Is Canva a Good Graphic Design Platform?

If you have a budding business with no resources to spare to hire a graphic designer, you might be tempted to do the graphic design yourself. The go-to application for do-it-yourself graphic designs nowadays is Canva. Canva allows just about anyone with an internet connection to make graphic designs with the help of resources like templates, patterns, and images. Unlike conventional graphic design software like Photoshop, it operates online with readily-available resources that don’t require any manual updates from its users.

However, is being easily accessible and amazingly user-friendly enough to make a good design platform? If you are having second thoughts on whether or not Canva is the right tool for you, we’ve listed some of the most prominent pros and cons that this online graphic design platform possesses so that you can decide for yourself.


  • Canva provides guided designs with the help of preset templates.
  • It has a fair array of template choices based on size and type of output desired
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Anyone can make good images. You don’t need to have a graphic design background.
  • Strict margins almost always produce tighter and cleaner results
  • It works well anywhere online, even on mobile devices.
  • It is mostly free to use. You only need to pay $1 for each custom photo.


  • You cannot edit image dimensions once you have started your design.
  • Slide decks are limited to only 15 pages.
  • Limited premade templates don’t cover common dimensions like Facebook posts.
  • You are unable to move pieces between designs.
  • Sometimes the output is unreliable and you have to double-check if it meets your specifications.
  • It gets slow with multiple pages and design elements.

So, is Canva a good graphic design platform? The answer varies greatly depending on the use. If you do not have any previous graphic design experience or knowledge, and you want a fast and easy solution for your graphic design needs, Canva is the perfect tool for you. However, if you have specific graphic design needs that require custom-made solutions, you can consider more conventional graphic design tools that allow more creative freedom with the help of a blank canvas.

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