makeup class for beginners

Every Beginner’s Guide To Taking A Makeup Class

Always wanted to perfect those makeup skills but don’t know how? Taking makeup classes is one of the best options beginners can try as it ranges from beginner-friendly to more advanced training sessions. It could always work based on your needs.

Doing your makeup doesn’t necessarily need an arsenal of expensive makeup products and tools, but it requires the skill and knowledge to make everything looking polished. So watching and reading about it online may not be enough to learn its principles.

We get it, makeup is all the craze right now as it’s all over the Internet. You want to level up your makeup game whether it is for glamour or just an everyday look. Quite frankly, it’s easy to grasp the needed skills. You just have to find the best source of knowledge. 

Reasons Why You Want To Take Up A Makeup Class

    • Establish a strong foundation of makeup knowledge.
    • Create amazing looks on your own.
    • Get a career out of being a makeup artist.
    • Plan on cutting your makeup trips to a professional makeup artist.
    • Seek essential tips and advice that are solely firsthand experiences of the instructor.
    • Look for fresh inspirations for your makeup looks.
    • Know the proper makeup products and tools that will suit your skin type and needs.
    • Get a certification for makeup artistry.

What You Will Learn From Taking a Makeup Class

Depending on which makeup class you are taking, you are expected to learn the fundamentals of makeup application. Whether you mean to learn doing an everyday look or glamorous look, these will be covered by any makeup class for beginners. 

Knowing your face shape and structure, skin tone, skin type, and skin undertone

These are the things you have to know first so that you can equip yourself with the right products that will match your needs. Every skin type varies so it’s important to find out which products and looks will work for you. 

Building a makeup kit

On doing your makeup, you have to curate the set of products you will need.  These classes will teach you to find the best products to use, brands to prefer, tools to use and neglect, and more.

Learning to properly apply each product onto the face

This is the very essence of taking up makeup classes. They will teach you the proper ways of applying your foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, and many more. This will be the focus of the course and you will delve into each product and facial features.

Working around with any visible skin problems

Makeup can easily cover these unfortunate circumstances and surely enough, there will be ample of tips to work on these during the course.

Getting makeup hacks and tricks from professionals

Most instructors who are teaching in these courses are professional makeup artists or experienced makeup connoisseurs, so be ready to discover their secrets and simple hacks for amazing makeup looks.

Acquiring makeup look inspirations

There will be a lot of tutorials involved so you will be exposed to different looks—varying from an au naturel look to an all-out look. You will be able to gather different inspirations for your next makeup looks.

Taking care of your tools and brushes

Proper maintenance of your makeup tools in terms of hygiene is a major must. In order to fully maximize their functions, see to it that your tools and brushes are always clean and free from old makeup remnants. These classes will teach you how to do it.

makeup class for beginners

Where To Take Up A Makeup Class

Makeup classes keep popping up everywhere. Whether online or in a physical venue, many are putting up workshops for everyone to join.  Being aware of its current fad at the moment, these classes aren’t going away anytime soon. You can scout makeup learnings from the following platforms:

Makeup Schools

Makeup schools are one of your most superior choices in getting a makeup class. They have it all—from fundamentals, basics, advanced up to professional makeup, they can teach you the best ways on how to hone those coveted skills. They even offer certification after taking the class as proof of your newly acquired mastery.

The downside of it though is that it is quite expensive and can be overwhelming for beginners. Plus, it takes too much effort to attend predetermined dates as you will have to work around the given dates. It won’t suit people who just want to squeeze in makeup classes into their busy schedules.


A quick way to learn the basics of makeup is through attending workshops and seminars. These kinds of events are mostly organized by makeup stores, livelihood programs, and other private organizations. This a great way to build the basic knowledge and skills needed in doing makeup.

It is quite similar to attending a makeup school but with lesser time required. It is a good option as most of them offer hands-on makeup application for practice. Some give out certification of attendance as well for the benefit of your credibility.

Online Courses

If you are looking for the flexibility of learning makeup at your own disposal, taking an online class is your best option. Perfect for every beginner, online courses can give you just as much information as any other physical school.

Many online schools offer crash courses for any subjects out there—including makeup. Online classes will offer you basically everything you need to start up on this niche. You can get worthy pieces of advice, tricks, hacks, tutorials, reminders, and more without actually attending a physical school. You can try enrolling in a beginner-friendly makeup class like this from Skill Success.

YouTube and Blogs

It’s not technically a class, but you can definitely pick up a lot of valuable things from watching YouTube vlogs and reading blogs. With the rise of influencers today, many are taking the internet by storm with their exceptional makeup skills. These so-called “makeup gurus” teach everyone both basic and advanced makeup tutorials which you can use to your advantage.

This is free, but you have to know where to look. You ought to follow these influencers and check on every vlog/blog they have to gauge which will be of use to you. If you don’t want to succumb to checking on everything, you might as well take up an online class as everything’s rolled into one which saves you all the hassle.

Now that you have learned the typical content of a makeup class, it’s up to you to decide on which channel you would want to get that knowledge from.

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