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Learn To Give Your Most Amazing Massage Yet

There are just days we crave for a good massage after a long tiring day of work. Massage is a good way to untangle all the aches on our bodies and release all the tension we have on our minds. Sometimes, we wish we could do it ourselves and learn how to give a massage to anyone who is in deep exhaustion. 

Well, the good news is, you can give an exceptional massage right at the comfort of your own home. You just have to learn pointers on how to do it properly. Not only will your loved-ones appreciate your newly-found skills, but it will also serve as a new bonding moment for you. 

Whether you are here to learn for the purpose of giving massages to loved-ones or making it a business, you have come to the right place. Buckle up as we introduce you to the fundamentals of giving a relaxing massage.


If you really are invested in achieving an ultimately relaxing massage, you should assemble a set of essentials first. Be sure to prepare the following prior to giving a massage to induce a genuinely relaxing feel.

  • The right spot to do it.

Just because you are at your own home doesn’t necessarily mean you can perform massage anywhere you desire. You have to consider the comfort of the spot you have chosen.  If you don’t own a massage table yet, the bed will be the most appropriate to do it.

With a massage table/bed, the person you are massaging can lie comfortably and do the positions you might have to ask him to. Do not settle on a stiff chair and massage that person right there. That will not be relaxing at all.

  • A tranquil atmosphere is necessary.

The point of massage is to relax the person, so do not choose a distracting area where any unnecessary sounds are audible and lights are fully blasted.

Instead, opt for a spot where it is conducive to relaxation, like a dimly lit room. Lights are not conducive of a soothing feel. You can also play soft music and light some scented candles. These are perfect to set the right mood of the room you have chosen for a total massage experience.

  • The best oil to use.

Using oil when giving massage can be helpful in a lot of ways. It will help your touch glide smoothly onto their skin which avoids the icky friction. Its scent can also induce a relaxing aroma that you and the person you are massaging can both enjoy.

Be mindful of the right oil to use—make sure it is either unscented or mildly scented and is not greasy. The last thing you want to happen is that person smelling like a pumpkin and his skin feeling extra slippery. You can try coconut oil or lavender for a safer choice.

massage essentials

Massage Methods

The first massage technique you ought to know is to start from the back and head downwards. If you have experience with massages, you would know that you are to be asked to lie down on your stomach while the masseur periodically moves downwards your body.

There is a lot to learn about the different techniques and sequences of massage which this relaxation massage online course can help you start out. A typical massage has a sequence of techniques following this outline:

    • Back
    • Neck
    • Arms and hands
    • Legs and feet

Things To Remember

You should equip yourself with the following reminders to amplify the relaxing effects of your massage:

  • Think of the other person’s comfort.

If you are doing this for a business, the customer’s comfort is your top priority. Aside from the equipment you have, acknowledge any wish regarding the clothing during the massage. If he wishes to stay clothed on some body parts, allow him to. But for an undisrupted relaxation, advise wearing something cool and loose.

  • Use your body weight on massaging.

It is so easy to get exhausted when your positioning is not right. The repetitive strokes of your hand might overdo your wrist and fingers which may cause an injury. You better be mindful to apply body weight with every pressure applied.

  • Be careful with your touch.

Kneading different parts of the body with just the right touch is the key to a relaxing massage. So do not think of trying to pinch, grab, and do other harmful moves that would ruin the whole experience. You should be able to inflict pressure, not pain. You can use your knuckles, your whole hand, and palms to do this carefully.

body parts to massage

What Parts Not To Include

There are some parts of the body that are vulnerable to massage. Although these are not exactly prohibited to stimulate, only professionally trained massage therapists are preferred to do it. Be extra careful on not including these on your sequence as these could be ticklish or painful:

    • Throat
    • Sides of the neck
    • Ear notch
    • Eyeball
    • Armpits
    • Upper inner arms
    • Ulnar notch of the elbow (funny bone)
    • Abdomen
    • Lower back
    • Groin
    • Back of the knee

When To Avoid A Massage

As someone who will give a massage, you need to know when it is advisable for your loved one/customer to receive it. There could be health concerns that will hinder them to fully enjoy a relaxing massage, or worse, the massage could trigger any existing health issues. So remember to steer clear of people who have the following conditions:

    • Fever
    • Any inflammation
    • High blood pressure
    • Hernia
    • Osteoporosis
    • Varicose veins
    • Skin problems
    • Cancer
    • HIV

These are just the basics of giving a massage and there is still a whole lot more to know if you really want to pursue the practice. Giving a massage to people is highly gratifying and if you have always wanted to start out a business, this self-employed massage therapist course can give you a head start.

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