how to manage time working from home

How to Effectively Manage Time While Working From Home

With the remote work revolution, many have since struggled with the change. While it may be comfortable to most, it doesn’t hide the truth that there are far more distractions at home than when you are at the office—making you run late on your deadlines. Thus, it helps a ton to know how to manage time while working from home. 

When you are not used to having your work intrude on your personal space, you will have a hard time striking a balance between work and life. It’s either you drown in your work or neglect your work entirely.

The considerations you need to ponder on

These are the challenges you might face in managing your time when working from home. 

  • Distractions from people and pets you live with
  • The temptation to be unproductive since there’s no direct supervision
  • The blurred line between work hours and personal time
  • Lack of ideal workspace that conduces productivity
  • The possibility of overworking due to the “always-on” mindset
time management work from home

Effective ways on how to manage time when working from home

Here are some helpful tips that can help you boost your time management skills in working remotely. 

1. Find your most productive time.

Do you love working in the mornings or you prefer working at a later time? If your work has the flexibility to work on any hour of the day, you are lucky. You can choose when you are going to work, which makes it easier to accomplish tasks. You just have to determine your most productive hours to start dishing out your workload.

However, if you are chained to fixed working hours, you need to tweak your mindset and habits to fit into that schedule. Minimize any distractions you might face on those hours and remind cohabitants that you are busy.

2. Plan your schedule.

Upon knowing your most productive hours, you can now outline a schedule you will be following every day. Be realistic about how much time you want to spend working and remember to throw in some quick breaks in between to avoid burnout and overworking.

When you plan your schedule, including your to-do list, you create a routine that’s going to be second-nature once mastered. You can even share with your family or anyone you live with the schedule you have so they will refrain from disturbing you.

3. Find your perfect workspace.

When you are new to remote work, you might find it hard to find the ideal spot to get working. You might think of setting up your computer in your bedroom where you sleep or the living room where everyone could see you. These are major no-nos you want to steer clear from as these are the common spots for leisure. 

A functional workspace should be somewhere far from distractions. You can set up your desk and find an ergonomically comfortable chair you could sit on. When you are comfortable at your workspace, you can peacefully work on your tasks. 

4. Set reminders on your phone.

It’s easy to forget to take a break when deeply immersed in your work. That’s why you should set up manual reminders on your clock to take necessary breaks. Having so will help you re-energize and keep your eyes strained from too much screen time.

What you should do is set up five- to ten-minute breaks every hour or two to stand up, get your coffee, look at green things, eat a snack, or simply rest. Taking a break helps you avoid burnout, which causes you to feel exhausted, lose concentration, and fail to finish tasks. So always take a break to keep your focus and energy flowing. 

manage time working from home

5. Banish your distractions.

The ultimate key to successful time management is eliminating the distractions you have at home. These could be in the form of blaring music, too many people lounging around, gadgets near you, or even some particular smell. To perfect your work routine, you should try your best to banish these distractions as they will keep you from accomplishing anything in your to-do list.

6. Control your social media use.

You might be using social media to coordinate with coworkers or check out some work-related things. However, this can pull you in the frequent checking in your personal account, which causes you to lose focus. It’s easy to fall into this death trap since you are basically glued to the internet. 

What you can do to avoid wasting some of your time in checking out your socials is putting your phone away from you. This might help when you don’t expect any calls from your boss or clients. But if you are expecting these urges, you need that extra discipline to control yourself. 

7. Plan out your meetings.

Virtual meetings are essential in remote work. It is what bridges everyone in the company to align goals and coordinate with everyone. While it is helpful in the overall communication of team members, too many meetings cause delay of tasks and ruin one’s work schedule. 

To avoid losing concentration on your work, avoid jumping into irrelevant meetings. You can suggest to your boss that some matters can be discussed on emails or online communication tools. Surely, they will understand the reason behind the request.

Acing your work from home journey will be tough, but it can be fun and exciting when you master the ropes of it. Even more, it allows you to enjoy wonderful perks like more time for personal endeavors and fewer expenses for commute or lunches. If you want to be successful in your work from home arrangement, the first thing to learn is how to manage your time. And you can get some great tips from this online personal development course, ­­Remote Workers’ Guide to Time Management

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