How to Write an Interview Thank You Email

Picture that you just had the best interview of your life. You feel grateful and excited for the results, so you wait for the set date for response time. However, you can impress the recruiters even more if you immediately send out an interview thank you email to show your appreciation. By doing this, you emphasize your interest in getting the job.

Benefits of writing an interview thank you email

When you write a thank you email after the interview, you reinforce your interest in landing the job. This also shows that you have good manners, which most employers appreciate from candidates.

Writing a thank you email gives you another opportunity to stress your interest and potentially influence the hiring manager’s decision. There is yet another chance to showcase some skills that you forgot to include during the interview. On a similar note, you may bring up something that you missed during the interview. When you do this, you clear out everything essential to your application.

Lastly, sending an interview thank you email enables you to attach some critical professional URLs like your online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and any of your professional social networking profiles.

When to send a thank you email after the interview

Ideally, you should send your thank you email within 24 hours after your interview. This ensures that the interviewer has a fresh memory of your interview, helping them easily remember who you are and how you did.

With that in mind, send your email the same day as the interview or one business day after it. Remember not to send your emails over the weekend.

How to write an interview thank you email

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can write a compelling interview thank you email:

1. Have a crisp and clear subject line.

Subject lines are always crucial whenever you send out an email. And in this particular case, you want to inform recruiters immediately what you’re after by having a stand-out and clear subject line. After all, subjects are straight to the point.

Here are some excellent subject lines you can use for your interview thank you email:

  • Thank you, (Interviewer’s name)!
  • Thanks for the interview yesterday
  • Thanks for the time and advice
  • I enjoyed learning more about (Company name)
  • Thank you – (Your first and last names)
  • Thank you – (Job title)
  • (Job title, Your first and last names) – Thank you
  • Thank you – (Job title, Your first and last names)

2. Have a personalized greeting.

How you put your greeting impacts how the interviewer will perceive you. So, it’s crucial that you write a greeting that will not offend them but rather lure them into reading the rest of your email.

As a general rule of thumb, you must always address the hiring manager by name. Remembering these details gives them an impression that you are thoughtful and have excellent attention to detail.

If you got interviewed by several people, you must consider sending them a personalized interview thank you email separately.

3. State your appreciation.

The objective of this email, after all, is to say thanks to the interview, so make it your first sentence. You can open the email body with a “Thank you!” This way, your email won’t look deceiving, which they may not like.

In writing your appreciation message, always be genuine in expressing your gratitude. Show that you sincerely appreciate the time they have taken to consider you for the job.

4. Reinforce your interest in the job.

Another aim of this thank you email is to inform the interviewer that you are invested in landing the job. So, you can restate this in your message. After all, they also want to confirm how interested you are in the position.

However, if you don’t feel like proceeding to the following steps, you should also inform them right away. This way, they’ll save time from evaluating your application when you’re not interested in moving forward. They’ll appreciate the honesty here for sure, which minimized burning bridges.

5. Specify what you love about the job and position yourself appropriately.

Next, mention a specific aspect you love about the job and say how you will leverage your skills when you land the job. By offering substantial value, you are helping the hiring manager decide on how efficient you can be in taking over the role.

6. Ask if they need additional information from you and mention the set response timeline.

In the last part of your email, ask if they need any additional information you may provide. This part should be brief enough to close your message. Also, brush briefly on the expected response time to remind them about it.

 Here’s a short sample liner you may use:

“Should you need more information concerning my application, feel free to contact me. I am very much looking forward to our call next week as discussed.”

7. Put a professional sign-off and add your contact details below it.

For your sign-off, express your gratitude once again. Then place a professional sign-off like “Sincerely,” or something similar to it, and then your full name.

In addition to that, add your contact information below your sign-off. These include your contact number and email address and online portfolios that are relevant to your application. Some of these links you can have are your online work portfolio, LinkedIn URL, and more professional sites relevant to the job you’re applying for.

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Sample interview thank you email

Here’s an example of an interview thank you email template you may follow in writing your own one:

Subject line: Thank you (Interviewer’s name)

“Hello (Interviewer’s name),

Thank you for taking the time to meet and talk about the position (Job title) yesterday. It was an insightful discussion, and I learned a lot about the (Company name)’s business approach.

Our discussion made me even more exhilarated to join the team. I liked the (something you genuinely loved about the job, which you discussed in the interview) as one aspect of performing the role. I also thought that the (Company name) has a very rewarding opportunity for leadership and advancement, which is very much in line with my career objectives.

If you need any additional information from me, feel free to let me know. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you on (Given response date).

Thank you again for your time!


(Your full name)

(Your email address)

(Your contact number)

(Any additional online links relevant to your credential)”

Those are most of the things you need to know in writing an interview thank you email. If you want more helpful techniques in landing your dream job, you may reap powerful lessons in this online course: Land that Dream Job with the 5C Framework.

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