How to Think Like a Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Being a celebrity fashion stylist as a profession has become much sought-after throughout the years. They are responsible for a celebrity’s look on the red carpet, the artists’ clothes and backup performers in a concert, and models in fashion pages. Even public figures also seek help from a celebrity fashion stylist. 

What is a celebrity fashion stylist?

A celebrity fashion stylist is also known as a fashion consultant. A celebrity fashion stylist’s main responsibility is to select clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and makeup for their clients. The goal is to make the client look as fashionable and appealing as possible.

Celebrity fashion stylists work with famous and well-known people who want to look their best and make a statement. They usually go to brand showrooms and attend runway shows and other fashion events. 

How to think like a celebrity fashion stylist

Keep up with the fashion trends

Heidi Klum made this quote very well known in the fashion industry, “As you know in fashion, one day you’re in. And the next day you’re out.”

This is true because fashion trends are unpredictable. It is an ever-changing style that goes beyond clothing because it can extend to jewelry, shoes, bags, makeup, and hairstyle. 

Fashion changes because people change. Over time, people are influenced by popular culture that they see on advertisements, social media, films, and so on. So how can you keep up with trends and incorporate them into your styling? Here are a few tips.

How to Stay on Top of Fashion Trends

  • Follow fashion week and watch runway shows. There are four known fashion weeks in the world: London Fashion WeekMilan Fashion WeekNew York Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week.
  • Subscribe and read top fashion magazines and websites. Fashion magazines and websites are essential components of the fashion industry. These media are dedicated to everything about fashion and are valuable for you to spot the latest fashion trends. Some of the top fashion magazines and websites are VogueCosmopolitanGQElleInStyleHarper’s Bazaar, AllureMarie ClaireGlamourVanity Fair, etc.        
  • Follow fashion bloggers, celebrities, artists, models, designers, and fashion influencers on their social media accounts and get a glimpse of their style, favorite trends, and sources of fashion information.  
  • Go window shopping or explore online shopping at fashion-forward retailers. Celebrities and influencers often feature items that they are wearing and promoting. Usually, those are from fashion-forward retailers who often sell the hottest new clothes. 

Visualize fashion pieces

Fashion stylists are creative, and they visualize each piece of the outfit or deconstruct a look piece by piece. They do this to mentally see if those pieces go well together and will look good on the person you are styling. Stylists usually start with the clothes, then the shoes and accessories, such as bags and jewelry pieces, and lastly, the makeup (for women).

Fashion stylists also take into consideration the body type, skin tone, personality, and preferred style of their client. It is important that as a stylist, to choose pieces that will be flattering on your client. 

Build network in the fashion industry

In any profession, building your network is important because this can help you advance in your career. Networking is all about building authentic relationships with people and maintaining, establishing, and nurturing long-term.

You need to build a strong network, especially in the fashion industry. This is because a celebrity fashion stylist’s work involves dealing with different celebrities, makeup artists, fashion designers, photographers, editors, etc. 

Your strong relationship with your network will open doors for you and can help you become successful. 

Find distinctive fashion taste 

Styling is like an art—it involves creativity. And just like an artist, a celebrity fashion stylist must hone their own aesthetic as a stylist. You must have a distinctive style and confidence with your taste in fashion. 

When you know your style, and you are confident, it will align your inner confidence with your outer confidence, which people see. You are your own brand, and when you have a distinct style and poise, people will see your unique factor. This will also reflect in dressing your clients.

Build trust with clients and brands

You want your clients to stay loyal and be your lifelong clients. Trust is important because you will be sharing an intimate relationship with them. You will be dressing and undressing them to try the clothes. Also, you will be sharing some of the most important events with them, like the red carpet.

Establishing trust and a strong relationship with brands will also help you big time. When a brand trusts you, you can load more clothes from them. You can build a strong relationship and trust with brands by putting an effort in understanding the brand, their vision, and what they stand for. The brand will genuinely appreciate it when they feel that you are deeply connected with them, and that you understand their vision. 

Also, return your loaned clothes in a timely manner, so you can create a good experience working together. 

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