learn to generate blog post ideas endlessly

How To Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas

A blog helps you market your business by publishing informal but informative articles about topics that your client base is mainly interested in. It is, therefore, important for a digital entrepreneur to learn to generate blog post ideas endlessly.

Unfortunately, this is not that easy to achieve. Generating blog post ideas takes a lot of brainpower. You need to make sure that your blog post is relevant, informative, and something that your readers would want to see.

How do you do this? How do you learn to generate unlimited blog post ideas? Here are a few tips:

Conduct surveys

How do you know what your readers want? Ask them. Conducting surveys is one of the most direct ways to determine what topics are most relevant to your sphere of clientele.

You can use sites such as Surveymonkey to distribute direct and easy-to-accomplish surveys. Send these to your email list of subscribers and find out what type of content they want to see more of in your blog.

Search a relevant book’s table of contents

If you happen to find a book related to your business, take advantage of its table of contents, and treat it as a wealth of topics you can pull from. For example, if you own a skincare company and find a book on skincare, its table of contents will give you several ideas regarding topic generation.

You can easily find relevant books online, such as e-books and audibles. You don’t even have to purchase it most of the time since the table of contents are usually visible from the get-go. Otherwise, your own bookshelf or local library might have a couple of resources on hand.

learn to generate blog post ideas with the help of google

Google autosuggest

People usually go to Google search with something already in mind. Google takes a record of what people mostly search for and tries to fill in your searches with autosuggestions before you even finish.

As a consumer searching for a specific thing, the autosuggestions are either useless, only helps to lessen typing, or sometimes annoying. But for someone who wants to learn how to generate blog post ideas, this can be quite useful.

Since the autosuggestions come from the most-searched queries on Google search, you get a shortlist of the most in-demand information. This makes your job of generating ideas much easier. 

HARO and Quora

HARO or Help A Reporter Out, is an online resource for journalists that enables them to source information from the public. It can help you connect with industry experts who can tune you in on the information you might be missing out on your blogs. 

It’s a great avenue to expand your knowledge base but is also a way to find ideas about your niche that you have not tackled yet.

Quora, on the other hand, is a question-and-answer platform with a more informal setup. Basically, you post a question which internet users of any background can answer. You can source facts or opinions from them.

What’s good about Quora is that you can get several perspectives due to the wide variety of your audience’s background. You can gather relevant information and experience from experts, consumers, end-users, manufacturers, and many more.

Use a keyword tool

You may use a keyword tool for SEO purposes. But did you know that the keyword tool can also be useful to help you learn how to generate blog post ideas?

A brilliant example is keywordtool.io. How it works is that you enter a keyword or topic, and it generates a set of relevant long-tail keywords that you could work with. That alone may be a resource, but it does not stop there.

Aside from keywords, you can also find relevant questions regarding your chosen keyword. These questions become useful as a baseline that tackles several discussion points within a chosen topic.

learn to generate blog post ideas your readers will like

Hang out on Facebook and Twitter

Social media can be a rich source of information for a blogger. You might have your own social media page. You can use it to gather insights from your subscribers through engagements. It’s a highly recommended move to venture into social media marketing.

If you don’t have your own page, simply hanging out in pages or groups that are relevant to your blog will do. Facebook groups or communities usually have daily activity from members all over the world. This way, you get insights into a certain niche from several perspectives.

See what other bloggers are doing

You’re not exactly going to snoop around and copy their work. That’s just bad taste. Besides, duplicating content to the point of extreme similarity can backfire on you.

The point of a blog is to have an informal means of conveying information. Usually, bloggers inject their own personality, opinions, and perspective into their articles. 

If you find that a certain topic within your niche market is on-trend, grab onto it and give it your own spin. What are your personal thoughts on the matter? Which sources do you trust more, and why? Do you have any information to add that you think other bloggers have missed out on?

Browse book reviews

Books are usually already quite comprehensive on their own. However, no author is perfect, and every reader is different.

When you read reviews of the books that are relevant to your niche, you get a glimpse of the things that stood out the most for the readers. On top of that, you also get to discover the things that they wish the book further discussed.

You can bank on those little details and focus on that missing puzzle piece in a blog article.


Ideas should flow freely to you once you get the hang of these suggestions. But if you feel like you need more help in the ideas department, the How You Can Generate Infinite Blog Post Ideas online course from Skill Success might help.

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