Top Massage Courses For Beginners

Learning the proper methods of massage can be easy even for beginners through online massage courses. Like almost any other occupational practice imaginable, you can learn it through e-learning websites like Skill Success, at your own convenience. So if you have been wanting to learn to give massage for quite some time, we got you a load of options you can choose from

Either you want to learn massage for personal purposes or for career pursuit, you have the benefit of developing your skills through the screen of your computer. How convenient, right? Massage is vastly popular at the moment due to all the stress everyone is dealing with on a daily basis. Use your desire for learning massage to start up a business and hit the market. 

What Do Massage Courses Offer?

Even if you are just new to the whole thing, Skill Success can help you get started and lay the groundwork for you. With their roster of massage courses you can choose from, there will be something that will suit your needs.

These courses will cover from basic to extensive practices of massage. So whichever course you enroll to, expect to learn the following things:

    • Introduction of massage
    • Equipment and tools to use
    • Proper methods and techniques
    • Different kinds of massage
    • Do’s and don’ts of massage
    • Service marketing
    • Client generation

Skill Success Massage Courses For Beginners

Here are some of your best choices as a beginner in massage therapy:

Shiatsu Massage Course

Shiatsu is one of the simplest massage therapies in the market. It only needs the use of fingers, hands, and palms to apply pressure on body parts to help heal common ailments and body imbalances.

This online course is perfect for those who barely have knowledge about massage and have been wanting to learn the basics. Expect to develop your skills from the expert, Mark, a highly regarded remedial massage therapist, acupuncturist, and pain specialist.

The course has 7 sections in the curriculum:

  1. Introduction to Shiatsu Massage
  2. Shiatsu Techniques
  3. Massage Sequence Prone – Face Up
  4. Massage Sequence Supine – Face Up
  5. Practice Time – Putting The Basic Sequence Together
  6. More Advanced Techniques To Add To Your Sequence
  7. Chair Massage

Relaxation Massage Course

Relaxation massage can be considered as the most sought after massage in the market. Anyone who is looking for a quick treatment for their stressed out selves resort to a relaxing massage.

So if you are keen to learn about massage sequences and techniques, learn it from the expert. Mark owns the Isa Verde Spa which is the no. 1 ranked spa on Tripadvisor. Be ready to get trained with his exceptional massage skills.

The relaxation massage course has 6 sections in its curriculum:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Massage Essentials
  3. Meeting With Client
  4. The Massage Strokes: The Right and Wrong Ways
  5. Full Body Relaxation Massage
  6. Full Body Relaxation Sequence

Hot Stone Massage Course

A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy that includes heated stones for an added relaxing feel. It is quite popular with those who want to ease muscle tensions and unknot strains.

Taught by Mark, this course will help you learn the basic to advanced knowledge of giving amazing hot stone massage. With his 25 years of experience, you sure will pick up a lot of valuable lessons.

This course has 3 sections in its curriculum:

  1. Getting Started On The Right Path
  2. The Massage Strokes
  3. Full Body Hot Stones Massage

Thai Hand Reflexology Massage Course

Thai hand reflexology is the most superior among the subtypes of hand reflexology. Hand reflexology targets the treatment of the body, mind, and spirit holistically. It stimulates specific parts of the hand to achieve that rejuvenating feel.

If you are looking to develop your knowledge and skills about Thai hand reflexology, this course is a must for you. Not only will it teach you the techniques necessary for the massage, but also it will give you tips to help you start up a business.

The online course has 4 sections in its curriculum:

  1. Introduction To Thai Hand Reflexology
  2. The Treatments
  3. Advanced Hand Thai Reflexology For Musculoskeletal Conditions
  4. Starting Your Own Business: What To Consider
foot massage courses for beginners

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Course

Just like its hand counterpart, Thai foot reflexology holistically targets the enjoyment and relaxation of mind, body, and soul. The Thai foot massage techniques detoxify the body to ease the stress, tension, and fatigue anyone has. With the proper stimulation of specific points of the foot, one can take delight in its relaxing benefits.

This online course is perfect for anyone who wishes to learn the fundamentals of foot reflexology. Either for personal purposes or career pursuit, this course will teach you the proper ways of Thai foot reflexology.

This online course has 8 sections in its curriculum:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Getting Prepared
  3. It’s time To Start! First Without Cream
  4. Now We Add The Cream!
  5. Stimulating The Points With The Thai Massage Stick
  6. Point Stimulation With The Stick
  7. Whole Reflexology with Thumbs
  8. Thai Massage on Legs

Professional Foundation Acupressure Course

Acupressure is a Chinese medicinal therapy that uses the stimulation of certain body parts to treat health ailments. Through the use of mere fingers and hands, acupressure is done by applying pressure to various acupoints.

This online course is taught by Karen, an Instructor at the KEW Training Academy. With her proven expertise, she will help you solidify your knowledge of acupressure’s methods and health benefits.

The Acupressure course has 9 modules you can learn from:

  1. Introduction to your Professional Foundation Level Acupressure Course
  2. Your Training Manual
  3. What is Acupressure?
  4. Massage Techniques
  5. Trigger Points
  6. Fingertip Medicine
  7. Meridians
  8. Auriculotherapy
  9. Scalp Therapy
  10. Reflexology
  11. Treatment Considerations

Luxury Spa Facial Course

Although a facial spa is quite different from a full-blown massage therapy session, it includes an ample amount of massage to perform. Some spas offer massage along with their spa service and this course can help you give your customers an amazing facial experience. 

If you are trying to learn the massages you can add to a spa, this course fits the bill. It will teach you how to perform a facial spa that includes foot, hand, head, and neck massages.

This online course has 2 sections in its curriculum:

  1. Introduction
  2. Start here

These courses above are just some of the best options for beginners on massage. There are several more courses you can find on Skill Success that will definitely match your needs. If you have been meaning to take the leap as a massage therapist, this is your chance. You have these courses to help you get started.

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