10 Promising Jobs that Pay $50k

A common problem most professionals encounter in their career is choosing between a high-paying job or their passion. While it’s easy to be attracted to the former, you can get away with a high-paying career you are passionate about. A lot of people neglect their passion in exchange for a high-paying career due to practicality. You’ll know the various jobs that pay over $50k to live a decent life in this guide.

According to a recent study in MIT, the US’s living wage is $68,808 a year for a family of four. That is $16.54 an hour. That makes people inclined to choose a career that will suffice to provide for the family. Thus, some end up with a wrong job that causes distress.

But if you are genuinely committed to finding a job that fits your goals, preferences, career trajectory, and your financial needs, you’ll find one that checks off all of these. Here are those meaningful jobs that pay $50k whether you have a degree or not:

Event planner

An event planner has a median salary of $50,600. Event planners are highly organized, creative people who serve as the brain of every event. The job requires one to have a bachelor’s degree and solid experience managing events.

An event planner organizes what happens in an event and attempts to avoid potential issues before, during, and after the event. To thrive in this job, you must have extreme attention to detail. If you want to be a superstar event planner, here’s an online class to check out.

Wellness Program Administrator

A wellness program administrator helps employees reduce work stress, achieve better health, and have a work-life balance. Their average annual salary is $50,000. The job requirements include a bachelor’s degree and a background working in the field.

If you enjoy promoting wellness and growth to others, you can be a good fit for this job. You are going to work on improving employees’ way of handling their health and wellness. This correlates to their work productivity, so your job is an essential contribution to that.

Software Engineer

Software engineers earn a base pay of $92,046  a year. With this digitally-oriented economy, the demand for software design grows steadily. This job requires an IT-related degree and substantial experience.

Software engineers design, develop, test, and troubleshoot computer applications. These consist of software applications of all sorts. The role is challenging and requires a lot of patience and great attention to detail. But if you love the process of perfecting a software application, you wouldn’t have any problem taking on this job. To become a successful software engineer, here’s a comprehensive introduction course to guide you.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts have an average pay of $81,590. Their primary role is providing supervision on the investment decisions of banks, businesses, insurance companies, and pension funds. Financial analysts evaluate the performance of all sorts of investments that include stocks, bonds, assets, and more.

To become a financial analyst, you must earn a degree in Finance, Economics, Business, or any related degree. Some of the essential skills are excellent analytical skills, vast accounting knowledge, and experience in various financial models and strategies. To learn more about business finance, here’s an online class to guide you.


In the medical field, there is steady growth in the demand for Optometrists. It is a medical profession that earns lucratively at $256,155 as average pay. Optometrists are medical doctors that specialize in the eyes. They diagnose and treat visual ailments and injuries. 

Optometrists need to finish a bachelor’s degree and complete a four-year program in Doctor of Optometry (OD). They also need to secure licensure in the state they want to practice their profession. Being licensed is a long process, but it’s worth the long wait.


This profession in the medical field doesn’t require one to earn a medical degree. Sonographers earn an average of $57,278 a year, making it a promising career. Sonographers are technicians that use various ultrasound equipment to aid in the healthcare needs of patients.

Their primary role is performing an ultrasound to help assess a patient’s health condition in various areas like bones, muscles, heart, and blood vessels. If you are passionate about getting into the medical field without pursuing a medical degree, this job may be fitting for you.

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Clinical Dietitian

Clinical dietitians earn an average of $51,291 annually. This medical profession has an ever-growing demand. They work in hospital or clinic settings to assess, prescribe, and provide diet advice to patients.

This job requires one to earn a bachelor’s degree and complete a related medical internship. Those with a master’s degree in nutrition have the edge over those who don’t. So if you are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle through a proper diet, this job may be your best option yet.

Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant earns an average of $112,260. They work under the supervision of doctors and surgeons. Their tasks are very similar to doctors, but they still require a supervising physician’s proper guidance.

To become a physician assistant, you will be required to complete the 26-month master’s degree, pass the certifying exam, and secure a license in the state you plan to practice. This profession in the medical field is one of the reputable jobs you may consider pursuing if you want to enter healthcare. 


Are you comfortable with your numeracy skills? Then you might find your purpose in becoming an actuary. Actuaries are one of the jobs that pay $50k in the field of finance. They have a median pay of $108,350 a year, making the job a very lucrative one.

Actuaries work for insurance companies to help design financial models that will predict potential financial risks and the economic costs of certain situations including accidents, and natural disasters. To become an actuary, you will need to earn a Math-related degree. You can find out more about it in this guide

Cost Estimator

Cost estimators have a median pay of $65,250 annually. They work in offices, construction sites, and factories to collect and assess data to estimate the resources needed to complete a product or service. These include assessing the time, money, materials, and labor necessary to produce the end product. 

To become a cost estimator, you must earn a bachelor’s degree in any industry-related field like engineering. Cost estimators for manufacturing may need someone who has a degree in business or finance. If you have analytical skills, numeracy, and attention to detail, you may find this job promising for you.

These are ten of the promising jobs that pay $50k. You don’t need to settle on high-paying jobs that make you unhappy. Some jobs can provide you both the monetary rewards and the career fulfillment you aspire to have.

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