How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Developing your emotional intelligence not only helps you build stronger relationships with people. It also helps you move forward and succeed in your career

Your Intellectual ability or intelligence quotient (IQ) is not enough to achieve success in life. You need emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient (EQ), to help you manage your stress and emotions so that you can overcome challenges. This is a skill because you have the ability to recognize your emotions or feelings and respond to it effectively. It is an important tool that you can use in facing day-to-day adversities and stress. 

research was done by Sarrionandia, Ramos-Díaz, and Fernández-Lasarte, and they found out the relationship between EQ and perceived stress. The findings suggest the people who have better EQ present lower perceived stress. Also, they are less likely to be negatively impacted by the presence of stressors.   

How do you become more emotionally intelligent?

Emotional intelligence is a skill that is composed of other key skills that will help you manage your emotions and effectively connect with people. You need to master these key skills listed below for you to improve your emotional intelligence.

Improve emotional intelligence through self-awareness

The first thing that you need to master is self-awareness. It recognizes your emotional state, values, beliefs, aspirations, passions, thoughts, and even stress. 

study estimates that although many people believe that they are self-aware, it is only estimated that 10-15% of people are truly self-aware. If you are self-aware, you are able to distinguish what you and the other people feel. Thus, you can behave with humility, and that’s what makes you stand out from others. 

The good news is that you can develop your awareness. One thing that you can do is to use online courses, such as Develop Your Self Awareness With Emotional Intelligence

Improve emotional intelligence through self-motivation

Self-motivation is the force that drives you to get out of bed each day and accomplish things. It also encourages people not to procrastinate and continue despite the setbacks, seize the moment, and just reach their goals. When you are motivated in your own life, you also inspire others to become motivated.

Motivation starts from yourself and your desire and being clear to reach something you want to achieve. When you are clear about what you aspire, you will focus on the result of your goal rather than the challenges you will face. 

Increase your self-motivation by maximizing your time to focus your energy on the things that you love. If you need hand finding self-motivation, here’s an online course from Skill Success that will definitely push you to aspire and achieve more, Motivation Made Easy: A Self Motivation Masterclass.

Improve emotional intelligence through empathizing

Emotional intelligence does not only mean understanding your own feelings. It also means that you should also empathize with others’ feelings. You should understand their emotions, needs, and emotional cues. 

When you recognize and respect others’ emotions and emotional needs, you foster healthier relationships in your life. Empathizing does not necessarily mean that you completely understand a person. It means that you respect and accept them for who they are and value their existence. 

Start developing your empathy by cultivating curiosity with others, being an active listener, asking the right questions to others, and walk-in someone else’s shoes.

Improve emotional intelligence through self-regulation

Self-regulation or self-control is how you express yourself appropriately without masking or hiding your real emotions. You have the ability to manage your impulses, emotions, and reactions that free you from being a victim of our feelings.

People who have self-control have the ability to remain calm even when they are stressed. As a result, they are more likely to think clearer and remain composed even under pressure. 

Here’s what you can do to develop self-regulation:

  • Pause before you act or react
  • Respond with compassion
  • Think about the other person’s motivations
  • Practice adaptability 
  • Identify your triggers

Improve emotional intelligence through collaboration

Collaboration is the practice of individuals working together towards a defined common goal. It also involves awareness, motivation, engagement, reciprocity, and participation. Collaboration also promotes openness and knowledge sharing. 

Collaboration And Emotional Intelligence is an online course for those interested in learning about collaboration and emotional intelligence for better teamwork. Emotional intelligence is needed for effective collaboration and bridges the differences between people in a team. 

You will discover emotional intelligence in more depth and how you can improve the way in which you work with other people towards shared goals.

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