feeling lazy or if this is one of the indications that you should start looking for a new job. How would you know if you need to move into a new job? Here are some telling signs it may be time for a new job:

1. You’re suffering from work burnout

Burnout is when you feel you are exhausted, emotionally drained, and helpless. This happens because of excessive and prolonged stress. It affects your work productivity as it gradually squeezes out your energy, and runs over your entire personal life. Research shows that burnout increases a person’s risk of coronary heart disease (CHD).  

How to tell if you are burning out

Emotional, mental and physical exhaustion

You feel worn-out and drained because of the stress from your work. Also, you feel that you are trapped and have no control over what is going to happen to your life. This causes stress and eventually leads to mental fatigue that has a significant effect on your health and work performance.

Interpersonal difficulties

You find yourself more distant with your friends, family, and coworkers. You also find yourself having more conflicts with people.

You don’t feel excited about anything anymore

Because of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, you don’t feel motivated to do your job. It feels like you are dragging yourself to work every day.

You feel more pessimistic than you used to

When you are burnt out, you feel a lot of negative emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction.

2. Not feeling challenged at work

For you to grow more in your career, you must challenge yourself more—learn more, do better, reach higher. A reason why employees feel unchallenged has something to do with their role or job responsibilities at work and their career development issues. You might want to consider finding a new workplace that will push you more if you feel that your company does not prioritize your career development and the managerial evaluate your performance using the wrong metrics, even if you have already voiced out your concerns.

3. When you seriously dread Mondays

Sundays scare you as the realization that you need to go to work tomorrow settles in. Instead of enjoying the rest of your day off relaxing and making most of your time for yourself and for the important people around you, you stress over your deadlines, exasperating boss, and everything about your work. When you start to feel the Sunday Scaries, you probably need to find a job that makes you excited to go to work every day.

4. You feel that you are less productive at work

Even if you spent hours working at your desk, you feel that you don’t get many things done. You also procrastinate, feel unmotivated and slow in doing your tasks. Although there are things that you can do to increase productivity at work, deep inside you know that this would not help because you are already uninterested in what you are doing. Another reason why you are less productive is because you lose concentration due to your distraction with work-related anxieties. Thus, you find it hard to complete a task in the best possible way. If the workplace starts to become stressful and affects your productivity, then you need to start thinking how can you change this.

5. You complain a lot about your work

You verbally express your annoyance and dissatisfaction with your job—a lot. It’s like there’s nothing good happening at your workplace, everything you do is not good enough, or your management is not good enough. People complain about their job because they are stressed. The bad thing with complaining is that it is hard to let it out from your system. Once you start to make complaining a habit, rather than noticing all the things that are right, we tend to focus on what is wrong. You tend to become judgmental as you focus on others and your own fears of the future. 

6. You don’t care about your work anymore

You wonder what the heck are you still doing working for your current workplace. Sometimes, you feel that you just want to get your work done right away, sacrificing the quality of your work so that you can go home. Below are some reasons why many people start not caring for their jobs.

  • You have been stagnant and been in the same position for years despite your excellent performance.
  • Your boss does not acknowledge or recognize your effort.
  • You have cared more about the job than yourself.
  • There is no pay increase, even if your job responsibilities have changed.
  • You are not learning new skills and additional knowledge.

7. The thought of finding a new job excites you

You can’t wait to break free from your current job and to start anew. You have full hopes that the next job that you are going to get will help you become a better and happier person. You read a lot of job hunting tips articles and also updated your resume and practiced interviews just in case you find your next dream job.  

These are just some of the common signs that you need to consider looking for a new job. But before you hastily submit your resignation letter and furiously leave your workplace, you should weigh things first. If you deeply hate your job and it is affecting your well-being, then trust your gut and find a new job. But if you are on the fence, then you should assess yourself and the situation if you should give your job a second chance.

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