Meditation for Beginners: Benefits and Techniques

In this article, we will discuss the benefits and different types of meditation for beginners. There will also be suggested useful online courses that you can use in meditation. So if you are new to meditation or planning to start this practice, you will definitely find this article useful.

We have recently published an article distinguishing the difference between yoga and meditation. Meditation is practiced by sitting with your thoughts in a quiet space with eyes closed for a certain period of time. During this practice, you are fully awake and alert, but your mind is exploring your inner dimension finding inner peace, happiness, and harmony. 

There are many reasons why people meditate. They want to feel calm, get through pain and crisis, or just want to start with their spiritual awareness journey. Meditation is a systematic process, and if you want to enjoy the benefits of meditation, you need to start now.


Benefits of Meditation

Reduces stress 

The main reason why most people try meditation is for stress and anxiety reduction. Meditation trigger’s the body’s relaxation response, and when that happens, your body goes to a calm state. As a result, your body repairs itself from the damage caused by stress and prevents new damage.  

Relieve insomnia

Mindful meditation before bedtime may help reduce insomnia and improve sleep. Sleep problems often come from stress and worry. But mediation improves your nervous system and your relaxation response, which helps promote sleep.

Develop a Stronger Understanding of Yourself

Self-awareness is different from consciousness. Consciousness is the awareness of one’s body and one’s environment. On the other hand, self-awareness is the recognition of that awareness. 

Meditation is so powerful that it distances yourself from the thoughts that control you—those thoughts that limit you to your abilities and determine your life.

Become more tolerant and patient

Meditation teaches you to clear your mind from negative thoughts. As you continue to meditate, you become more resilient and patient in the challenges or stress you face daily. As you continue the meditation, you will just realize that you are unbothered of whatever causes you stress before.

Helps you focus on living in the present moment

Practicing meditation teaches you to focus your attention on the present moment purposely. Most people have their heads stuck in the future that you cannot predict, or the past that you cannot change. This is the main reason why people get stressed, bothered, overthink, and become anxious. 

By becoming focused on the present, you are not easily distracted by the thoughts of the past and future. And that is the key to staying healthy and happy.

Meditation Techniques

The good thing about meditation is that you don’t need any equipment and wear the right clothes. The central principle of meditation is to help your mind and body relax, and you can do this anywhere and anytime you want.

There are several kinds of meditation techniques, and all of those are beneficial. Each of those types has several subtypes to discover and practice. However, not all meditations are right for everyone because each meditation requires different practice, skills, and mindset.

5 Common Types of Meditation

1. Breathing meditation

Breathing meditation is a type of meditation that is very simple yet powerful. The idea of this meditation is to focus your mind on your breathing. You concentrate on your breath’s inhale, and exhale, to its natural rhythm and flow. This allows you to relax and de-stress.

As you turn your attention on your breathing, you start to feel the stress out of your body and get carried away as you exhale. You can do breathing meditation while you are standing or even while you are walking. But ideally, it is most effective when done while you are sitting or lying in a comfortable position. 

Discover Tantra meditation focused on breathing and Kundalini in this online course, Tantra Meditations: Breathing And Kundalini

2. Mindfulness meditation

This is the most popular meditation technique that has originated from Buddhist teachings. It also involves breathing practice and awareness of your mind and body. Mindfulness meditation is a practice that combines concentration and awareness. You focus on your thoughts as they pass through your mind. 

Although this type of meditation may seem easy, there is still a lot of confusion around this practice. Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple will make it clear, simple, and easy for you to practice mindfulness meditation. 

Another online course that you can take is Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple. It has tools and strategies that will dramatically increase the results you want to achieve in mindfulness meditation in less time.

3. Focus meditation 

This type of meditation is practiced by focusing your attention on an object, sound, or sensation. You intently focus your attention on something to stay at the present moment. For example, you can intently focus your attention on the gong’s sound, your breath, staring at a candle, or even counting mala beads. Instead of letting your thoughts drift, you remain present by concentrating wholly on one thing or a single object and achieving in-the-moment focus.

4. Guided meditation

This type of meditation is a practice by which there is more than one participant. This is because a trained teacher or practitioner provides guidance while you perform this meditation. The guided meditation is often led by a real or live guide in a group setting, or by audio recordings, videos, apps, podcasts, etc.

5. Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation is practiced by repeating a syllable, word, or phrase, or sound during meditation. It can be spoken, whispered, chanted, or repeated in mind. In Buddhism practice, they use mantra meditation to help keep focused on the present moment and be receptive to blessings.

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