how to use email marketing on facebook

How to Use Email Marketing on Facebook

Email marketing continues to be among the most powerful marketing strategies. It is even reported to hold more influence over social media like Facebook. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect the latter. And the good news is you can integrate your email marketing efforts on Facebook. And this guide will teach you exactly how to use email marketing on Facebook.

Email marketing and Facebook marketing are two of the most effective strategies that you could employ in your business. The power they hold can even be more immense when these two are used in conjunction with one another.

Why you’ll want to use email marketing in Facebook

While the two require different approaches, both have the same objectives of boosting sales, while providing value.

Email marketing allows you to send promotional messages to your email list. This email list can be used in Facebook ad targeting to find your leads and loyal customers. Not only will you manage your advertising spend more effectively, but you will also be reaching out to the exact target market you want to convert.

When the integration of the two hits success, you can increase your sales, encourage email list growth, boost engagement, expand brand awareness, find your target market, and retain loyal customers.

How to use email marketing on Facebook

Here are some of the effective ways of nailing your email marketing integration with Facebook in no particular order.

1. Import email list on Facebook ads.

Facebook ads allow you to use your email list as your ad target audience. If you don’t have Facebook ads yet, you will need to set up one for you, and this Facebook ad guide will provide you all the right reasons why it’s worth investing in.

It is advised to segment your list into two—those who are your leads and your customers.

Segmenting the two will help you curate the appropriate content to display on their ads. For leads, you can send out ads that will encourage them to check out your page. In contrast, customers will see ads that remind them about your brand.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown to upload your email list on Facebook:

  • Go to the Audience section > Create Audience > Custom Audience.
  • Choose the Customer file among the options and import your email list as a CSV file.
  • When you target your email list on your FB ads, click on Custom Audience, and the email list is already saved there.

These ads will direct your audience to your page or a landing page, where they can view your product and services.

how to use email marketing on facebook

2. Create a landing page that converts.

A landing page is where you redirect leads and customers to encourage the sale or offer a lead magnet. When leads are interested in getting a freebie, they must sign up first to your email list. This will increase your email list database.

The lead will get something valuable from you while you collect their emails, making it a win-win situation.

In creating a landing page, remember to make it catchy, valuable, and convincing to lure leads effectively. And this is possible by injecting strategic elements like inserting the following:

  • Compelling copy
  • Visible email opt-in
  • Non-distracting graphic contents
  • Video clip
  • Lead magnet preview (eBook, audio, etc.)
  • Interactive elements
  • Value
  • Mobile-user friendly

This landing page will be your redirecting page for all social media posts or ads to contribute to growing your email list.

3. Promote to a lookalike audience.

Lookalike audience refers to the accounts that are similar to your targeted list. Facebook lets you create a lookalike audience based on your existing audience and the email list you provided. 

When you upload your email list, Facebook will look up the accounts with similarities with the people on your email list. Facebook analyzes the profiles matching your email list and finds people with commonalities in demographics and interests.

This expands your ads’ reach since you now target people who are not yet familiar with your brand. But since they share the same interests and demographics, they are more likely to be interested in your brand. This opens up the possibility of new conversions.

4. Find on Facebook the people who didn’t read your email.

Since you can import the contact list on Facebook, why not find those who didn’t engage in your promotional emails? Let’s be honest; not everyone opens every email you sent them. In fact, Constant Contact reported this 2020 that the average open rate for all industries is 16.22%. You can track all unread emails via your email marketing platform.

With this data at hand, you can find those people on Facebook and target them with your ads or sponsored messages. You can segment them into a custom audience and start shooting them your ads to reinforce your brand and encourage engagement.

email marketing on facebook

7. Use sponsored messages on FB Messenger.

Facebook messenger allows brands to appear in its environment thru ads and sponsored messages. Sponsored messages are promotional content sent to the brand’s existing audience they already have communicated with. It’s only limited to those you have established a relationship with.

This helps reinforce your brand to your existing audience to encourage purchase and website traffic.

The beauty behind advertising through Messenger is you are privately communicating with the audience. You can use this to spark a conversation with them and promote your brand. The human touch also helps to establish a good persona as opposed to automated chatbots.

8. Add email sign-ups on your profile.

A simple strategy to help grow your email list is by publishing content that promotes email-signups. You can publish posts that encourage sign-up email to get updates or create a lead magnet that will redirect to your landing page.

You can use call-to-action (CTA) to specify the action you want to be completed.

Facebook tests email marketing tools

In recent reports, Facebook has confirmed testing various email marketing tools for Pages to automate and optimize email marketing through Facebook. According to a social media expert, Meg Coffey, this test is limited to a small scale of businesses to assess the possibility of expanding the project.

The test aims to help businesses notify updates and changes to customers efficiently. This is to help businesses with little to no prior experience in email marketing. This integration will suit those who don’t have an email marketing setup yet.

If you are decided to integrate your email marketing to your Facebook marketing, this online mastery class will teach you the exact ropes to further flourish your business, Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing with Manychat.

Ready to integrate your email marketing efforts on Facebook? Click here to get started.

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