Non-Exercise Activities That Keep You Fit

The gym is not everyone’s favorite place, and sometimes working out may feel like a chore. It doesn’t matter how they say exercise helps with the production of endorphins and feel-good hormones if you just can’t bring yourself to enjoy it. Luckily, exercise is not the only activity that can help keep you fit. You can actually lose weight without exercise by doing non-exercise activities that you might enjoy and find more useful. 

Cleaning the house

Whether you’re mopping the kitchen floors, scrubbing bathroom tiles, or mowing the lawn, the great thing about doing work around the house is that you’re burning calories while you’re at it. In the end, you don’t just get a clean house. You also get some much-needed exercise. Housework is one of the most useful non-exercise activities that help keep you fit. If you do it regularly enough, which is about fifteen to thirty minutes a day, you’ll have achieved your weekly exercise requirement while keeping a spotless abode.

Grocery shopping

If you don’t enjoy being cooped up inside that much, you can do some non-exercise activities while running some errands. A great example of this is grocery shopping. Going around helps you get some steps in while you browse the aisles. Reaching up and crouching down to get goods out of shelves also count for some movement. Make sure to maximize this activity to your physical advantage by going for the basket instead of the cart.

Playing with your kids

Children are naturally very active. They are like super-charged balls of energy. Keeping up with them during playtime can wear you out fast. It is one of those non-exercise activities that not only keep you fit but also foster good relationships between adults and kids. Whether you’re running around outside or rolling around the floors indoors, you are assured of a good time while losing weight.

Active commute

A significant amount of time in traffic while sitting in your car is not the healthiest way to spend your commute. Shift to a more active commute by ditching your car. If it’s a walkable distance, you can opt to go on foot instead. If you want to be more active but don’t think you’ll make it in time on foot, you can opt to ride a bike instead.

Walking the dog

Much like grocery shopping or playing with kids, walking the dog is another “chore” that has health benefits. You are also walking yourself along with the dog, getting some social interaction with the people you come across the streets, and it exposes you to the healing ambiance of nature.


If you found yourself trapped in your office cubicle, you might feel like you have absolutely no opportunity to engage in physical activity until the end of the day. The good news is that tweaking your position is all that it takes for you to increase your calorie-burning rate. Shifting to a standing desk has a significant effect on metabolism while also relieving you of back pain due to bad posture from sitting for prolonged periods.

Additionally, there are also some easy exercises you can do at your desk to get fit even while working.


While it doesn’t seem appealing to work for your food if you can have it after a quick call or drive-thru, it’s actually the healthiest way to get to mealtime. The heat, coupled with the activity of prepping and cooking, helps you burn some calories, and at the same time, you can control your intake with your choice of ingredients where you can include health-boosting superfoods. This way, you are supplementing your cooking efforts with proper diet and nutrition.

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