How to Stay On Top Of Social Media Marketing Trends

As social media continues to soar, businesses are inclined to keep up with it. There are countless possibilities when a company nails its social media marketing strategies. As a business owner, you should always keep an eye on the latest social media marketing trends that can bolster your business’s sales.

Businesses are bound to fail if they neglect to follow the innovative strategies to boost their marketing efforts. While social media isn’t new, the trends are ever fast-changing. In a matter of days, one fad can fade, which can impact your KPI if you are always late to know the trends.

But how do you know what’s trending and what’s not? Here are several ways to stay on top of the hottest social media marketing trends for your business:

Religiously read social media blogs and business publications online.

Scouring through social media, business, and technology blogs is your first key to being in the know for the latest updates and trends in social media. It is their job, after all, to share with the world how social media updates impact a business.

To be among the first few who know, follow these blogs online on their social media accounts, add their blogs to your RSS feed, or subscribe to their email list to get the latest buzz.

Know your industry’s top influencers and follow them.

Influencers are always spot-on with trends. Whether it be from YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter, they always manage to be the first to explore a trend or even start it. 

Keep an eye on influencers who tap the same target market as you. Their influence power has become more palpable these last few years since they know how to tickle their audience’s likings. If you want to know what content strategy might work for your next campaign, just take a look at your industry’s influencers.

Use social listening tools.

Social listening tools are your best friend in being updated to the latest news and publications from sites you are following. It allows you to track all the kinds of topics you want to get updates on. Some popular social listening tools in the market include Brandwatch, Keyhole, Mention, and Awario

Use this tool to monitor what happens outside your business that may be of significant value to you. It lets you see brands, competitors, sales leads, and topics that you can all set according to what you need. The data-driven will help you get insights into what people talk about, how audiences perceive brands, and how campaigns do. Then, you can use these data to design strategies that will work for your brand. 

Monitor what’s trending on Instagram or Twitter.

Whether your main social media page is Instagram or Twitter, the easiest step to finding out what’s trending is checking out IG’s Explore tab and Twitter’s trending list. Most of the time, hashtags top these trends. 

To keep updated, regularly check social media’s trending lists and try to relate it with your brand. If a particular trend resonates with your business, you could give it the green light and utilize it to your own. 

Set Google Alerts on industry experts and influencers.

If following them may not be enough, you can set up your Google Alerts to get notified whenever they post or publish anything. Pick your top choices and add them to your alerts list. You can even add the kind of content you want to get notified by adding the topics you want.

You can set this up by getting alerts once a day to avoid clogging your email inbox. 

See what your competitors are doing.

Keeping tabs on what your competitors do will also help you identify some trends you missed out on. It never hurts to copy and design a similar trend if you think it has a significant effect on results. 

It also gives you a point of an advantage when you see a particular trend that didn’t do well on others. You’ll know what went wrong and what to improve if you decide to pursue it still. 

Recommended courses for you

Enroll in social media marketing classes.

If you want extensive coverage of social media marketing trends and strategies, you can never go wrong with online classes. Taking up such courses will provide you ample knowledge and reap some secret approach to nailing social media marketing.

To give you some stellar classes to take up, here are some from Skill Success:

Participate in conferences.

Business conferences are excellent avenues to pick up some powerful lessons to integrate into your marketing efforts. Not only do these events talk about the current trends, but they also forecast trends that might come out soon.

Do your research and find some good feedback about which conferences are worth your time. Pick one that suits your level of familiarity in the business and has a good reputation in the industry. 

Listen to podcasts.

Podcasts are very much reliable in getting updates on how social media has changed. You can follow social media experts who regularly talk about what’s up with social media marketing. These industry leaders can easily be found on podcasts, which you can listen to any time of the day. 

 Join LinkedIn groups.

LinkedIn groups are very much active in discussing social media trends in businesses. After all, this is where industry experts and enthusiasts flock to share theories, insights, and experiences in social media marketing. 

Join LinkedIn groups that relate to your niche, as well as social media marketing for businesses. You can easily find them by searching related keywords in the search bar.

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